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Fastest charging cables: Which one is best for you?

Free yourself from wall outlets and charge faster!
December 21, 2021
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Fast charging is designed to do one vital thing — spend less time charging. Nobody wants to wait around tethered to the wall, and Qualcomm does its best to help out. The company’s famed Quick Charge is now on version 5, but you need a powerful cable to achieve peak speeds. Here are the fastest charging cables you can buy right now.

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It may seem like all cables are the same, but some offer more features and speeds than others. Qualcomm isn’t the only player in the game, though, as different companies have their proprietary fast-charging technologies. Make sure to double-check your needs before you grab a cable. We’ve split the list by manufacturer, and all top names make appearances.

The fastest charging cables:

Editor’s note: We’ll update this list of the fastest charging cables as we test new options.


anker powerline 3

Anker sits at the top as one of the leaders in the charging game. The company does everything from power banks to cables, and it does the job well.

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Look no further than the Anker PowerLine III Plus to see just what we mean. It’s a USB-IF-certified USB-C to USB-C cable that comes in a convenient six-foot length. If you’re talking speed, the PowerLine III Plus supports 60W Power Delivery charging. Even better, the cable is fiber-wrapped from one end to the other and can endure 35,000 bends and tugs.

Another high-speed cable offering from Anker is the Powerline III Flow cable. It tops out at speeds of 100W. You can also pick between three and six feet of length. It isn’t braided, but it’s still pretty resistant and is estimated to live through 25,000 bends.


belkin thunderbolt 3

Belkin is another popular pick if you want one of the fastest charging cables, with its Thunderbolt 3 cable making the list. You might notice multiple Thunderbolt 3 cables on the list, as the technology supports 100W fast charging and 4K display resolutions. While 100W is more than even the fastest phones can handle, it should be a reliable speed for all of the latest USB-C charging laptops. Belkin’s Thunderbolt 3 cable is a more convenient length at 2.6-feet overall.


amazonbasics cable

Does a product exist if Amazon doesn’t have a more affordable option on the market? The retail giant has jumped into the fastest charging cable game in a big way with various options under the AmazonBasics umbrella. This double-braided USB-C to USB-C cable tops out with maximum data transfer of 10Gbps and charging speeds of up to 60W. You shouldn’t have to worry about breaking the cable since the ends have been tested to bend 95 degrees up to 2,000 times.

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Unlike many cables that only come in black, AmazonBasics’ USB-C to USB-C is available in four unique hues.

Every option on the list has featured a USB-C to USB-C connection. AmazonBasics is ready for those who don’t have a USB-C charging brick by offering a USB-A to USB-C double-braided cable. It’s available in one-foot and three-foot lengths, and the cable comes in four different colors. AmazonBasics’ USB-A to USB-C charger matches the 10Gbps transfer speeds and three-amp charging.

Cable Matters

cable matters usb a to usb c


You may not be as familiar with Cable Matters, but the company’s USB-A to USB-C is one of the most affordable options on this list of the fastest charging cables. The Cable Matters option only supports data transfer up to 5Gbps. It’s also not as fast as the others, but the 5V charging should be plenty to give you the juice you need. Cable Matters also decked the connecting ends in gold, which helps to make the cable stand out in a crowd.

If you need the premium charging speed, though, Cable Matters was also one of the first manufacturers to push a Thunderbolt 4 certified cable, complete with 100W charging. It measures 6.6-feet long, and you’re looking at up to 40Gbps data transfer speeds. Of course, you’ll pay dearly for this power, but sometimes it helps to have top speeds at your fingertips.

Apple-only cables

Apple Lightning to USB Cable

Apple excels at complicating things, and its charging options are no exception. The cables in this section are specifically designed for Apple’s connectors, including Lightning and USB-C options. Many of them come from the manufacturer itself. Unfortunately, that means there’s a bit of Apple Tax to account for with these options.

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Apple’s USB-C to USB-C Thunderbolt 3 charging cable is your go-to if you’re charging one of the latest iPads or MacBooks. The cable comes in white — after all, it’s an Apple product — and there are no reinforcements for bend protection. They are pretty fast, though, supporting 100W charging and 40Gbps speeds.

If you’re looking to recharge your iPhone or any other device with a Lightning port, you’ll want to check out either the USB-A to Lightning option or the USB-C to Lightning. These are the two fastest charging cables for most Apple devices, and both options are available in one-meter and two-meter lengths. The USB-C to Lightning cable is compatible with the company’s 29W, 61W, and 87W adapters, and it has become the standard option with all new iPhone 12 family devices.

Apple cables are great. They perform well and look super minimalist. It’s also true some of you might want something a little nicer-looking and more durable. The Belkin Boost Charge is one of the fastest charging cables for those who need a Lightning connector. It’s not amazingly fast, but it can charge your Apple devices pretty quickly at 18W. It also comes with a braided design and comes with a nice strap for easy carrying.

Having one of the fastest charging cables isn’t enough. Aside from your device having to support higher speeds, it would be best to pair your cable with a charger that can handle the fastest charging speeds around. Check out some of our favorite chargers by clicking through the link below.

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