How far have we come since the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Robert Triggs May 29, 2020 694 shares

Google Pixel 5: Everything we know right now

C. Scott Brown May 28, 2020 136 shares

The OnePlus 5/5T just got Android 10, which is a big deal (but it shouldn’t be)

C. Scott Brown May 27, 2020 918 shares

RIP LG G series: Waving goodbye to a true innovator

Robert Triggs May 24, 2020 2282 shares
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What to expect from the next generation of Android phone processors

From Qualcomm and Samsung to MediaTek and Huawei, here's what we're expecting from processors in 2021.
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Setting this image as wallpaper could soft-brick your phone

Simply setting this image as wallpaper on your phone could cause it to crash and become unable to boot.
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This week in Android: RIP LG G series, Xiaomi Mi 10 review, Galaxy S20 giveaway

This week in Android: A new era for LG, update Zoom, Samsung Galaxy S20 giveaway, and more.
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How the price of OnePlus phones changed over the years

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Samsung Galaxy S20 international giveaway!

This week, we're giving away a brand new Samsung Galaxy S20!
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Team AA: Our favorite movies you should stream during lockdown

Want to know what the Android Authority staff recommends you watch during your time in lockdown? Here you go!
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Samsung Galaxy A51 review: Great screen, bad performance

The Samsung Galaxy A51 has a great display and good build quality, but is severely hindered by sluggish performance.
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How to cancel your Sling TV subscription

Sling TV is one of the best live streaming TV services, but it can get pricey. Let's show you how to cancel Sling TV!
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The best Snapdragon 865 phones you can get

If you're a power user, a Snapdragon 865 phone is right up your alley.
Hadlee SimonsMay 30, 20201088 shares
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