Driving requires focus and attention, which is why finding the right car phone holder is paramount. Phone interactions while driving must be simple and not distracting. You need something that will give you quick and safe access to your music, navigation, and hands-off communications. The Logitech Plus Trip promises a clean solution for your phone mounting needs. We’ve taken it on plenty of drives and are ready to give you our final verdict on it, so buckle up for our Logitech Plus Trip review.

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What you need to know about the Logitech Plus Trip

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Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • Logitech Plus Trip: $6.90

The Logitech Plus Trip is a small magnetic car vent mount. It’s used to keep smartphones in place for easy access and viewing. It’s currently priced at $6.90 on Amazon (at the time of writing), but you can also get it from other retailers for a similar price. It’s only available in one color configuration: gray with a metallic outline.

The package comes with the vent mount, as well as a couple of adhesive magnetic plates that attach to devices, smartphone cases, and more. It measures 1.38 x 1.25 x 1.25in and weighs 0.05lbs.

What’s good?

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There’s a lot to like about the Logitech Plus Trip. For starters, that price seems unreal. It will be really hard to beat, especially once you realize how much value the product brings to the table.

It all starts with the design, which is outstanding. This accessory is small and elegant. The gray and metallic accents blend into their surroundings, especially considering it’s tiny and its visible surface area only has a 1.25-inch diameter once mounted. It’s one of those car phone mounts you won’t mind leaving around even when not in use.

The Logitech Plus Trip design is outstanding!

Space isn’t something most cars have in abundance, so the fact that the Logitech Plus Trip optimizes its footprint by attached to a car vent is definitely a plus. Another great thing I like about car vent mounts is that they place your phone in direct contact with cool AC air, keeping smartphone temperatures low.

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Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Of course, there’s also the novelty of this being a magnetic car vent mount. That’s definitely a convenient feature to have when you want to be able to quickly jump in and out of your car. It gets tiring having to deal with mechanical car phone holders every time you get in your vehicle, and this product definitely solves that.

The magnet didn’t seem extremely powerful, but it was strong enough to hold the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and Google Pixel 3 XL I used to test it with (the latter even had a wallet case on). In fact, I was able to put one of the magnets inside a case and it worked through about 1-2mm of leather. Not once did my phones fall out or feel like they were slipping. It definitely had a secure hold on my devices, so you should be fine unless you’re trying to mount a tablet on it. The clip is also pretty tight and holds on to vent blades strongly. And the unit even comes with a cable slot on the back for easy plugging, which is a nice cherry on top.

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What’s not so good?

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There really isn’t much to complain about with the Logitech Plus Trip. My only negative comment isn’t so much about the product, but about vent mounts. I just feel like they can never quite keep a device steady. Vent blades have a tendency to fall downwards with the slightest amount of weight, and this is an experience I had with this product too.

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I also can’t be the only one who doesn’t like semi-permanently attaching things to phones. Sticking a magnetic plate to the back of a phone is a bit of a commitment, especially if it’s visible. Putting it on a case might be more bearable, but if you’re like me it’s something that will still bug you. Then there’s also the matter of having to get replacements when you upgrade to a new phone/case. At least the actual mount doesn’t stick to your car, which is a common practice with these ultra-small magnetic phone mounts.

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Finally, the magnet could interfere with your wireless charging system, which would be a huge issue. Make sure to place it strategically if wireless charging is an important feature to you.

Logitech Plus Trip review: Should I buy it?

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The only real downsides about the Logitech Plus Trip are having to deal with magnetic plates and possible wireless charging interference. If you can get past those two forks in the road, and don’t mind using a car vent mount, this will be an amazing travel companion.

It’s small, discrete, and looks good even if you happen to notice it. Build quality is great and nothing about it feels cheap. It works as intended and the magnet makes mounting (and unmounting) your phone a breeze. The magnet is strong enough to hold heavy phones. This is seriously the best car vent mount I’ve tried. And at that price? Give me two!

The Logitech Plus Trip is seriously the best car vent mount I've tried. And at that price? Give me two!

You should hurry and get a Logitech Plus Trip now if you’re into it, though. Multiple retailers are starting to run out of stock and the accessory is nowhere to be found on Logitech’s website. It might be nearing its discontinuation.

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Logitech Plus Trip
The Logitech Plus Trip is a small magnetic car holder that attaches to your air vents.