The best Father's Day tech gifts!

Father’s Day is the perfect time to get your dad a tech gift

John Callaham 23 hours ago 69 shares
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5 biggest mobile game announcements from E3 2019

Joe Hindy June 16, 2019 28 shares

Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL: All the rumors in one place

Justin Duino June 13, 2019 722 shares

ZTE Axon 10 Pro review: It packs a huge punch

Lanh Nguyen June 12, 2019 518 shares
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Deal: Get AWS and DevOps certified for just $39

You can get $700 of beginner-friendly online training in AWS and DevOps for just $39 with this deal.
AA Picks13 seconds ago

Huawei CEO says US ban will wipe away $30bn in revenue

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei says the Chinese manufacturer will lose roughly $30 billion in revenue due to the U.S. trade ban against it.
Hadlee Simons22 minutes ago15 shares


New Nvidia Shield TV emerges online: Is this more than a minor refresh?

Nvidia's new Shield TV has emerged on the Google Play Developer Console, but how does it stand out from the 2017 TV box?
Hadlee Simons3 hours ago49 shares

Huawei CEO confirms big international sales drop due to U.S. trade ban

Huawei CEO Ren Zhengfei has confirmed news that the firm's international phone sales are down by at least 40 percent.
Hadlee Simons4 hours ago428 shares

Lyrics site Genius says it caught Google copying lyrics ‘red-handed’

Genius embedded morse code in its own lyrics, and this code purportedly showed up in lyrics displayed via Google Search.
Hadlee Simons6 hours ago145 shares

No console or PC? Here are 8 games from E3 that would make great Android games

Any of these titles making it to Android would be a boon to mobile gaming.
Nick Fernandez7 hours ago92 shares

Stay juiced everywhere with Chargerito — the world’s smallest charger

Chargerito is small enough for your key ring or a little pocket, so you'll always have a power source handy.
AA Picks13 hours ago55 shares

AMD vs Intel: Which is better for 2019 and beyond?

With Computex and E3 behind us, now is the time to look at the AMD vs Intel tug-of-war. Both revealed new products arriving this year.
Kevin Parrish14 hours ago514 shares

Project management certification — start training for as little as $1

This project management certification bundle can be your launchpad for a lucrative new career path.
AA Picks16 hours ago49 shares

Deal: Get the Samsung Galaxy Buds with $20 Verizon gift card for $100 ($30 off)

You can also get a $20 rebate from Verizon.
Williams Pelegrin17 hours ago67 shares
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