Samsung Galaxy Fit review!

Huawei files lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Commerce

Williams Pelegrin June 21, 2019 745 shares

We went behind the scenes with the OnePlus camera team. Here’s what we learned.

Dhruv Bhutani June 21, 2019 144 shares

Samsung Galaxy Fit review: Affordable, simple, and all-around good

Jimmy Westenberg June 21, 2019 67 shares

Google Pixel 3a XL camera review: Category leader

Eric Zeman June 21, 2019 105 shares
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Xiaomi reveals it shipped one million Mi Band 4 units in just 8 days

This represents a new milestone for the astoundingly popular fitness band series.
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12 things you need to know in tech today

What you get from the Raspberry Pi for $35 is fairly ridiculous, plus now we know why USB plugs are bad!
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Boost your paycheck with top IT certifications like CompTIA

This huge 11-part bundle prepares you for some of the biggest IT certifications, and it's just $39 now.
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Bill Gates says losing mobile war to Android was ‘the greatest mistake ever’

Losing the mobile platform war to Android was one of the biggest mistakes ever, Microsoft founder Bill Gates reportedly said.
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Hands-on: Is the Galaxy Tab S5e the best Android tablet around?

The gorgeous Super-AMOLED display and software features make the Tab S5e one of the best Android tablets around.
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Xiaomi says no Mi Note or Mi Max smartphones this year

Have massive hands? Then you'll have to make do with last year's Mi Max 3 instead.
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The best USB-C cables

USB-C is still a mess in 2019, but we're here to help!
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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1, S5e launched in India: Everything you should know

Samsung has brought two Android tablets to the Indian market, but the Galaxy Tab S5e might be the standout option here.
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Mediatek chip guide: All you need to know about MediaTek processors

Interested in a phone running a MediaTek chip? Here's what P60, P25 and all the other MediaTek chips do for you.
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Realme teases 64MP smartphone with quad rear cameras

48MP smartphones are a hot topic in 2019, but Realme is upping the ante with an upcoming device.
Hadlee Simons6 hours ago258 shares
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