Hands-on with Samsung One UI and Android Pie on the Galaxy S9

by Jimmy Westenberg 4 hours ago0 comments

Gallery: This is the beautiful OnePlus 6T in Thunder Purple

by David Imel November 15, 20180 comments

Black Friday 2018: Here are all the deals you can expect

by AA Picks November 15, 201811 comments

Best of Android Reader’s Choice: Vote for your favorite!

by Chris Thomas 11 hours ago0 comments
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Weekend special: Build your own Force Flyers Drone for just $39.99

If you’re an engineer at heart then check out this deal on the Force Flyers Drone. It’s easy to build and fly, and lets you get creative.
by AA Picks3 minutes ago

Three US senators send letter to Big Four carriers alleging hidden throttling

If your mobile streaming seems slow, you might not be alone, and these Senators are trying to figure out what's up.
by C. Scott Brown1 hour ago

Deal: Samsung’s Wireless Charger Pad Slim is on sale for $15

You will have to buy a separate power cable and fast charging adapter, since none are included with the Wireless Charger Pad Slim.
by Williams Pelegrin2 hours ago

Deal: Get a $799 service credit if you buy two Pixel 3s on Project Fi

Project Fi's promotion essentially nets you a free Pixel 3, though things are not that simple.
by Williams Pelegrin2 hours ago

You can now add a Chromecast to a speaker group using the Google Home app

If you have a Chromecast along with audio speakers throughout your home, you can now add the Chromecast to your speaker group.
by C. Scott Brown3 hours ago

The US might finally be doing something about robocalls

U.S. citizens received over 30 billion spam calls in 2017, so it is good to finally see Capitol Hill take robocalls seriously.
by Williams Pelegrin3 hours ago

Hands-on with Samsung One UI and Android Pie on the Galaxy S9

One UI is a fantastic improvement over Samsung's previous software, and makes everything much easier to use.
by Jimmy Westenberg4 hours ago

Save over $100 on the highly-rated 1More Triple-Driver Headphones

The 1More Triple-Driver Headphones are highly-acclaimed by the critics, and right now you can save big on the retail price.
by AA Picks4 hours ago

Google Pixel 3 Lite prototype has 3.5mm jack, Snapdragon 670, plastic build

Mid-range Google Pixel 3 Lite prototype has a 3.5mm headphone jack, Snapdragon 670, and a form factor like the Google Pixel 3.
by C. Scott Brown4 hours ago

Use multiple numbers on one phone with Verizon My Numbers app

The new Verizon My Numbers app allows you to make calls, text, and check the voicemails of multiple lines all on one smartphone.
by C. Scott Brown5 hours ago
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