Pocophone F1 vs Honor Play: Inbetweeners

by Adam Sinicki September 20, 20180 comments

What’s your favorite weather app? (Poll of the Week)

by Jimmy Westenberg September 17, 20180 comments

JBL Link View review: Speaker first, display second

by Andrew Grush September 17, 20180 comments

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera review

by Edgar Cervantes September 21, 20180 comments
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Android turns 10: Remembering the first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1 / HTC Dream

Android is 10 years old today and so is the first ever Android phone, the T-Mobile G1 / HTC Dream. Let's look back to where it all started.
by Oliver Cragg27 minutes ago

10 best new Android apps from September 2018!

Are you looking for something new? Check out this list of awesome new Android apps that were released over the last month!
by Joe Hindy1 hour ago

Android turns 10 today: Here are 5 features we still use from Android 1.0

Android 1.0 was missing a lot of stuff we depend on today, but here are five things we've used for ten years straight.
by C. Scott Brown2 hours ago

Complete Adobe mastery: Lifetime access for only $39 (deal ends soon)

Are you ready to master the art of photo and video editing? Expert training with the Complete Adobe Mastery Bundle is only $39.
by AA Picks4 hours ago

This week in Android: JBL Link View review, OnePlus 6T leaks, and the problem with ‘speed tests’

This week we reviewed the JBL Link View, compared the Pocophone F1 against the Honor Play, and more!
by Jimmy Westenberg4 hours ago

How to enable Developer Mode on a Chromebook

If you're looking to go beyond the basic capabilities of your Chromebook, you will first need to enable Developer Mode. Here's how!
by Ankit Banerjee9 hours ago

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus international giveaway!

This week we're giving away a brand new Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus! Enter the Sunday giveaway for your chance to win.
by Team AA11 hours ago

Get a brand new Raspberry Pi 3B with 10 hours of hands-on instruction for 72 percent off

In this all-inclusive package you get a Raspberry Pi 3B starter kit and 10 hours of hands-on instruction. Right now it's under $150.
by AA Picks22 hours ago

We asked, you told us: Google just keeps taking over, including weather apps

This week's poll asked: "What’s your favorite weather app?" Google won. Again.
by Tristan RaynerSeptember 22, 2018

5 best fax apps and fax sending apps for Android

Faxing is a dying technology, but some companies and business use still requires it. You can do it on mobile with the best fax apps for Android!
by Joe HindySeptember 22, 2018
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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus international giveaway!

11 hours ago
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