Get $400 off the Pixel 4 and a plan starting at $20/month!

Google Pixel 4a vs older Google phones: Should you upgrade?

Robert Triggs 9 hours ago

Samsung Galaxy Note 20: Is it okay to sell a $1,000 plastic phone?

Hadlee Simons August 8, 2020 1405 shares

The underpowered Galaxy Note 20 Exynos model risks splitting the series in two

Robert Triggs August 9, 2020 1003 shares

Motorola Edge review: Numbers don’t mean everything

Eric Zeman August 9, 2020 294 shares
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TikTok tracked Android user data despite Google privacy protections

The practice ended in November, but the news still comes at the worst possible time.
Jon Fingas15 seconds ago

Samsung’s adaptive refresh rate tech could be coming to a phone near you

Samsung's technology dips the refresh rate to as low as 10Hz, saving battery where possible.
Andy Walker3 hours ago


Qualcomm didn’t abuse chip patents to squeeze phone makers, appeals court rules

It was supposedly playing rough, but staying within the law.
Jon Fingas4 hours ago

Court rules the Fifth Amendment doesn’t always protect phone passcodes

Judges are still split on whether or not forced access is constitutional.
Jon Fingas6 hours ago

Xbox Series X debuts in November as Halo Infinite slips into 2021

Microsoft says the Halo team needs time to finish while avoiding excessive crunch time.
Jon Fingas6 hours ago

Google Phone app beta can be installed on most phones now. Here’s how to get it!

Don't bother trying to search for it on the Play Store, as it appears to be hidden from search, at least for now.
C. Scott Brown7 hours ago

In the US, 7 out of every 10 smartphones made in China

The pandemic sparked a shift to lower-cost devices, where China excels.
Jon Fingas8 hours ago

Google Pixel 4a vs older Google phones: Should you upgrade?

The Google Pixel 4a is an impressive mid-range phone, but is it a worthwhile upgrade for existing Pixel owners?
Robert Triggs9 hours ago

Speed Test G: OnePlus Nord vs Poco F2 Pro (What a difference €100 makes)

It's obvious which phone will win the round, but it's pretty crazy by how much.
C. Scott Brown10 hours ago75 shares

OnePlus 8 users can try Oxygen OS 11 with always-on display (Gallery)

You can also expect easier one-handed use and time-sensitive live wallpaper.
Jon Fingas10 hours ago
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