Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S20!

Pre-order the Galaxy S20: Best deals and where to buy

Hadlee Simons 3 hours ago 1763 shares

Android 11 hands-on and first impressions!

Joe Hindy February 19, 2020 901 shares

Suunto 7 review: You win some, you lose some

Jimmy Westenberg February 20, 2020 72 shares

The most notable new Android 11 features in the first Developer Preview

C. Scott Brown February 19, 2020 224 shares
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Samsung Galaxy S20 series vs the competition: Which one is better on paper?

How does the Galaxy S20 series fare against the likes of the iPhone 11 Pro Max and Huawei Mate 30 Pro?
Hadlee Simons38 seconds ago

Alexa ring colors: What do they mean?

Alexa ring colors can get confusing. We are here to shed some light on what each hue and sequence means.
Edgar Cervantes31 minutes ago8 shares


Where and when can you buy the Galaxy S20 phones? (Update: Pre-order now!)

Update: Samsung Galaxy S20 series pre-orders have finally gone live!
Hadlee Simons3 hours ago1763 shares

HBO Max: Everything we know so far (Update: Friends reunion special for launch)

HBO Max will launch sometime in May 2020 and it will get some major help with the release of a new Friends reunion special
John Callaham4 hours ago78 shares

Xiaomi could release a SIM card that’s also a microSD card, which is brilliant

Why do we need a SIM card AND a microSD card? Why can't they be one and the same?
C. Scott Brown4 hours ago576 shares

The easy (and affordable) way to switch to clean energy

Arcadia makes it quick and easy to switch to clean energy for 2020. You could even save money on your bill.
AA Partners5 hours ago46 shares

Digital wellbeing – how to form a better relationship with your phone

Digital wellbeing is a movement to improve our relationship with technology for better mental health.
Adam Sinicki6 hours ago45 shares

Private WhatsApp chats easily discovered through Google (Update: Facebook knew)

It turns out that Facebook knew about this problem as far back as November 2019, but didn't see it as a problem.
C. Scott Brown6 hours ago391 shares

This week in Apple: iPhone 9 design (likely fake) and launch date (likely real)

Lots of rumors about the iPhone 9 this week, including a likely fake design and a likely real launch date.
C. Scott Brown7 hours ago102 shares

You might want to avoid buying stuff from SlickWraps (Update: Company response)

This might be the most over-the-top example of a data breach in history.
C. Scott Brown8 hours ago89 shares
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