Nexus 7

A retailer is already selling the new Nexus 7 for a cheaper price than what the tablet is supposed to cost, even though the device was only announced a few days ago.

Using a coupon code at checkout (see Source link below to access yours) you’ll be able to save $30 on either the 16GB or 32GB Nexus 7 (2013), which means the prices for these versions go down to $199 and $239 before tax is applied.

The deal, published by Slick Deals, actually applies to any tablet you want to purchase from the retailer, whether it’s Google’s new Nexus 7 or any other device – just yesterday we showed you a $99 Kindle Fire offer part of the promotion. However, this is the first sale for the new Nexus 7, and an unexpected one considering that only a few days ago Google hosted a special media event to unveil its first 2013 new tablet alongside a new Android OS version.

Nexus 7

As you can expect, plenty of Nexus 7 buyers will want to get it on this deal, so better hurry to get your order in before Staples’ Nexus 7 stock is finished. The offer is valid through July 28, but the promo is restricted to U.S. Staples stores, so don’t try it if you’re reading this from Canada (where Staples is also selling the device).

That said, let us know whether you managed to score a cheaper new Nexus 7 from the first week of unofficial sales – the device should have been launched on July 30.

[Update:] Apparently the 35852 coupon is for in-store orders, while the 41178 coupon is for online orders.

[Update 2:] The 35852 coupon will not work on Nexus 7 orders, as some of our readers have pointed out. Moreover, Staples has apparently run out of Nexus 7 (2013) stock.