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Google Clips review: the $249 smart camera that shoots for you

by Edgar Cervantes 2 days ago0 comments

Huawei P20 vs P20 Pro: Do you need the triple camera?

by Robert Triggs 2 days ago0 comments

Comments of the Week: Huawei, gaming phones, and Android P changes

by C. Scott Brown 2 days ago0 comments

Using Project Fi in China: Say goodbye to VPNs

by David Imel 4 days ago0 comments
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Sobro Smart Side Table will charge devices, cool drinks, play music, and more

With the onslaught of smart devices coming to the market, it was only a matter of time before side tables got some fancy features. The Sobro Smart Side Table seems to do it right.
by Edgar Cervantes1 hour ago

Must read: top 10 Android stories

This week we reviewed the Google Clips smart camera and received news that Google has big plans for fixing Android's messaging problem.
by Jimmy Westenberg4 hours ago

Huawei P20 Pro international giveaway!

This week we're giving away a Huawei P20 Pro! Enter this week's Sunday giveaway for a chance to win one.
by Jimmy Westenberg6 hours ago

7 ways to control your Android from a PC

This article shows you 7 ways to control your Android from a PC. You'll be able to share your mouse and keyboard, mirror the screen, send files and answer WhatsApp messages - all ...
by Adam Sinicki6 hours ago

Political scrutiny on Google continues to grow in Europe

The European Parliament just adopted a report which calls for the complete structural separation of Google’s general and specialized search services.
by Brian Reigh14 hours ago

Huawei’s upcoming AI assistant is a Black Mirror episode in real life

Huawei is reportedly preparing to launch an AI assistant with high emotional intelligence so that you can “get rid of your girlfriend.”
by Brian Reigh15 hours ago

We asked, you told us: Android P will be called…

Android P is coming fast but no one knows the name just yet. Popsicle? Peppermint? Pie? We put the vote to the people - here's what you said.
by Tristan Rayner1 day ago

UK Deals of the Week: £210 off Huawei Mate 10 Pro, Samsung Gear S3 for £249

Here's your weekly round-up of the best UK deals on Android phones, network plans, accessories, smart home tech, and more.
by Oliver Cragg1 day ago

AT&T launches its “5G” to more markets

Were you impressed by the announcement of AT&T's 5G Evolution rollout? Unfortunately, 5G Evolution has nothing to do with 5G.
by C. Scott Brown2 days ago

LG G7 ThinQ will reportedly feature a Google Assistant button

If true, the G7 ThinQ would be the first smartphone to feature a physical Google Assistant button.
by Williams Pelegrin2 days ago
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Huawei P20 Pro international giveaway!

6 hours ago
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