HTC U12 Plus hands-on: Literally more sensitive than ever

by Joshua Vergara 1 day ago0 comments

OnePlus 6 review: the new Nexus

by Andrew Grush 3 days ago0 comments

HTC U12 Plus announced: Snapdragon 845, better Edge Sense, haptic buttons

by Andrew Grush 1 day ago19 comments

HTC U12 Plus color comparison

by Tristan Rayner 1 day ago0 comments
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Three new Xiaomi phones hit TENAA: Are we looking at Redmi 6 and Redmi 6A?

The phones have a handful of specifications in common, and potential wireless charging capabilities. But which upcoming devices are they?
by Hadlee Simons10 minutes ago

HTC explains why it chose the U12 Plus name — and it makes a lot sense

Why is it the HTC U12 Plus and HTC U12? The Taiwanese manufacturer has given us an answer.
by Scott Adam Gordon40 minutes ago

Huawei, Chinese display maker teaming up for 8-inch foldable smartphone?

The display maker is currently showing off a foldable smartphone and tablet at an industry expo in Los Angeles.
by Hadlee Simons2 hours ago

Samsung to release Samsung Galaxy Wide 3 on May 25

The device has 5.5-inch HD screen and 2GB of RAM for around $275. It's aimed at forty-year-olds and up.
by Duncan Elder3 hours ago

Samsung wants Bixby in every device it sells, whether you like it or not

By 2020, it will be almost impossible to find a new Samsung product without Bixby.
by Williams Pelegrin5 hours ago

YouTube Music will eventually get Google Play Music’s best bits

Those best bits thankfully include Google Play Music's user uploads, which will carry over to YouTube Music at some point.
by Williams Pelegrin5 hours ago

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 710 promises everything you need, nothing you don’t

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 has arrived bringing premium features to the mid-range.
by Bailey Stein8 hours ago

Limited stock: Unlocked LG V20 and V10 handsets from $129.99!

These 64GB smartphones still measure up against mid-range devices today. A limited number are available at budget prices.
by AA Picks12 hours ago

Razer Phone camera experience still being improved, gets Portrait mode in latest update

Razer has rolled out its latest update for the Razer Phone, delivering the May Android security patches, Portrait mode and other improvements.
by Scott Adam Gordon13 hours ago

How stable is the Android P beta developer preview?

Is the Android P beta stable enough to install on your smartphone? Read on to find out!
by Jimmy Westenberg14 hours ago
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