Lenovo Smart Display review: Much more than a Google Home

by Justin Duino 19 hours ago0 comments

Hands-on: Xiaomi’s Pocophone F1 takes aim at OnePlus 6

by Bogdan Petrovan August 14, 20180 comments

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 hands-on: A Fortnite away

by Nirave Gondhia August 9, 20180 comments
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Fortnite on Android first look – you might want to wait…

by Justin Duino August 9, 20180 comments
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WhatsApp backups won’t count against Google Drive storage so keep those memes and ‘good morning’ greetings forever

WhatsApp has announced that WhatsApp backups will no longer count against a user’s Google Drive storage quota.
by Abhishek Baxi6 minutes ago

Huawei confirms 7nm Kirin 980 and launch window for Mate 20 series

Huawei's Kirin 980 will be built on a 7nm manufacturing process, but when can we get our hands on a phone with the chipset?
by Hadlee Simons2 hours ago

Project Fi’s text forwarding is being shut down on September 12

Project Fi customers that use Hangouts will still see their texts on other devices.
by Justin Duino3 hours ago

Deal: Harmony Hub with remote is essential home tech, now for only $55

The hub on its own retails for $100, so this is a steal.
by C. Scott Brown12 hours ago

Microsoft’s Your Phone app is now available… for some users

The app can be used to mirror phone content, such as photos, to Windows 10 PCs.
by Duncan Elder12 hours ago

Get Ahead: Learn how today’s AI ticks with 4 Google Cloud courses

From AI and Deep Learning to Cloud Architecture and Data Engineering, demand is high for experts versed in Google Cloud Platform technology.
by AA Picks13 hours ago

Google will now require formal review of Wear OS apps before Play Store listing

Developers will no longer be able to list a Wear OS app on the Play Store without first going through a review process.
by C. Scott Brown13 hours ago

Beginner’s guide to installing LineageOS on your Android device

LineageOS is one of the best known custom ROMs for Android users. Interested but not sure how to go about getting it? This LineageOS install guide is for you!
by C. Scott Brown13 hours ago

Back to School: NUU Mobile G3 Deal for $199

Good news for college students and anyone else in the market for a sweet-specced phone that won't murder their bank account. Get a G3 and 3 months of mobile service for under $200!
by Promoted14 hours ago

Google launches Pie edition of Android Go: Smaller, faster, and more secure

Google just announced that Android Go is getting a Pie upgrade, only a week after the launch of Android 9.0 Pie.
by C. Scott Brown14 hours ago
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