No, your phone is not always listening to you

by Robert Triggs July 18, 20180 comments

Acer Chromebook Tab 10 review: The start of something beautiful

by Jimmy Westenberg July 18, 20180 comments

Google does it best, and the EU ruling won't change that

by Tristan Rayner July 18, 20180 comments

OnePlus 6 camera shootout (and a giveaway!)

by Edgar Cervantes July 17, 20180 comments
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Xiaomi: 5 things you didn’t know about the Apple of the East

Did you know Xiaomi also makes travel pillows and pens? Here are some more facts about the company that may blow your mind.
by Mitja Rutnik3 hours ago

Save almost 40% on the iWord Electronic Digital Drum Kit

You can practice the drums anywhere with this acoustically accurate digital drum kit, right now it’s a great deal at just $62.99.
by AA Picks12 hours ago

The Android Authority Podcast is back! Here are four new episodes to celebrate!

The Android Authority Podcast is back, and we have 4 episodes for you right off the bat! We'll be examining the news, reviews, and opinions of the week, every week.
by Adam Doud12 hours ago

Gorilla Glass vs Dragontrail Glass vs tempered glass and beyond

We explain the difference between various generations of Gorilla Glass and its main competitors: Sapphire glass, Dragontrail, and tempered glass.
by Hadlee Simons13 hours ago

With Trump undermining their efforts, Senators drop bid to reimpose sanctions on ZTE

A group of senators attempted to reimpose sanctions on ZTE in June. But with Trump stepping in, the opposition just threw in the towel.
by C. Scott Brown14 hours ago

LineageOS gets new features, a new custom recovery, and new leadership

A massive update from the LineageOS team informs us about a ton of new features and behind-the-scenes news about the custom ROM.
by C. Scott Brown15 hours ago

Become future-proof with top IT certifications!

Breaking into the IT industry requires qualifications, and ITIL are some of the most coveted. You can get on the road to certification for under $30.
by AA Picks15 hours ago

Deal: Run Android apps (and save $50) on this touchscreen ASUS Chromebook Flip

The ASUS Chromebook Flip is a touchscreen Chrome OS laptop that supports apps from the Google Play Store.
by C. Scott Brown16 hours ago

AT&T reveals 3 cities that will get 5G this year (even though phones won’t connect to it)

The list of 5G cities that AT&T will switch on this year grows by three. However, there still won't be any smartphones that can directly connect.
by C. Scott Brown17 hours ago

The core features that are keeping you on Android: let’s talk!

Apple isn't all bad but there are things that iOS just doesn't do well. Here's our list of features that Android just get right.
by Tristan Rayner18 hours ago
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July 15, 2018
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