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Best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 accessories

We take a look at some of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 accessories that are currently available, including OEM cases, true wireless earbuds, and more.
October 1, 2018
Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is here and is currently up for pre-order in a lot of markets. Samsung has enjoyed immense success with the Galaxy Note series and the company is hoping to continue this trend with its latest and greatest. The latest Galaxy Note is once again packed with features old and new and remains is the epitome of powerhouse in the smartphone space. However, there are products that you can buy to get even more out of your new device. Here are the best official Samsung Galaxy Note 9 accessories you can buy!

OEM cases

best samsung galaxy note 9 accessories - LED wallet case

We’ve already rounded up some of the best protective cases and covers you can buy for the Galaxy Note 9. But Samsung offers a few different types of cases for their current flagship as well. All these cases are currently up for pre-order as well. These include –

  • S-View flip cover – The S-View flip cover allows you to see important information and interact with the phone screen and answer calls, control music, and do a whole lot more without having to open the front cover. The front cover can be folded back into a kickstand to prop the phone up in the landscape orientation. The S-View flip cover is available in black, brown, ocean blue, and lavender purple and is priced at $59.99.
  • Silicone cover – This case is a simple but durable silicone case for the Galaxy Note 9 that keeps the device protected without adding to the thickness or the weight of the phone. The Silicone cover is available in black, white, ocean blue, and lavender purple and is priced at $39.99.
  • Rugged protective cover – The Rugged protective case has been drop tested to military standards and should keep your phone safe from accidental bumps and drops. The case also covers with a sturdy kickstand that lets you prop the phone up in the landscape orientation. Available color options include black and silver and this case is also priced at $39.99.
  • LED Wallet cover – The LED wallet cover gives you notifications with the colorful LED display of the case and you can assign colors to various contacts to know who is calling. You can also answer calls and swipe away alarms without opening the front cover. The case also comes with a slot for a credit card, transit card, or ID. The LED Wallet cover comes in black, brown, ocean blue, and lavender purple and a price point of $64.99.
  • Leather Wallet cover – This premium case is made with genuine leather and is a great looking cover for the Galaxy Note 9. A card pocket lets you store an important credit card or ID and a cutout on the front cover for the speaker lets you hear and talk on the phone without having to open it. The Leather Wallet cover is available in black, red, and brown and will set you back $59.99.

Wireless Charger Pad and Wireless Charger Duo

samsung wireless charger duo

Samsung launched a couple of wireless chargers along with the Galaxy Note 9 so you don’t have to worry about charging cables anymore. These devices are –

  • Wireless Charger Pad 2018 – The Wireless Charger Pad is a puck-like qi charger pad for the Galaxy Note 9 and other compatible devices. It also features fast charging capabilities (up to 9W fast charge) for devices like the Note 9 and the Galaxy S9 series. A built-in fan and vent keep your device and the charger cool to allow for more efficient wireless charging. Color options include black, blue, and white and the price is $59.99.
  • Wireless Charger Duo – The Wireless Charger Duo combines a charging stand and plate, and as the name suggests, allows you to simultaneously charge two compatible devices at once. Both charging areas offer fast charging capabilities (up to 7.5W fast charge) with devices like the Note 9 and the Galaxy S9 series and you can also charge other Qi-wireless charging capable devices. You can also charge compatible Samsung smartwatches like the Gear S3, Gear Sport, and the recently released Galaxy Watch. This definitely one of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 accessories get. Available in black or white, the Wireless Charger Duo is priced at $119.99.

Multi-port USB-C adapter

galaxy note 9 multi-port usb-c adapter

The Multi-port USB-C adapter is a great way to further enhance the capabilities of your smartphone and is definitely one of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 accessories you can buy. An HDMI port lets you showcase content in vivid detail with support for 4K UHD screen expansion and optimized video playback for minimal latency and no loss compression.

A Gigabit Ethernet port lets you connect to fast wired internet if required. A USB 3.0 port lets you connect external hard drives and flash drives to the phone. And finally, there is a USB-C charging port to keep your device charged while you may be using one of the other ports. This 4-port USB-C adapter is priced at $89.99.

Replacement S-Pen

Galaxy Note 9 S-Pen

The S-Pen has been a defining characteristic and a staple of the Galaxy Note series, evolving far beyond the simple stylus it was years ago. Many people buy the Galaxy Note solely because of the S-Pen and is one of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 accessories to have. But like anything else, it really sucks if you lose or break this stylus. Whether you’re worried about that happening or you just like having a spare, Samsung has replacement S-Pens available. Color options include ocean blue and lavender purple, and the extra S-Pen will set you back $49.99.

Samsung Gear IconX

A photo of the Samsung Gear IconX with charging case on a wood desk.
Absolutely loaded with features, the Samsung Gear IconX has the best sound quality too.
Samsung has managed to stay off of the “no headphone jack” with the Galaxy Note 9. However, this doesn’t mean that users won’t appreciate a great pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds. True wireless earbuds are definitely harder to come by, but Samsung has one of the better ones out there with the Samsung Gear IconX.

You get surprisingly good sound quality with the IconX. It is also sweat proof and fits really well in your ears, so you don’t have to worry about them popping out during a workout. Priced at around $150, the Gear IconX is available in black, white, and pink color options. Of course, this isn’t specifically one of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 accessories, but the Gear IconX is definitely best suited for Samsung smartphones. 

Samsung Gear VR with Controller

samsung gear vr headset

You can immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality with the Samsung Gear VR headset. There are more than a thousand apps available that include games, day to day apps, and VR experiences, and the list is rapidly growing every day. The Gear VR is powered by Oculus, featuring the latest games, blockbuster movies, and even support for Netflix and Hulu. The easy to use controller is built for one-handed use and is a joy to navigate and play games with.

Something to keep in mind is that only one model of the Gear VR headset (SM-R325NZVC) is currently compatible with the Galaxy Note 9. The US version requires a special adapter that is will be sent to you for free after you contact Samsung customer service (1-800-SAMSUNG). The Gear VR with controller is currently priced at $119.48.

So there you have it for this roundup of the official Samsung Galaxy Note 9 accessories that are currently available!