Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review: In praise of incrementalism

by David Imel 18 hours ago0 comments

Galaxy Note 9 price and availability: Pre-order it now!

by Bogdan Petrovan 13 hours ago0 comments
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Life is Strange review: Still a (mostly) hella good time on Android

by Oliver Cragg August 19, 20180 comments
Apps & Games

Five premium Android games worth every cent

by Scott Adam Gordon August 17, 20180 comments
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The LTE-equipped Galaxy Watch is available for pre-order for $380, shipping in September

Now's your chance to get your hands on the LTE Galaxy Watch.
by Justin Duino33 minutes ago

Android Pie ROMs are now available for Nexus 6 and Nexus 5X

Google may no longer support the Nexus 6 and 5X, but custom ROM developers still do.
by Justin Duino4 hours ago

Leagoo S10 specs are here: in-display fingerprint scanner and a giant battery

The upcoming Leagoo S10 looks exactly like an iPhone X mashed together with a Huawei P20 Pro. But hey, in-display fingerprint sensor.
by C. Scott Brown10 hours ago

Get the new Material Theme in Chrome right now

Google's Material Theme is coming to Chrome next month, but you can enable it right now.
by Justin Duino10 hours ago

You can learn how to code for just $19

We’ve all gotta start somewhere. The Essential Coding for Beginners Bundle gives you a nice intro to five big programming languages.
by AA Picks10 hours ago

Let the games begin! Competitive FPS Shadowgun War Games coming in 2019

Madfinger Games' team-based hero shooter set in the Shadowgun universe will run like butter on the Asus ROG phone.
by Oliver Cragg10 hours ago

OnePlus 5/5T OxygenOS update will save you a tap when you unlock

OnePlus is going to save a you a little time when you use PIN unlock on your OnePlus 5/5T.
by C. Scott Brown11 hours ago

Deal: Save up to $150 on an unlocked Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus at Best Buy

You'll spend less on the Galaxy S8, but the Galaxy S8 Plus deal is awesome as well.
by C. Scott Brown12 hours ago

Galaxy Note 9 price and availability: Pre-order it now!

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ain't cheap, but if you're ready to buy here's all the info you need.
by Bogdan Petrovan13 hours ago

Google Assistant ‘good news’ feature might not be your idea of good news

What you think is "good news" might not be what Google will deliver to you.
by C. Scott Brown14 hours ago
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