Google Pixel 5: Everything we know right now

C. Scott Brown 8 hours ago 68 shares

The OnePlus 5/5T just got Android 10, which is a big deal (but it shouldn’t be)

C. Scott Brown May 27, 2020 792 shares

We don’t own our digital lives and it’s time we started caring about it

Suzana Dalul May 24, 2020 614 shares

RIP LG G series: Waving goodbye to a true innovator

Robert Triggs May 24, 2020 2282 shares
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How to change your Facebook password

If you lost your phone, were cyber attacked, or want to keep your account safe, you should change your Facebook password.
Edgar Cervantes39 seconds ago

Pocket Mortys recipe guide: Full recipe list and crafting guide

Pocket Mortys has a unique crafting system to make consumables and quest items. Here's a full list of recipes!
Nick Fernandez2 hours ago16 shares


If the Google Pixel 4a XL wasn’t canceled, this is what it would’ve looked like

Sadly, the Google Pixel 4a XL will never see the light of day. Too bad, because it would have been a nice-looking phone.
Dave LeClair4 hours ago40 shares

HBO Max: The master list of movies and TV shows right now (May 2020)

Here's the HBO Max list of movies and TV shows that are available for streaming, including its exclusive series and films.
John Callaham6 hours ago28 shares

Samsung might release a new Galaxy Watch soon: Here’s what we know

The FCC listing doesn't tell us a ton about the new Samsung Galaxy Watch, but we know one is in the works.
Dave LeClair6 hours ago104 shares

It’s shocking how many voice assistants might be in the wild by 2024

If the idea of voice assistants taking over the world is scary to you, now might be the time to look away from your screen.
Dave LeClair8 hours ago30 shares

Google Pixel 5: Everything we know right now

We're still months out from the launch of the Google Pixel 5 but we have already heard some solid rumors.
C. Scott Brown8 hours ago68 shares

LG Velvet is headed west, Europe launch expected in June

The phone is also expected to launch in the US very soon.
Adamya Sharma8 hours ago57 shares

The best upcoming Android phones of 2020

These are the most exciting upcoming Android smartphones you should be looking forward to in 2020.
Mitja Rutnik9 hours ago41757 shares

Microsoft reveals Xbox Series X backwards compatibility information

Microsoft's policy for Xbox Series X backwards compatibility should have gamers feeling quite happy with their purchase.
Dave LeClair11 hours ago98 shares
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