OnePlus 6 review: the new Nexus

by Andrew Grush 2 days ago0 comments

Daily drivers: 30 AA team members reveal the phones they use

by Joe Hindy 4 days ago0 comments

Pick one: Wireless charging or fast charging?

by Jimmy Westenberg 2 days ago0 comments

Pixel 3 series: 5 things I want to see

by Mitja Rutnik 3 days ago0 comments
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HTC U12 Plus: Price, availability, deals and release date

We've rounded up all the HTC U12 Plus price, availability, and release date information you need to know.
by Tristan Rayner23 minutes ago

HTC U12 Plus hands-on: Literally more sensitive than ever

The HTC U12 is the company's most sensitive phone - literally. See how some new squeeze features and a different take on buttons adds some unique qualities to the dual front and rear ...
by Joshua Vergara32 minutes ago

HTC U12 Plus specs: This phone is a beast

The HTC U12 Plus is turning out to be one heck of a phone. Here's the full list of HTC U12 Plus specs.
by Jimmy Westenberg33 minutes ago

HTC U12 Plus announced: Snapdragon 845, better Edge Sense, haptic buttons

The HTC U12 Plus is here, packing improved Edge Sense technology and the latest flagship specs.
by Williams Pelegrin33 minutes ago

OnePlus 6 update adds notch hide function, slo-mo video recording, and more

The first OnePlus 6 update also delivers the May Android security patches — find out what else it introduces here.
by Scott Adam Gordon1 hour ago

Samsung will make 7nm chips this year, but what does the future hold?

Samsung will start production of 7nm chips later this year, but how small will the company go in the future? And when?
by Hadlee Simons2 hours ago

Vietnamese smartphone brand Mobiistar moves its base to India

As Vietnamese handset brand Mobiistar enters the Indian market, the company has also decided to make India its global headquarters.
by Abhishek Baxi4 hours ago

Project: Battle looks to take on PUBG Mobile, now available in alpha

Project: Battle joins the increasing number of battle royale-style games available on the Play Store.
by Williams Pelegrin10 hours ago

MediaTek’s new Helio P22 chip will power the ‘new premium’ smartphone category

The new MediaTek Helio P22 will give mid-range smartphones the ability to offer higher-end features like AI, dual cameras, and more.
by C. Scott Brown11 hours ago

Get CompTIA certified for under $5 per course

96 percent of HR managers use IT certifications during recruitment. This week these 12 CompTIA certification courses are only $59.
by AA Picks12 hours ago
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