What to expect from the next generation of Android phone processors

Hadlee Simons May 31, 2020 219 shares

OnePlus CEO’s recent comment on cheap phones genuinely confuses us

C. Scott Brown May 30, 2020 340 shares

Wallpaper crash explained: Here’s how a simple image can soft-brick phones

Bogdan Petrovan June 1, 2020 829 shares

Samsung Galaxy A51 review: Great screen, bad performance

David Imel May 31, 2020 476 shares
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Could the Poco F2 Pro come to India soon?

Anyone waiting for a new Poco announcement in India might not have to wait too much longer.
Dave LeClair3 hours ago37 shares

Need a replacement Chromebook charger? These are your best choices.

A trusty charger is almost as important as your Chromebook itself. Here are the best options if you need to grab a new one.
Ryan Haines5 hours ago39 shares


Renders of Google Android TV streaming device and remote here (Update: Video)

Update: We now can view some video clips of the original source material leaking the Android TV streamer.
C. Scott Brown7 hours ago147 shares

Staff Picks: 12 things Kris uses every day

From home office essentials and everyday carry, these are the tech products I can't live without.
Kris Carlon8 hours ago101 shares

Judge approves lawsuit accusing Apple of lying about poor iPhone shipments

The class-action suit alleges that Tim Cook knew iPhone sales were dropping, but hid it from investors.
C. Scott Brown9 hours ago165 shares

Save $300 on a Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, and more of the best phone deals

A new phone is a major investment. Check out our list of best phone deals to make sure you choose the best device for you.
Ryan Haines9 hours ago75 shares

Designer envisions a detachable camera module for phones, and it’s pretty cool

This takes the concept of smartphones just being cameras with phones attached to a whole new level.
C. Scott Brown10 hours ago502 shares

Google accused of tracking Incognito mode data, facing class action lawsuit

Users who thought their data wasn't tracked while private browsing are upset at Google for tracking them.
Dave LeClair11 hours ago488 shares

The smartphone CPU arms race is about to heat up again

2021 Android smartphones will close the gap on Apple. But what if some Android phones are much faster than others too?
Robert Triggs12 hours ago159 shares

Unlocked OnePlus 7T now unavailable in US, better find one quick if you want it

The T-Mobile version of the phone is still available, but the unlocked variant is no longer found at OnePlus.com.
C. Scott Brown12 hours ago70 shares
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