How to set up a VPN on Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS…

This step-by-step guide shows you how to set up a VPN on 5 different platforms, so you'll be able to watch those Netflix shows that aren't available in your location. You're welcome!
by Mitja RutnikJuly 14, 2018

The second-largest mobile OS in India rhymes with iOS, but isn’t iOS

It is unlikely that KaiOS will be the top mobile OS in India, though it gained significant market share compared to this point last year.
by Williams PelegrinJuly 12, 2018

Netflix brings ‘Smart Downloads’ feature to Android before iOS

The new Netflix "Smart Downloads" feature will make offline TV watching a snap. Too bad iOS users have to wait for it this time.
by C. Scott BrownJuly 10, 2018

Google may acquire game studios to work on rumored streaming service

Google reportedly met with game developers at E3 2018 in Los Angeles to pitch their streaming service.
by John CallahamJune 29, 2018

The race to 100%: How screen-to-body ratios changed over the years

The 2007 BlackBerry Curve had a screen-to-body ratio of 30.1 percent. Oh how things have changed.
by John CallahamJune 25, 2018

iOS 12: 5 features we first spotted on Android

Bundled notifications and digital wellbeing are just two prominent features also seen on Android.
by Hadlee SimonsJune 5, 2018

Apple CarPlay finally opens up to Google Maps and Waze for iOS 12

We do not know what Google Maps and Waze will look like, though this will come as great news for those who do not like Apple Maps.
by Williams PelegrinJune 5, 2018

Hello Neighbor now in beta on Android and iOS (Updated)

Pixar-style stealth horror game Hello Neighbor mobile is now in beta. Get a sneak peak before the official July 27 release date.
by Nick FernandezMay 31, 2018

Google Maps gets ultra-cute cars instead of navigation arrow, but only on iOS

Google has updated its Maps iOS app with optional car icons to replace the typical navigation arrow.
by Scott Adam GordonMay 22, 2018

The iOS-only apps we wish would come to Android

Unlike in its infant stages, Android's app selection now rivals that of Apple's, but there are still some iOS apps not on Android that we wish were.
by A.J. HartlessMay 21, 2018

Dragon Ball Legends hits Android devices in the US ahead of iOS

Dragon Ball Legends, the latest game from the ever popular Dragon Ball franchise, has officially been released for Android users in the U.S..
by Nick FernandezMay 17, 2018
by Oliver CraggMay 11, 2018
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