Best LG V30 accessories

The LG V30 has a lot of great features, including a large 6-inch screen with a POLED display, and impressive audio and camera technology. But you may want to extend those features further some of the accessories offered for the latest LG flagship phone.

LG has a number of great headphones that are perfect for V30 owners, and there are even more accessories that will help owners when using their phone for work, or even in the car. Without further ado, let’s jump in and take a look at the best LG V30 accessories you can currently buy.

KiDiGi Desktop USB-C Charger

The LG V30, like most new smartphones these days, has a USB-C port for charging its battery. If you want to avoid plugging in the V30 with its normal charging wire, you might want to consider getting a desktop charger. This one from KiDiGi lets you place the LG V30, or any USB-C based phone, in a standing position, so you can continue to use the phone for work, or just to watch a video. One other nice thing about this accessory is that you can turn its base to raise or lower the actual connector, which should make it easier to use with phones even if they have thick cases. Amazon currently has it on sale for $27.95.

LG Tone Infinim HBS-920 Wireless Stereo Headset


LG, of course, makes a number of electronic devices and appliances. That includes its own line of headphones under the LG Tone brand. One of them is the LG Tone Infinim HBS-920 Wireless Stereo Headset. These Bluetooth wireless earbuds are held in place, in part, by the LG Tone’s unique wraparound neck holder, which allows users to keep the earphones from flying off during walks, runs, or other exercises. The earbuds themselves support Harman Kardon Signature Sound for solid audio quality, and you can even quickly turn the boost bass on or off. You can also use the LG Tone and Talk app on your V30 to control the earbuds, including a way to quickly listen to recent messages. You can purchase the G Tone Infinim HBS-920 Wireless Stereo Headset on Amazon for $89.99 in silver, $95.81 in rose gold or $97.91 in black


LG Tone Studio HBS-W120 Wearable Personal Speaker


Sometime you just don’t want to stick earbuds inside your ears to listen to your smartphone. The LG Tone Studio is the company’s solution to this problem. It lets users wear speakers around their neck, so they can have a full speaker experience, without the use of earbuds. The LG Tone Studio HBS-W120 model includes four speakers in the neck design that is supposed to offer V30, or any user, dimensional surround sound. It also has special vibration speakers for a more physical experience. Finally, it’s also the first DTS-tuned wearable wireless speaker for near cinema quality sound. Amazon has the LG Tone Studio HBS-W120 priced at $184.77.

LG Tone Platinum HBS-1100 Premium Wireless Stereo Headset

Like the LG Tone Infinim headsets, the LG Tone Platinum HBS-1100 are wireless Bluetooth earbuds that are contained inside a neck assembly that allows user to have a more comfortable experience. However, the Platinum headset includes some extra features, the biggest of which is support for Qualcomm’s aptX HD platform for 24-bit music support. The earbud holder itself also has an anodized brushed aluminum alloy trim for a sleeker look. Finally, it has dual MEMS microphones that combines clear voice calls with noise cancelling technology. You can get the LG Tone Platinum HBS-1100 on Amazon for $125.99 in black, $129.99 in gold, and $139 in silver.

LG Rolly Keyboard 2

The LG V30 has a big display, but sometimes you want to have a physical keyboard to use it for work, or even just to text chat for hours. In those kinds of situations, you might want to consider getting the LG Rolly Keyboard 2. This Bluetooth wireless keyboard can actually roll up its key rows for easy transport anywhere. The QWERTY keyboard allows for the docking of a smartphone such as the V30, along with larger tablets of up to 10 inches. This is perfect for the person who wants to use the V30 for business or travel. You can get the keyboard via Amazon for $107.23.

Other LG V30 accessories

So that’s it for our look at some of the best LG V30 accessories. Of course that’s really just scratching the surface of LG V30 accessories out there, and with the phone just starting to ship, we expect even more LG V30 accessories in the near future. In the meantime here are some other great general accessories that aren’t designed specifically with the V30 in mind, but will pair well:
We’ll be sure to update this list when new and appealing accessories become available.

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