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The best 20,000mAh power banks you can buy

Away from an outlet for most of the day? Here's our list of the best available 20,000mAh power banks!
May 22, 2022
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 20,000mAh power bank charging on the sofa

A power bank is a great way to keep your devices charged while away from an outlet. You can get smaller portable batteries with 5,000mAh and 10,000mAh capacities, but those with 20,000mAh will last you longer and should charge your device several times. Here are our recommendations for some of the best 20,000mAh power banks you can currently get your hands on.

Best 20,000mAh power banks:

Editor’s note: We will continually update this list as new 20,000mAh power banks are announced.

1. Anker PowerCore Solar 20,000mAh power bank

20000 anker solar

Costing just over $50, Anker’s solar-powered 20,000mAh power bank features separate USB-A and USB-C inputs. The USB-C port works at up to 18W to recharge your capable devices in a hurry.

While there are only two total ports on the Anker 20,000mAh power bank, it recharges with the power of the sun so you can get back to 100% as you go about your day. Even better, the battery pack features added drop protection in all four corners, and the IP65 rating is good against splashes and dust.

2. Anker PowerCore Essential

anker powercore essential

Anker has several 20,000mAh power banks, but one notable option is the PowerCore Essential. The battery features a USB-A port for output, along with a USB-C port for input and output. Thanks to support for Power Delivery, the USB-C port delivers up to an 18W output.

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Anker’s pedigree and fast-charging capabilities are already good enough, but you can grab an 18W wall charger to juice the power bank to 100% in under seven hours. Also, keep in mind you can use it to charge other USB-C devices, such as tablets, smartphones, and even certain laptops.

3. Romoss 20,000mAh power bank

20000 romoss

If you’re looking for a 20,000mAh power bank that doesn’t lack in the port selection, look no further than Romoss’s offering. The battery features three USB-C ports (two for output, one for input) and two USB-A ports (one for input, one for output). It’s a perfect companion if you’re hoping to charge your whole family on the go.

The battery supports Power Delivery, so you can top out at 18W output for the USB-C port. You can also check the small LED display to see the battery percentage, charging current, and charging voltage at a moment’s notice.

4. Crave Plus Pro portable charger

Crave’s Plus Pro portable charger is a three-port option equipped with Fast Charge IC 3.0. Two ports are USB-A, and the third option is a USB-C port with Power Delivery for up to 45W of charging. The power bank itself is only about the size of an iPhone X, so you should have no trouble stashing it in your backpack or even a pocket.

Once your Crave Plus Pro runs out of charge, use the USB-C input port to get back to full speed in a hurry. At just about $100, the Crave Plus Pro isn’t the cheapest option on the list, but three ports are a huge plus when charging.

5. Mophie Powerstation XL

Mophie Powerstation XXL 20,000mAh power bank

At first glance, the Mophie Powerstation XXL is a by-the-numbers portable battery. There are two regular USB ports and a USB-C port for input and output. The port selection isn’t varied, but at least the USB-C port can output at 15W.

Where the Powerstation XXL differs from the competition is in material choice. The fabric material on the top and bottom is soft to the touch, even if you might need to clean it from time to time. 20,000mAh power banks

At around $69, the Powerstation XXL is a bit more expensive than a few other options. However, it’s a straightforward portable battery that doesn’t try to be more than that. For some people, that’s enough.

6. Zendure power bank

zendure power bank
Ankit Banerjee / Android Authority

Zendure updated its power bank to include a USB-C port with 45W PD charging. Yes, you read that right: the USB-C port supports 45W input and output. 

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That means you can charge larger devices like the 15-inch MacBook Pro. Even the regular USB port delivers up to 18W of output, thanks to Quick Charge 3.0. These are charging speeds not often seen from portable chargers.

Also lovely is the aluminum enclosure. Most portable batteries feature plastic enclosures, so it’s nice to see a higher-quality material used for the exterior.

7. Omnicharge Omni 20+

Omnicharge Omni 20 power bank

If you’re looking for a truly all-in-one portable battery, look no further than the Omnicharge Omni 20+. In addition to the two regular USB ports, the Omni 20+ features a USB-C port for input and output. Thanks to Power Delivery, the USB-C port delivers up to 60W of output and 45W of input.

If you need even more power, the Omni 20+ even features an AC outlet with 100W output. That means you can charge the 15-inch MacBook Pro at full speed. As if that wasn’t enough, the Omni 20+ delivers up to 10W of wireless charging output.

Finally, the small OLED display shows how much charge is left, how much wattage the Omni 20+ is outputting, and the estimated amount of time left until the battery dries up.

The Omni 20+ is also very heavy, even for a 20,000mAh portable battery. However, this is one of the most powerful options out there.

That’s it for our list of the best 20,000mAh power banks available. We’ll update this post with more options once they are released.