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The best Incipio cases: A buyer's guide

Incipio doesn't cover too many phones, but it offers excellent designs. Here's what you need to know.

Published onApril 4, 2023

galaxy s22 with cases triangle
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Smartphones can do more than ever before, but they’re also larger than they’ve ever been. While that’s good for those who want big displays, it’s not so good if you want to add a case on top. Luckily, a few manufacturers are leading the charge into thinner cases that don’t sacrifice on strength. One such option is Incipio, and here’s everything you need to know about its cases.

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Why choose Incipio?

Incipio has been around for over 20 years, but it has recently gone through a bit of an update. The brand is all about making technology more accessible through its thin and stylish designs. You’ll find several durable options, and the branding is whittled down to a minimum so you can enjoy the case itself.

As part of Incipio’s rebrand, you’ll find a shorter list of brand new cases that are only available for the latest releases from Apple and Samsung. While that’s good news if you have an iPhone 14 or a Galaxy S23, it’s not so good if you haven’t upgraded in a while. The key is that Incipio’s cases are colorful, thin, and can take a fall from up to 12 feet.

What kind of Incipio case do I need?

Incipio only offers a few cases, but you’ll have to ask yourself what you need. You can add some extra drop resistance or go organic — it’s all up to you. Here are a few things we would look out for:

  • 12-foot drops or 14-foot? Ideally, nobody should drop their phone from 12 feet in the air. However, it’s better to know that you have a case that can survive such a fall. Some of Incipio’s cases (the Duo) are ready for 12 feet, while others (the Stashback and the Grip) can sustain drops up to 14 feet.
  • How much grip do you need? If you’re worried about dropping your phone, the Grip is the way to go. It features extra textured patterns from top to bottom that grab onto smooth surfaces and won’t slide. The Grip can also survive a tumble if accidents happen.
  • What about the planet?  Manufacturers are placing a renewed emphasis on recycling and cutting down on waste. Incipio is no exception, and the Organicore is made from plant-based materials. It’s not as impact-resistant, but you can compost it when you grab a new case.

The best Incipio case overall: Incipio Grip

gs21u incipio grip

Whether you’re worried about drops or slippery devices, the Incipio Grip is our pick for the best case the company offers. As the name suggests, it’s all about staying snug in your hand. The side rails are covered in small, multi-directional grips, and the raised bezel is made of the same tactile material.

On the chance that you drop your phone, the Incipio Grip is rated for up to 14-foot drops. We don’t need to know why you’re dropping your phone from that height, but at least you’ll be safe. The Incipio Grip comes in a wide variety of colors (more so for iPhone users), and there’s a special magnetic version for all your MagSafe accessories. However, the Samsung Galaxy S22 models and up appear to only be available on the official Incipio website.

Get the Incipio Grip for:

Runner up: Incipio Duo

incipio duo iphone

The Incipio Duo looks a lot like the Grip mentioned above, but it skips the textured side rails. Instead, you’ll get two layers of thin protection that can handle drops and scrapes. It’s not quite as durable, with up to 12 feet of impact resistance, but that’s still well beyond the MIL-STD 810G requirement. Most often, this is the Incipio case to get if your phone has curved edges.

We also liked that Incipio’s Duo case is one of the more colorful options, at least if you have an iPhone. You can choose from as many as seven finishes, while Galaxy owners can only try three.

Get the Incipio Duo for:

Best eco-friendly Incipio case: Organicore

incipio organicore iphone

If you’re hoping to be a little kinder to mother earth, the Organicore is a solid option. It’s made from 100% compostable plant materials, so you won’t have to toss it in a landfill at the end of its life. The Organicore can only take eight-foot drops, but that still beats plenty of other thin cases on the market.

Once again, the best color options are reserved for the iPhone 14 and 13 families — Natural, Eucalyptus, and Charcoal. The Galaxy gang only saw Organicore cases for the S21 lineup, and even then it was limited to Charcoal. The S22 and S23 only get a clear model, and even then availability is limited. Just like Incipio’s other new case types, you won’t find the Organicore for any devices outside of Apple and Samsung.

Get the Incipio Organicore for:

Best designer case: Coach Leather Folio

Incipio Coach leather folio case iPhone 13 Pro Max

If you’re a fan of designer cases, Incipio has some of the best options on the market. This particular case is a genuine leather bi-fold style case with space for three cards inside. The exterior features the iconic Coach pattern embossed on the black leather finish. Granted, you do pay a premium for the brand name.

Incipio offers several other Coach cases, especially for the iPhone lineup. There’s the Coach Slim Wrap and Leather Slim Wrap case with the same pattern in a relatively thin case, and the Coach Protective Case which features a transparent floral design. Of the three, only the Protective case is offered for Android devices, and even then it’s limited to the latest Galaxy S22 lineup.

Runner up: Kate Spade New York cases

Kate Spade New York case Galaxy S22 Ultra

Kate Spade is yet another popular designer brand, and its long-running partnership with Incipio has led to some beautiful cases. There isn’t as much variety in terms of the shape or features of the case, but in terms of design, these are some of the most interesting cases you can get.

While not quite to the level of fully customizable cases, there are more than 25 different patterns and designs available. Once again iPhones have the lion’s share of choice, but there are still plenty of options for Samsung devices, too. However, most are exclusive to the Incipio website.

Best Incipio wallet case: Stashback

incipio stashback

Incipio’s Stashback is the company’s answer to a wallet case. It’s not your standard folio fare, either. Instead, it packs a sliding rear panel. You can simply open the door and access up to three well-protected cards. Unfortunately, the Stashback is too thick for Apple’s MagSafe accessories, and it won’t work with wireless charging, either.

Although this is one of Incipio’s more interesting designs, it’s reserved exclusively for the iPhone 12 family. It looks like it was dropped for the release of the iPhone 13. You can choose from Jet Black, Lilac Purple, and Midnight Navy to carry your cards in style.

Get the Incipio Stashback for:

Best cheap Incipio case: DualPro

incipio dualpro pixel

The DualPro is the grandaddy of Incipio’s current lineup. It used to be the de facto flagship before the new models rolled around, but it’s very similar to the Duo. The DualPro is a two-piece hybrid case with up to 10-foot impact resistance. However, you won’t find the DualPro for the latest devices. It’s been replaced by the Duo, so this is only an option if you have an older phone.

On the bright side, the Incipio DualPro case is one colorful customer. It comes in four bright finishes whether you have an iPhone 11 or Galaxy S20. You can even pick up the DualPro for older Pixel devices, albeit with fewer color options.

Get the Incipio DualPro for:

Frequently asked questions

No, they are impact-resistant to varying degrees, but none of the cases carry an IP rating. We recommend getting a waterproof phone pouch if you need real waterproofing.

If you have an older DualPro case, Incipio offers a one-year warranty. All newer models come with a lifetime warranty, and you can learn more here.

Yes, to some locations. You can check for the specifics right here or order on Amazon for a long list of international locations.

Using special wipes or a microfiber cloth is usually a good way to keep your phone and phone case disinfected. For more specifics, check out our guide to properly cleaning your phone.

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