Deal: Galaxy S10e from $10/month!

Beats Powerbeats Pro review: Beat it, AirPods

Lily Katz 13 hours ago 106 shares

I’m tired of giving up battery life for a reasonably sized phone

Jimmy Westenberg May 25, 2019 723 shares

Honor 20 Pro review: Everyday luxury

Bogdan Petrovan May 21, 2019 452 shares

Xiaomi Redmi K20: All the rumors in one place (Update: Headphone jack)

C. Scott Brown May 24, 2019 189 shares
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Storeshock lets you enjoy $50k of WordPress themes & plugins for just $29

Effortlessly design the perfect website with a wide range of easy-to-use WordPress themes.
AA Picks13 minutes ago

With Huawei’s and Samsung’s current troubles, is the foldable phone trend cursed?

The launch of the Huawei Mate X is looking like it will be delayed, and that could single yet another blow against the foldable phone trend.
John Callaham3 hours ago187 shares


Play over 600 classic games with this retro gaming console for $44.99

This mini retro gaming console comes with over 600 pre-installed games to choose from.
AA Picks5 hours ago37 shares

This week in Android: Huawei’s never-ending woes

Trump's decision to blacklist Huawei played out in full force this week, sending shockwaves throughout the industry.
Nick Fernandez8 hours ago312 shares

Google Pixel 3a XL international giveaway!

This week, we're giving away a brand new Google Pixel 3a XL!
Team AA8 hours ago1772 shares

You can now buy refurbished, Google-free Android flagships

Users will also be able to mail their phones to the /e/ Foundation to get their phones flashed as well.
Hadlee Simons10 hours ago772 shares

Beats Powerbeats Pro review: Beat it, AirPods

All the convenience of the AirPods, but with a comfortable fit.
Lily Katz13 hours ago106 shares

Deal: Become a data guru with the Data Mastery Bundle for just $39

The Essential Data Mastery Bundle delivers over 36 hours of hands-on training to help launch your career.
AA Picks18 hours ago58 shares

How to change the default browser in Windows 10

Windows 10 ships with an integrated browser, but what if you don't want it as your default? We show you how to change the default browser in Windows 10.
Kevin Parrish21 hours ago231 shares

10 best soccer games and European football games for Android! (Updated 2019)

European football (or soccer) is one of the most popular sports in the world and it's played basically everywhere and that includes mobile devices. There aren't a ton of great ones, but ...
Joe Hindy23 hours ago114 shares
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