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The best OnePlus 7 Pro accessories you can add to your phone

Here are the best OnePlus 7 Pro accessories you can currently get to add to the latest flagship phone in the OnePlus family.
May 14, 2019
OnePlus 7 Pro back on white table

The OnePlus 7 Pro has launched, and it remains one of the best bargains in the smartphone industry. It has tons of high-end hardware, including a near bezel-free screen, the fastest mobile processor, lots of RAM and storage, great onboard cameras and much more for prices that remain much less than its competition with the same hardware levels.

Naturally, you would not want just to get the OnePlus 7 Pro by itself. You will also want to get some accessories to protect and extend the phone’s abilities. Here are the best OnePlus 7 Pro accessories you can currently buy.

Editor’s note: We will add more OnePlus 7 Pro accessories as they are launched.

OnePlus 7 Pro cases – Official protective cases

OnePlus 7 Pro official cases - Protective cases

You can already get a number of OnePlus 7 Pro cases to help protect the phone. That includes cases made by the company itself. One of them is the official OnePlus 7 Pro protective cases. They give owners of the phone a solid amount of protection without adding too much bulk to the phone. The Sandstone protective case is made of a hard PC material with a texture on the back to enhance the owner’s grip of the phone. The Karbon protective case is made of a lighter fiber material with higher shock absorbing and heat protection.

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OnePlus 7T Pro rear taking photo

You can get the Sandstone OnePlus 7 Pro protective case for $29.95 and the Karbon OnePlus 7 Pro protective case for $34.95.

OnePlus 7 Pro chargers – Warp Charge 30 charger

OnePlus 7 Pro accessories - Warp Charge 30

There are lots of power chargers that you can use to power up the 4,000mAh battery on the OnePlus 7 Pro, but the company also sells its special Warp Charge 30 charger made just for the phone in case you need extras. It powers up the phone up to 50 percent of its capacity in just 20 minutes. It can also be used to charge up other devices, although not at the Warp Charge speeds.

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You can get it from OnePlus for $29.95.

OnePlus 7 Pro car chargers – Warp Charge 30 car charger

OnePlua 7 Pro accessories Warp Charge 30 car charger

You will likely take your new OnePlus 7 Pro on the road, and you can charge up the phone as fast as possible with the company’s own Warp Charge 30 car charger. Again, this will charge the phone up to 50 percent in just 20 minutes.

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You can get the Warp Charge 30 car charger from OnePlus for $49.99.

OnePlus 7 Pro external power bank – Aukey 10,000mAh power bank

OnePlus 7 Pro accessories - Aukey power bank

Sometimes a power socket is not available, but your OnePlus 7 Pro’s battery may be close to its lowest charge. You will need an external power bank, and one of the best comes from Aukey. It has a 10,000mAh capacity and includes a USB-C port so you can charge the OnePlus 7 Pro at least twice on one single charge from this power bank. It only takes 4 hours for this power bank to reach its full capacity.

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You can get the Aukey 10,000 power bank as a OnePlus 7 Pro accessory for $29.99 on Amazon.

OnePlus 7 Pro car holder – Beam phone car mount

Best phone car holders - Beam

If you are driving your car with your new OnePlus 7, you may want to use it while you are driving to navigate or to take hands-free calls. You will need a car mount for the phone and one of the best comes from Beam. Once you assemble the mount and place it on your car’s air vent, just press a button on the back to expand the mount’s sides. Close the mount after you place your smartphone inside the frame, and it should work even with a lot of bumps and impacts on the road. It can also rotate 360 degrees with its pivot design.

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You can get the Beam phone care mount on Amazon for $14.99.

OnePlus 7 Pro wireless earbuds – OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2

OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2: Full image of the earbuds and neckband with the cable curling up and around on a black table.

The OnePlus 7 Pro does not have a headphone jack, but the company does sell some excellent wireless earbuds. The OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 earbuds include features like aptX HD support, magnetic housings when the earbuds are not in use and battery life that lasts up to 14 hours on a single charge.

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You can get the OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 earbuds for the OnePlus 7 Pro directly from the company for $99.

OnePlus 7 Pro wireless headphones – Focal Listen Wireless

Best Bluetooth headphones: Focal Listen Wireless folded up in a shrub.
The headband effectively distributes weight across the head, minimizing fatigue.

If you want the best wireless Bluetooth headphones for your OnePlus 7 Pro, check out the Focal Listen Wireless. It also has aptX support, along with passive isolation support to keep out background noise and a 20 hour battery life.

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You can get the Focal Listen Wireless headphones for your OnePlus 7 Pro on Amazon for $281.