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LG G8 ThinQ camera review: average all around

Edgar Cervantes 18 hours ago 59 shares

Samsung delays Galaxy Fold release, new launch date to be announced in the coming weeks

C. Scott Brown April 22, 2019 1042 shares

Huawei P30 review: High cost of entry

David Imel 23 hours ago 93 shares

From OnePlus 6T to OnePlus One: A week with a 5-year-old phone

C. Scott Brown April 23, 2019 234 shares
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Listen to podcasts before you sleep? This Google Podcasts feature is for you

Google Podcasts is getting long overdue sleep timer functionality, as well as some unique search capabilities.
Hadlee Simons6 seconds ago

Redmi 7 review: A suitable upgrade over the Redmi 6

A fresh coat of paint and refreshed internals make the Redmi 7 the budget phone to look out for.
Dhruv Bhutani1 hour ago30 shares


Learn the secrets of Android development for just $18

Learn the art of Android Development through 10 real-world projects. The training is on offer this week.
AA Picks5 hours ago27 shares

How to change your screen resolution in Windows 10

Want a sharper desktop wallpaper but the screen resolution is just too low? Here's how to change it.
Kevin Parrish7 hours ago192 shares

Indian government asks Apple, Google to remove TikTok from app stores (Update: Ban lifted)

Presumably, this reversal means the TikTok app will remain downloadable on both the Play Store and App Store.
Hadlee Simons9 hours ago3301 shares

Best Buy 4-day sale has crazy deals on all manners of tech, ends Saturday

Smartphones, tablets, computers, televisions, video games -- it's all on sale for four days only.
C. Scott Brown9 hours ago94 shares

Nokia 9 PureView fingerprint sensor fooled by chewing gum packet (Updated)

Update: HMD Global is investigating the issue that saw some Nokia 9 fingerprint sensors fooled by other fingerprints and objects.
Scott Adam Gordon9 hours ago440 shares

How important is smartphone audio to you? (Poll of the Week)

Is smartphone audio important to you, or do you not care?
Jimmy Westenberg11 hours ago101 shares

Chrome’s dark mode is available on Windows, here’s how to enable it

Windows' system-level dark mode enables Chrome's new theme.
Justin Duino11 hours ago172 shares

Certain OnePlus 6T variants out of stock as company prepares for OnePlus 7

As per usual, the latest OnePlus device is starting to go out of stock before a new launch.
C. Scott Brown12 hours ago107 shares
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