Lenovo Smart Display review: Much more than a Google Home

by Justin Duino 4 hours ago0 comments

Hands-on: Xiaomi’s Pocophone F1 takes aim at OnePlus 6

by Bogdan Petrovan August 14, 20180 comments

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 hands-on: A Fortnite away

by Nirave Gondhia August 9, 20180 comments
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Fortnite on Android first look – you might want to wait…

by Justin Duino August 9, 20180 comments
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Rumored app Google Coach could be your AI personal trainer and life coach

A rumored new app called Google Coach will be like a personal trainer, fitness coach, and nutritionist for you.
by C. Scott Brown14 minutes ago

T-Mobile partners with Live Nation to offer tickets to sold-out shows and more

T-Mobile's partnership with Live Nation will be great for concert goers.
by Justin Duino31 minutes ago

Motorola announces Android Pie update for these eight phones

These eight phones were expected to receive Android 9.0 Pie, but there are a few notable omissions from the list.
by Jimmy Westenberg42 minutes ago

T-Mobile launches free trials in Atlanta, Austin and Boston

Want to try T-Mobile's network with no risk? You can now with the T-Mobile free trial program, available in select cities.
by John Callaham58 minutes ago

T-Mobile will give year-long Pandora Plus service to all customers this month

By the end of August, T-Mobile customers will have a year of free music.
by C. Scott Brown1 hour ago

T-Mobile eliminates all hold menus and wait times on service calls

T-Mobile is going to radically change the way customer service calls work, and you're going to love it.
by C. Scott Brown2 hours ago

Weekly Plan Spotlight: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 BOGO or 50% off on Flex Lease

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is almost here, and the major carriers are vying for your business. Check out these great offers for new customers.
by Matt Horne2 hours ago

Samsung Galaxy S10 will not support 5G, “dedicated” 5G phone in the works (Updated)

Samsung's DJ Koh has suggested that the company could unveil its foldable phone earlier than rumors have previously suggested.
by Oliver Cragg3 hours ago

Learn how to master Raspberry Pi 3 for under $20

The fun and possibilities are virtually limitless with a Raspberry Pi 3. This week you can get all the training you need for just $19.
by AA Picks3 hours ago

Madden NFL Overdrive is the new Madden EA mobile game (Updated: Out now!)

The new version of Madden for Android - Madden NFL Overdrive - includes major graphics improvements and new features.
by John Callaham3 hours ago
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