HTC U12 Plus hands-on: Literally more sensitive than ever

by Joshua Vergara 6 hours ago0 comments

OnePlus 6 review: the new Nexus

by Andrew Grush 2 days ago0 comments

HTC U12 Plus announced: Snapdragon 845, better Edge Sense, haptic buttons

by Andrew Grush 6 hours ago19 comments

HTC U12 Plus color comparison

by Tristan Rayner 5 hours ago0 comments
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True love comes as an eDiamond

eDiamonds are the worlds first cryptocurrency for love and commitment. eDiamonds can only be exchanged between two people. They're a great way to give your love little gifts digitally.
by Adam Doud13 seconds ago

Play as Bruce Campbell’s Ash Williams and others in Deploy and Destroy

Ash vs Evil Dead might have been canceled, but Bruce Campbell's Ash Williams lives on in the new shooter Deploy and Destroy.
by Nick Fernandez7 minutes ago

FreedomPop launches Unreal Mobile in response to potential T-Mobile/Sprint merger

Unreal Mobile is a new MVNO from the folks behind FreedomPop. But this is different from FreedomPop: it's a high-end, full-service MVNO.
by C. Scott Brown1 hour ago

Get the official HTC U12 Plus wallpapers here

Download all the official stock HTC U12 Plus wallpapers here.
by Oliver Cragg2 hours ago

Supposed Xiaomi Mi 8 appears in hands-on video with see-through rear

The device in the footage also lacks a visible fingerprint sensor, lending weight to the notion that it will have in-display fingerprint scanning tech.
by Scott Adam Gordon3 hours ago

US and China reportedly agree on ‘broad outline’ to lift ZTE sales ban (Updated)

Update: President Trump said ZTE may have to pay a $1.3 million fine, but some believe the president has taken a soft stance.
by Hadlee Simons3 hours ago

Sony blames falling Xperia sales on slow improvements, lack of innovation

Sony has revealed plans to target Europe and utilize its wider technological portfolio to right the ship.
by Hadlee Simons4 hours ago

The most popular US mobile payment app might surprise you

Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay lag behind an unlikely leader in total U.S. users.
by Scott Adam Gordon4 hours ago

HTC U12 Plus color comparison: Ceramic black, flame red, and translucent blue

The new HTC U12 Plus colors include titanium black, flame red, and translucent blue. Check out our HTC U12 Plus color comparison before you pick out your favorite version.
by Tristan Rayner5 hours ago

LG could release LG V35 and four other devices in June

A recent report has given detailed information about LG's potentially very busy month.
by Duncan Elder5 hours ago
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