Free Samsung Galaxy S10+ when you add a new line on Sprint!

The Best of Android: Mid-2020 is here!

Kris Carlon July 11, 2020 120 shares

Sony Xperia 1 II review: Sony finally made a phone Iā€™d love to keep in my pocket

David Imel July 10, 2020 1947 shares

Can phone-makers dial the rebranding down a bit?

Hadlee Simons July 11, 2020 138 shares

Samsung Galaxy Note 20: Everything we know so far

Phillip Prado July 10, 2020 909 shares
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Are there any truly bad Android skins still out there today?

The bad old days of slow, bloated Android skins are long gone... or are they?
Hadlee Simons2 hours ago62 shares

Dual SIM 5G phones: What’s the deal with 5G+5G technology?

The first 5G+5G dual-SIM phones are here, and here's what you should know about the tech.
Hadlee Simons6 hours ago120 shares


This week in Android: Sony Xperia 1 II review, OnePlus 8 giveaway

This week in Android: Everything Sony Xperia 1 II, Android vs iOS, OnePlus 8 giveaway and more.
Jonathan Feist6 hours ago115 shares

Best of Android Mid-2020: Audio

First up in our Best of Android Mid-2020 series is the best smartphones for audio.
Chris Thomas9 hours ago98 shares

OnePlus 8 international giveaway!

The gorgeous design and outstanding performance make this phone well worth winning!
Team AA11 hours ago1793 shares

The case against bundled phone chargers

It may seem outrageous to sell a $1,000 phone without a charger in the box, but there are good reasons to back this trend.
Robert Triggs12 hours ago663 shares

10 best metroidvania games for Android!

Metroidvania is a sub-genre with elements from both the Metroid and Castlevania series. Get the best ones for Android here!
Joe Hindy15 hours ago81 shares

How to use strings in Python

This post explains how to concatenate a string in Python.
Adam Sinicki21 hours ago76 shares

iPhone 12 sizes: If Apple gives us small phones then so should Android

Apple seems to understand that not everyone wants a pocket tablet. Meanwhile, Android has nothing similar to offer.
C. Scott BrownJuly 11, 2020355 shares

You told us: Even with smart TVs, you’re mostly using streaming dongles

There appears to be a clear method most smart TV owners use to stream content.
Jimmy WestenbergJuly 11, 2020138 shares
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