OnePlus 7 Pro review

Honor 20 Pro review: Everyday luxury

Bogdan Petrovan May 21, 2019 437 shares

Here’s why losing Arm is a far bigger deal for Huawei than losing Google

Hadlee Simons May 22, 2019 5835 shares

Google Pixel 3a review: The phone made for everyone

Justin Duino May 18, 2019 2336 shares

This is my new favorite Garmin watch

Jimmy Westenberg May 21, 2019 57 shares
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Senate agrees robocalls suck, votes to make penalties more severe

The Senate voted 97-1 to approve an anti-robocall bill. Rand Paul was the only "nay" vote.
C. Scott Brown2 hours ago36 shares

For today only, you can grab Bloons TD 6 for the low price of free

Bloons TD 6 normally costs $4.99.
Williams Pelegrin2 hours ago19 shares


Google is making food delivery easier in Search, Assistant, and even Maps

So far, food delivery services such as DoorDash, Postmates, and are integrated.
C. Scott Brown3 hours ago23 shares

IGTV now supports landscape video, directly targeting YouTube

Is this change enough to get YouTubers to jump ship?
Team AA4 hours ago1823 shares

Price drop! Save 62% on a 1-year subscription to NordVPN

Right now you can get a one-year subscription to one of the top VPNs for only $60.
AA Picks4 hours ago19 shares

NYC’s public transport system is still bad, but at least you can soon use Google Pay with it

The days of the MetroCard are coming to a close.
Williams Pelegrin4 hours ago40 shares

Nuu G3 and G3+ deliver perfect balance of value and performance

You don't have to pay a ton for a great smartphone experience. Nuu G3 and G3+ offer great value for under $200.
Promoted5 hours ago4 shares

Google Duplex callers are sometimes actually humans (Updated)

It appears humans are used as a failsafe for Google Duplex calls.
C. Scott Brown5 hours ago40 shares

Xiaomi Redmi K20: All the rumors in one place

The Redmi K20 rumors point to a true "flagship killer" with through-the-roof specs. Check it out here!
C. Scott Brown5 hours ago77 shares

The free Netflix offer from T-Mobile will be less attractive on June 2

T-Mobile will make some changes to its postpaid unlimited plans starting June 2, including the name of the plans themselves.
John Callaham5 hours ago29 shares
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