Google Pixel 3 Lite leaks in video review: Should you expect flagship photo quality?

by Hadlee Simons 13 hours ago0 comments

Yes, there is a system-wide dark theme in this early Android Q build

by C. Scott Brown 22 hours ago0 comments

Snapdragon 855 performance and benchmarking

by Gary Sims January 15, 20190 comments

Class of 2018: Five best Android phones that weren’t released in the U.S.

by Mitja Rutnik 14 hours ago0 comments
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Slimmed-down Weather Timeline app is coming back soon under new management

Weather Timeline left us last fall, but the app is coming back soon. However, it will be a bit different.
by C. Scott Brown30 minutes ago

The massive Collection #1 data breach: What is it and what you should do?

You might want to change your passwords. You know, to be safe.
by Williams Pelegrin1 hour ago

Android 9 Pie rolling out to Honor View 10 in the US

If you own an Honor View 10 in the United States, be on the lookout for some sweet Android 9 Pie goodness coming your way.
by C. Scott Brown2 hours ago

Google is buying smartwatch tech from Fossil for $40 million

The $40 million IP is related to a smartwatch technology currently under development by Fossil.
by Jimmy Westenberg2 hours ago

Plex wants to become a hub for video and audio subscription services

Plex wants to be your one-stop-shop for your owned media as well as your streaming services. But will it actually happen?
by C. Scott Brown2 hours ago

Forged Fantasy, the new action-RPG from Hothead Games, is out now on Android

As promised, Hothead Games has launched its newest mobile game, the fantasy-themed action-RPG, Forged Fantasy.
by Oliver Cragg3 hours ago

ArmadilloTek screen protectors won’t work with Galaxy S10 fingerprint scanner

This is just one company's take, but it could mean bad news for those of you who use screen protectors.
by C. Scott Brown3 hours ago

Deal: Become a machine learning specialist for just $34

Machine learning is taking over the world. You can become an expert in this field for only $34.
by AA Picks3 hours ago

Security flaw found in ES File Explorer app (Update: Patch incoming)

If you use the popular Android app ES File Explorer, be careful: as of right now, the app has a major security vulnerability.
by C. Scott Brown4 hours ago

Best Dell laptops to buy in 2019 — mainstream, business, and gaming

If you're looking for a new laptop, checking out what Dell has to offer is a must. Check out the best Dell laptops you can get for business, personal use, and gaming here.
by Mitja Rutnik5 hours ago
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