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The best Fitbit apps: Get the most out of your fitness tracker

We've rounded up the top picks.
January 19, 2023
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Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

More than basic fitness trackers, Fitbit’s top devices support plenty of third-party apps to help round out users’ experiences. This includes the Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 as well as some older devices. Unfortunately, the latest generation of Fitbit’s smartwatch lines dropped third-party app support so, if you’ve recently upgraded, you won’t have the same access. If you’re still rocking one of our favorite picks from the company though, here are the best Fitbit apps you can download today.

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The best Fitbit apps


Price: Free

Fitbit Spotify App

Take control of your audio right from the wrist with the Spotify app. Though offline listening is not yet supported, users can manage music playback on their smartphone or other smart devices from their Fitbit. You will, however, need a Spotify account. If you are not already tied into the Spotify platform and would like to listen to music offline, check out the Deezer or Pandora apps available in the Fitbit gallery as well. 


Price: Free

Information about the Barcodes app for Fitbit.

Don’t be fooled by its name! Barcodes is not an app that scans products. It actually turns your Fitbit into a digital wallet for your reward and membership cards. All you need to do is scan each card’s barcode and enter the number beneath on your paired phone. Once your cards are saved and synced, you can open Barcodes on your Fitbit tracker and scroll through your wallet whenever you need one. Barcodes can store up to seven different codes, from gym memberships to student IDs, making the app incredibly convenient. 

C25K Trainer

Price: Free

Information for the C25K Trainer app for Fitbit.

C25K Trainer sells itself as the easiest way to convert couch potatoes into mid-distance runners in two months. The functionality is as basic as its premise, too. The app’s home screen reminds you of the day of the program you’re on. Nothing more. Each day presents a workout program that usually kicks off with a gentle warmup and graduates into something more serious. C25K notes that it aims to gradually coax users into better health and stamina over time, not dissuade anyone from working out. After each day is complete, the app summarises session metrics, from calories burned to distance covered.

SpO2 Tracker

Price: Free

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Andy Walker / Android Authority

SpO2 monitoring has become a vital indicator of general health. In addition to a dedicated watch face to help Fitbit owners track their SpO2 data, a dedicated SpO2 Tracker app is also available. The app allows Fitbit users to monitor and sync SpO2 data after every night’s sleep even if the SpO2 watch face isn’t selected. To be fair, this isn’t really an app at all, but it does let you use any watch face you like while still keeping track of your blood oxygen levels. Arguably, that’s better functionality than most apps provide.

Starbucks Card

Price: Free / Must add Starbucks credit

Fitbit apps Starbucks card 1
Andy Walker / Android Authority

If you need to get your Starbucks coffee fix every morning, one of the best Fitbit apps is undoubtedly the Starbucks app. Though incredibly simple, that app allows you to pay with your Starbucks card from your wrist. It’s very convenient as it allowed you to leave your wallet and phone at home and still buy your coffee before or after your morning walk. Just scan your Fitbit instead, and you are good to go! It’s not as impressive as Barcodes since you can only use it for one coffee shop chain, but if Starbucks is a staple, you’re all set.


Price: Free

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Andy Walker / Android Authority

Smart home gadgets are as popular as ever. Yet, having your phone on hand to control them isn’t always convenient. This is where Switchr comes in. This Fitbit app will help you control various IoT devices in your home with the help of IFTTT. You can use it to turn smart bulbs on and off, adjust your thermostats, and even order your coffee machine to brew your morning cup  all before you’ve gotten out of bed. IFTTT, and therefore Switchr, are compatible with various smart gadgets, including Roomba robot vacuums, Nest products, and more. Switchr is undoubtedly one of the best Fitbit apps you can download if you are a home automation enthusiast.

Treasure Trek

Price: Free

Treasure Trek 1

Motivation to work out is not always easy to come by, but a little gamification can help you along the way. This is where Treasure Trek comes in. This fun, lighthearted app allows you to power a pirate ship with your steps and find sunken treasure along the way. You can then spend your hard-earned coin on ship and crew upgrades. No microtransactions involved! You can even get pets a parrot is a timeless classic we recommend. It’s what makes Treasure Trek an enjoyable and rewarding app. Even if it isn’t terribly practical, it’s entertaining and wholesome.


Price: Free / Must pay for rides

Information about the Uber app for Fitbit devices.

Yes, there is an Uber Fitbit app. It is definitely not as feature-packed as its smartphone counterpart, but it can get you out of a pickle if you want to quickly and discreetly get an Uber. The Fitbit Uber app allows you to order a ride, view ride estimates, as well as driver details. The most important things like driver rating, estimated arrival time, and price are all there on your tracker screen.

However, if you want to switch your destination during your journey, you’ll need to take out your smartphone. Nevertheless, Uber is still one of the best Fitbit apps to have on your device.

Water Logged

Price: Free

Water Logged 1

Staying healthy is more than just counting steps and calories. One of the most important things for your health and your skin is staying hydrated, especially if you are active throughout the majority of the day. This is why you should download Water Logged. This handy app allows you to keep track of your water intake with daily goals.

You can add bottles or glasses or enter exact values. There are shortcuts you can customize easily, and all the data is synced to your Fitbit account, so you never lose track of how much water you’ve had. It’s a simple but handy Fitbit app that every Sense, Versa, or Ionic owner should have on their tracker.

That’s it for our list of the best Fitbit apps. If we missed your favorite, be sure to let us know in the comments.