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When it comes to creating your smart home, Google and Amazon are two of the most popular options. How you decide which ecosystem to pick is up to you, but you might as well save money while you do so. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and gathered some of the best Google Home and Google Nest deals available right now.

There are thousands of skills and apps to try and commands to deliver, but you have to decide which speaker is right first. We’ve included both Google Home and Google Nest options on the list to give you the most choices.

Best Google Home and Google Nest deals:

Google Home Mini deals

Google Home vs Amazon Echo

If you want the power of the Google Assistant but you want to be able to stash your speaker out of sight, the Google Home Mini is the best option. The Home Mini is only about the size of a hockey puck, but it packs all of the Assistant features of larger speakers. It comes in a variety of colors: Charcoal, Chalk, Campari, and Como Blue. You can easily match your speaker to your decor.

If you’re looking for two Home Minis to ensure there’s always one in command distance, you can save on a two-pack from Dailysteals using our exclusive promo code AAGMINI. It knocks another $7 off the already discounted price.

The Home Mini also makes for a good kid-friendly option with plenty of games you can play, and you can pick it up bundled with Frozen 2 from Walmart. Check out all three deals below.

Google Home Mini
$39 .00 Save $10 .00
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Google Home Mini Smart Speaker — Two-Pack
$52 .99 Save $46 .00 Use offer code: AAGMINI
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Google Home Mini and Frozen 2 Book
$39 .00 Save $10 .00
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Google Assistant smart lights

smart light starter pack

The best way to use a smart speaker is by integrating it with other smart devices around your home. For example, you can grab a few smart light bulbs and then control them with the sound of your voice. While this deal is focused on the lightbulb, you actually get a Google Home Mini to go with it.

This B&H Photo bundle was the top pick we found:

Smart Light Starter Kit with Google Home Mini
Start integrating your smart speakers with light bulbs and more. The Smart Light Starter Kit is an easy way to introduce yourself to unique voice commands, and now you can save money too.

Google Home Max deals

If you want the largest, most powerful speaker in the Google Home lineup, the Home Max is your best bet. It’s made for music and features two 4.5-inch woofers along with two tweeters for the high notes. You can also connect all of your Google Home speakers and play music throughout your house.

You can learn more about Google Home Max here:

Google Home Max
The Google Home Max is the largest and loudest speaker in the Home lineup. You can experience two woofers and two tweeters for a full range of sound.

Google Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub on a table

The Google Nest Hub features a seven-inch display which you can use to see calendar reminders or check the weather each day. You can also follow along with recipes on YouTube. The Nest Hub can even see who’s at the door with a Nest Video Doorbell or check on other rooms with a Nest Cam.

You can pick up your Nest Hub right here:

Google Nest Hub
If you want the Google Assistant experience with a touchscreen, the Nest Hub is a top pick. You can see the weather and follow recipes on the seven-inch screen.

Google Nest Hub Max deals

Google Nest Hub Max Photo Frame

If you like the design and functionality of the Google Nest Hub but you want a larger screen, the Nest Hub Max is your best bet. It has a bigger 10-inch HD screen and retains all of the convenient functions of the Nest Hub. You can keep an eye on your house with the built-in Nest Cam. Better yet, this bundle includes a Google Home Mini that you can pair with just your voice.

Google Nest Hub Max with Home Mini
Combine the power of Google Nest and Google Home with this handy bundle. Deliver voice commands and use the 10-inch HD screen for videos and reminders.

Google Nest Wi-Fi deals

Google Nest Wi Fi color options

If you’re planning to go all-in on a Google Nest setup, you may as well add Wi-Fi too, right? The second-generation Nest Wi-Fi router boasts 2,200 square feet of coverage, and it’s easy to link routers for even better signal. Each Nest router features two Ethernet ports to make connecting a breeze.

Google Nest Wi-Fi Router
Connect your home with a brand-new Nest Wi-Fi router. Each router covers 2,200 square feet and you can expand even further with Wi-Fi Points.

If you’re looking to cover a larger space, there are a few Nest Wi-Fi bundles you might find useful. Check below for the details:

  • Get a Nest Wi-Fi router and one Wi-Fi Point for $199. Covers 3,800 square feet.
  • Get a Nest Wi-Fi router and two Wi-Fi Points for $279. Covers 5,400 square feet.

Those are the best Google Home and Google Nest deals we can find right now. You can check out other smart accessories too, and we’ll do our best to keep this list updated.