Everything on sale for Amazon Prime Day 2018

by Jimmy Westenberg 2 hours ago0 comments

Moto Z3 Play review: The value is still in the Moto Mods

by Lanh Nguyen 8 hours ago0 comments

Skipping Amazon Prime Day? Here are some great, non-Amazon deals

by C. Scott Brown 10 hours ago0 comments

Galaxy S9 killer: Here’s what my perfect smartphone looks like

by Mitja Rutnik July 15, 20180 comments
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GPU Turbo update confirmed for these Huawei devices (Update: Not coming to US)

If you live in the U.S. and happen to own a Huawei device on the GPU Turbo update list, you're out of luck.
by Scott Adam Gordon2 hours ago

Amazon Prime Day 2018 deals: All the best tech deals on the internet

Amazon Prime Day 2018 is going on right now! Head to this article to see all the best Amazon Prime Day deals on the web.
by Jimmy Westenberg2 hours ago

Prime Day Deal: Get an entire smart home system free with a Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus

This Amazon Prime Day Galaxy S9 deal gets you a smart home starter kit for free, including Amazon Echo and Echo Spot.
by C. Scott Brown4 hours ago

If you can get past the wide notch, the Alcatel 5V ain’t half bad

The Alcatel 5V has several things going for it, but the notch may or may not be one of them.
by Williams Pelegrin4 hours ago

Deal: Get a $300 bill credit when you buy an LG G7 or V35 through Project Fi

If you buy a new LG G7 ThinQ or LG V35 to add to or upgrade your line, you'll get a $300 bill credit. That could go a long way on Fi.
by C. Scott Brown5 hours ago

This Amazon Prime Day Essential Phone deal is nuts: $250, brand new, right now

If you've been holding out on buying the Essential Phone because of cost alone, you have no excuse now.
by C. Scott Brown6 hours ago

The Galaxy S10 might not be the first Samsung phone with an in-display fingerprint reader

If precedent is any indication, the Samsung Galaxy A (2019) smartphones will launch before the Galaxy S10.
by Williams Pelegrin6 hours ago

A Raspberry Pi 3 is the key to making coding fun

In this all-inclusive package you get a Raspberry Pi 3B starter kit and 10 hours of hands-on instruction. Right now the it's under $150.
by AA Picks7 hours ago

It’s telling that we don’t know if Samsung’s CEO is holding a Galaxy Note 9 or Note 8 in this pic

We can't be for sure, but it looks like Samsung's CEO took the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 out for a little real-world play time.
by C. Scott Brown8 hours ago

Moto Z3 Play review: The value is still in the Moto Mods

The Moto Z3 Play features a modern design and dual cameras, but it misses the mark in a few key areas. This is the Moto Z3 Play review.
by Lanh Nguyen8 hours ago
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