Download the glorious Google Pixel 3 live wallpapers in full resolution

by Scott Adam Gordon 3 hours ago0 comments

From Android to YouTube: 20+ pro tips from the Googlers behind them

by Hadlee Simons September 25, 20180 comments

Xiaomi Mi 8 review: A reference design for Xiaomi software

by David Imel September 24, 20180 comments

Android turns 10: Here are 5 features we still use from Android 1.0

by C. Scott Brown September 23, 20180 comments
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Razer Phone 2: What we want to see in its next gaming phone

The Razer Phone 2 is just a few weeks away from being revealed, here are a few things we'd like to see included in this gaming phone.
by John Callaham37 minutes ago

How to install the Google Pixel 3 live wallpapers on your smartphone

The 28 live wallpapers can be set installed on devices running Android Marshmallow and above — get the downloads and instructions here.
by Scott Adam Gordon3 hours ago

LG V40 ThinQ: All the rumors in one place (Updated: September 26)

Here is everything we know so far about the LG V40 ThinQ specs, release date, and more.
by Justin Duino3 hours ago

First Samsung phone with in-display fingerprint sensor could get gradient color, 128GB storage

Samsung's upcoming phone is expected to offer four gradient colors, but what else do we know about the device?
by Duncan Elder5 hours ago

Firefox Monitor will let you know when your accounts have been compromised

Has your account been compromised by data breaches? Mozilla's new Firefox Monitor service has the answer...
by Hadlee Simons6 hours ago

Refurb deal: Get an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for $300 off

Daily Steals has some fantastic deals on refurbished phones right now. The pick of them is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 for just $599.99.
by AA Picks15 hours ago

OnePlus 6T and other unreleased phones found in ARCore support list

In an APK teardown of ARCore 1.5, one can easily see references to unreleased smartphones such as the OnePlus 6T, Nokia 9, and more.
by C. Scott Brown16 hours ago

3DS game Monster Hunter Stories gets a faithful port on Android

The Pokemon-meets-Zelda-meets-JRPG adventure is available for a one-time fee, no microtransactions.
by C. Scott Brown17 hours ago

Google makes it easier for you to retrace your Search steps

Google wants to help you locate search results you found previously with these new Google Search history features.
by C. Scott Brown18 hours ago

Turn your Xiaomi Mi 8 into a Google Pixel 2 with this custom ROM

Use the Pixel ROM to turn your Mi 8 into a de facto Pixel 2, complete with Android 9 Pie.
by C. Scott Brown18 hours ago
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