Galaxy Note 10 deals!

Xiaomi Mi A3 review: A safe bet

Ryan-Thomas Shaw August 15, 2019 350 shares

Region-exclusive smartphone colors need to stop, please

C. Scott Brown August 14, 2019 405 shares

New dedicated Speed Test G YouTube channel: Speed tests galore!

Gary Sims August 13, 2019 73 shares

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus hands-on

David Imel August 7, 2019 1037 shares
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Deal: Score almost $5,000 of ethical hacker training for just $39

The 10-part 2019 Ethical Hacker Masterclass Bundle is on offer today, and it prepares you for certification as a cyberhero.
AA Picks28 seconds ago

Best selfie sticks for smartphones

Want to level up your selfie game? Join us as we take a look at the very best selfie sticks out there, including bluetooth selfie sticks!
Team AA3 hours ago112 shares


Smartphone quiz: Which statement is false?

Each question in this quiz contains four statements regarding a popular phone. Your job is to figure out which one is false.
Mitja Rutnik4 hours ago69 shares

Top Android games weekly: All the biggest news, updates, and more!

A new zombie mode for PUBG Mobile, Tropico on mobile, a new Hearthstone competitor, and more this week in Android gaming!
Team AA15 hours ago202 shares

Civilization VI deals: Save big on this award-winning strategy game

Check out these limited-time offers for the award-winning Civilization VI and its expansion pack over at Tech Deals.
AA Picks15 hours ago65 shares

Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL update brings Playmoji to front camera

With Playground 2.6, you can finally use Playmoji with the front-facing camera on your Pixel 3a or 3a XL.
Team AA16 hours ago112 shares

Downloading game ROMs: Is it ever legal?

We answer your questions about downloading ROMs, emulation, and the confusing legal state of it all.
Phillip Prado16 hours ago108 shares

Deal: The Lenovo Smart Clock is down to just $50, or 37% off

The cute little Lenovo Smart Clock will upgrade your bedside table on the cheap!
C. Scott Brown16 hours ago43 shares

YouTube Originals will be free for all to watch with ads (Update: Start date)

Update: YouTube Originals won't be locked behind a paywall in a little over a month.
C. Scott Brown17 hours ago1477 shares

Playboy announces new wireless headphones for when you need private listening

Yes, the Playboy logo appears on the 'phones a few times.
C. Scott Brown18 hours ago96 shares
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