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The Best of Android: Mid-2020 — Which phone has the best display?

Robert Triggs 20 hours ago 84 shares

Best of Android Mid-2020: Audio

Chris Thomas July 12, 2020 128 shares

The Google Nexus 7 was the first great small Android tablet

Hadlee Simons 20 hours ago 392 shares

The case against bundled phone chargers

Robert Triggs July 12, 2020 663 shares
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Yet another brand will unveil 125W charging this week

Fast charging is fast becoming 2020's trendiest smartphone feature.
Andy Walker1 hour ago

First Pixel Buds feature drop coming soon, will fix pesky audio cutouts

The update will also add some new features to the Pixel Buds.
Adamya Sharma2 hours ago4 shares


Microsoft Surface Duo rumors: What we know about the dual-screen Android device

Update: We've added more details regarding a second-generation Surface Duo.
Adamya Sharma3 hours ago71 shares

Here’s our first look at the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (Update: New render)

Update: New Galaxy Tab S7 render shows its magnetic keyboard and S Pen.
C. Scott Brown4 hours ago484 shares

Microsoft slips Bing search into Android through Outlook

Just installing the Outlook app is enough to add the feature to your long-press menu.
Jon Fingas7 hours ago3 shares

A Razer Phone 3 prototype may have surfaced in a Chinese online market

Razer hasn't had a phone on the market since 2018's Razer Phone 2, but that isn't silencing talk about a third model.
Jon Fingas11 hours ago6 shares

iPhone owners affected by ‘Batterygate’ can now file for a settlement

US residents with an iPhone 6, 6s, or SE variant will qualify.
Jon Fingas12 hours ago10 shares

When do you charge your phone? (Poll of the Week)

Are you strictly an overnight charger? Or do you top up throughout the day?
Jimmy Westenberg12 hours ago6 shares

Huawei revenue grew in first half of 2020 despite pandemic and trade ban

Huawei has faced multiple crises in recent months, but that hasn't stopped the tech giant from enjoying some success.
Jon Fingas14 hours ago3 shares

Snapchat is down for many — here’s how you can try to fix it

It appears Snapchat isn't working for many users. Here are some things to try to potentially get it working again.
Nick Fernandez14 hours ago204 shares
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