OnePlus 7 Pro review

Honor 20 Pro review: Everyday luxury

Bogdan Petrovan May 21, 2019 412 shares

Here’s why losing Arm is a far bigger deal for Huawei than losing Google

Hadlee Simons 13 hours ago 3784 shares

Google Pixel 3a review: The phone made for everyone

Justin Duino May 18, 2019 2336 shares

This is my new favorite Garmin watch

Jimmy Westenberg May 21, 2019 55 shares
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Redmi K20 to offer a huge 4,000mAh battery and in-display fingerprint sensor

We'll learn much more about the Redmi K20 when it launches May 28.
Williams Pelegrin1 minute ago

US startup claims Huawei exec stole trade secrets

A small California company claims a Huawei executive played a role in attempting to steal trade secrets.
Eric Zeman4 hours ago296 shares


Mario Kart Tour has the makings of a great game, but be ready to deal with micro-transactions

Racing game and gacha fans will find plenty to like, but Mario Kart fans might want to wait.
Williams Pelegrin4 hours ago14 shares

Fortnite updates: Loot Hot Spots and the return of the Semi-Auto Sniper in v9.10

Apex Legends' Hot Zones make their way into Fortnite Battle Royale.
Team AA5 hours ago474 shares

The Huawei ban isn’t just bad for the company, it’s bad for Android in general

If this Huawei ban sticks, it won't just be hurting the company. We will all feel the pain.
C. Scott Brown5 hours ago1151 shares

Comcast wants to monitor your health. Yes, that Comcast.

If there's any company you want eyeing your health, it's likely not Comcast.
C. Scott Brown6 hours ago47 shares

That Ouya console game service is shutting down, if anyone still plays it

The beleaguered gaming console will (mostly) cease to work in June.
C. Scott Brown7 hours ago76 shares

What we know about Huawei’s plan B for mobile (Update: More info)

The U.S. has blacklisted Huawei and Google has pulled its Android license, but the company has a backup plan years in the making.
Scott Adam Gordon8 hours ago1697 shares

Deal: The $100 Bluetooth 5 AirTaps Earbuds are just $32 today

The stylish Bluetooth 5.0 AirTaps and charging case are just $31.99 right now.
AA Picks8 hours ago35 shares

Huawei shows staggering growth in Europe — But will it last?

What effect will the Huawei ban have on the company's stunning growth in Europe?
C. Scott Brown8 hours ago195 shares
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