Galaxy S9 killer: Here’s what my perfect smartphone looks like

by Mitja Rutnik 22 hours ago0 comments

Everything on sale for Amazon Prime Day 2018

by Jimmy Westenberg July 9, 20180 comments

Five things every Nova Launcher user should try

by Robert Triggs July 14, 20180 comments

You wouldn't buy a blood diamond, but do you own a conflict phone?

by Tristan Rayner 19 hours ago0 comments
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Deal: Unlocked LG G7 ThinQ gets price slashed to $629.99 at B&H ($120-off)

The offer applies to the platinum color variant of the G7 ThinQ, but there's no mention of how long the deal will last.
by Duncan Elder12 seconds ago

Facebook hires Google silicon bigwig, but why?

Facebook's new hire helped lead the team behind the Pixel Visual Core chip, according to his LinkedIn account...
by Hadlee Simons1 hour ago

How to validate your brilliant idea and launch your business with Growth Hacking

However good your product is, launching it properly is absolutely crucial. Learn how growth hacking gives your product that vital edge for $29.99.
by AA Picks6 hours ago

Become an in-demand Hadoop engineer today

Hadoop Engineers are crushing it right now. This 10-part expert training bundle teaches you the art of Hadoop in a matter of hours.
by AA Picks11 hours ago

5 best delivery apps for Android!

Sometimes, it's just easier to get someone else to do it. Here are the best delivery apps for Android!
by Joe Hindy16 hours ago

How did we miss the best place for a fingerprint scanner?

The fingerprint sensor on the side of a phone addresses all the complaints about front/rear scanners. So why is it dead?
by Tristan Rayner16 hours ago

This week in Android: Samsung Galaxy X renders, Huawei Mate RS review, and more

This week, we showed you some renders on how Samsung's rumored Galaxy X folding phone could work, reviewed the TicWatch Pro, and more!
by Jimmy Westenberg17 hours ago

Skipping Amazon Prime Day? Here are some great, non-Amazon deals

If you're skipping Amazon Prime Day, that doesn't mean you can't get some awesome "Black Friday in July" savings on tech gear.
by C. Scott Brown17 hours ago

OnePlus 6 international giveaway!

Enter this week's Sunday giveaway for your chance to win a brand new OnePlus 6!
by Jimmy Westenberg19 hours ago

You wouldn’t buy a blood diamond, but do you own a conflict phone?

Buying a smartphone can be a hard decision, but did you know it can also be an ethical debate of sorts? Enter conflict minerals and why they matter.
by Tristan Rayner19 hours ago
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OnePlus 6 international giveaway!

19 hours ago
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