Get the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

How the price of OnePlus phones changed over the years

Tristan Rayner April 8, 2020 1867 shares

Stuck at home? Here’s how you can keep your body and mind fit.

Dhruv Bhutani April 8, 2020 95 shares

Galaxy S20 Ultra or Z Flip: Which should you buy?

Eric Zeman April 5, 2020 309 shares

Can we stop it with the comically big phones now?

Simon Hill April 5, 2020 1209 shares
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Spacebar in Gboard now says ‘Google’ and people hate it (Update: Reverting)

Update: Either this was all a mistake or Google quickly realized people hated it because it's starting to vanish.
Hadlee Simons10 minutes ago896 shares

Here are the best Verizon Wireless plans right now

Interested in switching to one of Verizon's plans? Here are the best ones worthy of your consideration.
Ryan Haines33 minutes ago62 shares


Error 83 on Disney Plus – What is it and how can you fix it?

You may have encountered Error 83 when using Disney Plus. But what is this error and, more importantly, how do you fix it?
John Callaham54 minutes ago12 shares

Spigen launches campaign to raise $50,000 toward COVID-19 relief

Spigen is partnering with nonprofit Direct Relief to provide much-needed supplies to healthcare workers around the globe.
Phillip Prado1 hour ago45 shares

This week in Apple: iOS 14 might finally have widgets, iPhone 12 notch rumors

The smaller notch might make the iPhone 12 look like Android phones from 2018.
C. Scott Brown2 hours ago57 shares

Google and Apple join together to fight COVID-19 by tracking our movements

Basically, if you get the coronavirus, you can tell an app and then people you were near will be warned.
C. Scott Brown3 hours ago194 shares

Google takes down its Android distribution chart without explanation

Developers can still see the numbers in Android Studio when they need to.
Phillip Prado3 hours ago45 shares

Deal: The $100 AirTaps are now just $25

For the next few days, you can save 75% on the Bluetooth 5.0 AirTaps wireless earbuds with charging case.
AA Deals3 hours ago31 shares

Google Messages deleting your texts? Here are a few possible fixes

Smartphone owners are reporting disappearing texts when using the Messages app. Here's how you can get them back.
Mitja Rutnik4 hours ago284 shares

Survey says huge majority of US teens own iPhones, plan to get more iPhones

Chances are exceptionally high that if you're a teen, you love iPhones. Most likely not the teens reading this site, though.
C. Scott Brown4 hours ago191 shares
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