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The best Samsung Galaxy S24 screen protectors

Shield your Galaxy S24 screen with style.

Published onJanuary 26, 2024

Samsung Galaxy S24 on table
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Smartphones are getting increasingly better in all aspects with newer models and successive generations. While this is especially true for software and performance upgrades, hardware and durability enhancements occur at a slower pace.

Despite the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s screen being upgraded from Gorilla Glass Victus 2 to Gorilla Glass Armor, the base S24 still spots the same Victus 2 screen found on its predecessor, the Galaxy S23.

Although the screen is still pretty durable, you can make it last longer with a good protective cover, whether it’s a glass shield, a flexible protective film, or a privacy protector. Any of the first-rate Galaxy S24 screen protectors in our collection below should do the trick.

Best Samsung Galaxy S24 glass screen protectors

When it comes to safeguarding your Galaxy S24’s display, a good glass screen protector should offer both durability and ease of application. Our picks do just that.

Spigen GlasTR EZ Fit screen protector

Spigen tempered glass protector for Samsung Galaxy S24
  • Oleophobic tempered glass
  • 9H hardness rating
  • Two screen protectors included
  • Affordable

While Spigen’s cases are the major reason for its popularity in the world of smartphone accessories, the company also produces very decent screen protectors. Among the brand’s different glass screen guards, the GlasTR EZ Fit deserves the most praise. The two-pack oleophobic tempered glass protector has a hardness rating of 9H, which should fend off most scratches and cracks. However, the main selling point of the protector is its effortless application process, and it’s all thanks to the included auto-alignment installation tool.

Whitestone Dome glass UV-curing protector

Whitestone Dome glass screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S24
Whitestone Dome
  • Great fit
  • 9H hardness rating
  • Complicated application process
  • Expensive

On the lookout for a damage-resistant glass protector that’ll stick to your screen perfectly without air bubbles? The Dome Glass UV-curing protector has you covered. With the included installation materials: a liquid adhesive, UV light, and an alignment frame, the 9H tempered glass should fit on your screen seamlessly. Beware, though, that the installation process can be quite fiddly. So, if you need a hassle-free application, it probably isn’t for you.

amFilm OneTouch auto-alignment

amFilm OneTouch auto alignment screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S24
  • Protectors pre-packaged in applicators
  • 9H hardness rating
  • Two screen protectors and two camera lens shields
  • Cheap

Like Spigen’s GlasTR EZ Fit, amFilm’s OneTouch auto-alignment has a stress-free installation process. The protectors come pre-packaged in the alignment frames, so a flawless application requires only a few steps. But that’s not all. The OneTouch is very cheap compared to the competition, and the package includes two 9H tempered glass screen protectors and two camera lens shields.

AACL tempered glass protector

AACL tempered glass protector for Samsung Galaxy S24

  • Two screen protectors included
  • 9H hardness rating
  • Case-friendly
  • Inexpensive

AACL’s tempered glass Galaxy S24 screen guard has a hardness rating of 9H, which should do well against scratches and cracks. The case-friendly oleophobic screen protector is completely transparent and doesn’t affect your display’s clarity. In addition, it is cheap and comes in a pack of two screen protectors, two cleaning kits, and an alignment frame.

Supershieldz screen protector

Supershieldz screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S24
  • 9H hardness rating
  • 2.5D rounded edges
  • Three screen protectors included
  • Cheap

The Supershieldz tempered glass protector is an affordable option that doesn’t skimp on quality. It comes in a package of three screen guards, each having a hardness rating of 9H and a 99.99% HD clarity that doesn’t affect the original brightness and clarity of your display. Additionally, it is case-compatible and spots 2.5D rounded edges for a smooth swiping experience across the edges of your display.

JETech screen protector

JETech screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S24

  • Case-friendly
  • 9H hardness rating
  • One screen protector and one camera lens shield included
  • Affordable

JETech may not be as renowned as Spigen or Whitestone, but its tempered glass screen protector should fulfill your protection needs just as well. It is clear, case-friendly, and hydrophobic and oleophobic coated. It also has a hardness rating of 9H, which should protect against scratches, and includes a tempered glass camera lens protector in the package.

Whitestone Dome glass EA protector

DOME GLASS Whitestone EA screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S24
Whitestone Dome
  • Stress-free application
  • 9H hardness rating
  • Two protectors included
  • Fair price

Unlike the Dome Glass UV-Curing Protector, Whitestone’s 9H-hard EA protector perfectly attaches to your screen without using liquid adhesive. This, alongside the included installation tool and video application guide, make the application process far less complicated. The package includes two oleophobic glass shields.

Best Samsung Galaxy S24 film screen protectors

If you prefer film protectors for your Galaxy S24, consider an option that balances affordability and ease of application. We recommend the following:

Spigen NeoFlex

Spigen NeoFlex screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S24

  • Good fit
  • Case-friendly
  • Wet installation
  • Affordable

While the Neoflex doesn’t entirely reflect the “cheap but excellent” theme that Spigen is known for, the protective film has its advantages. First, it is easy to apply even without an installation frame. While the application video already explains the process, all you have to do is spray the included solution and line up the protector on your screen.

Samsung Galaxy S24 anti-reflecting screen protector

SAMSUNG official screen protector for Galaxy S24
  • Excellent fit
  • Anti-reflective
  • Only one screen protector included
  • Costly

Samsung isn’t known for its screen protectors, but they’re pretty good, like its displays. You can rest assured that you’re getting a screen guard with exceptional clarity and inch-perfect fitting. Thanks to the anti-reflective nature, you also get improved visibility under direct sunlight — although the S24’s 2600-nits peak brightness already does an excellent job in that regard. That said, the screen protector isn’t cheap and is not compatible with all phone cases.

AACL film protector

AACL film protector for Samsung Galaxy S24
  • 7H hardness rating
  • Four screen protectors included
  • Case-compatible
  • Cheap

The four-pack AACL protective film is one of the cheapest protective films for the Samsung Galaxy S24 but that’s not the main selling point. It has a 7H hardness rating that should do well against minor scuffs and scrapes from everyday use. And the included installation tool makes the application hassle-free. The film is also case-friendly, so it can be used with the majority of protective covers on the market.

Best Samsung Galaxy S24 privacy screen protectors

For users seeking to protect sensitive information on their Galaxy S24, our privacy protector pick limits viewing angles while protecting your screen from scratches.

JETech privacy screen protector

JETech privacy screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S24
  • 9H hardness rating
  • Two screen protectors and two camera lens shields included
  • Anti-spy protector
  • Affordable

The main purpose of a 9H-hard glass screen guard is to safeguard your display from damage, and the JETech privacy protector does just that. But it’s also tinted to reduce your screen’s viewing angle and keep prying eyes from seeing the content being displayed. This can be especially helpful if you need to view sensitive information on your device while on a bus or train ride. However, it dims your display slightly just like other privacy protectors.


Unlike some other smartphones that include a screen protector pre-installed or in the box, the Galaxy S24 package does not come with a screen guard. However, you can separately purchase and install Samsung’s official screen protector or a third-party alternative.

With the Gorilla Glass Victus 2, the Samsung Galaxy S24’s screen is better than most other smartphones in terms of durability, especially against falls. But it’s still susceptible to scuffs and scratches and can break if it falls badly. So, it’s best to protect your S24 with a top-quality screen guard.

The Galaxy S24’s display is made of the Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2, which makes it just as resistant to scratches and cracks as its predecessor, the S23.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 has a flat 6.2-inch 1,080 x 2,340 dynamic AMOLED display that refreshes at 120 Hz. It is reinforced with the Gorilla Glass Victus 2.


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