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How To

How To

Here's how to open exe files on your Android phone

John Callaham November 23, 2020 38 shares
Android Development

An introduction to TensorFlow Lite development on Android

Adam Sinicki November 22, 2020 37 shares
How To

How to delete your Facebook account

Ankit Banerjee November 22, 2020 1107 shares
How To

From Final Fantasy to NBA Jam, here's how to play cool games on your Android TV

Adamya Sharma November 21, 2020 49 shares

How to look your best for webcam meetings

You can't be having webcam meetings in your pajamas! We've put together some tips for looking your best in webcam meetings.
Edgar CervantesNovember 21, 202061 shares

How to use the Chromebook Recovery Utility

Can't find a way to fix a Chromebook issue? You might want to try using the Chromebook Recovery Utility tool.
Edgar CervantesNovember 18, 2020

How to run Steam on Chromebook computers

While Chrome OS is not meant for gaming, it's possible to run Steam on Chromebook devices. Here's how to do it!
Edgar CervantesNovember 18, 20201 shares

How to use Whiteboard in Zoom Meetings

Trying to figure out how to use Whiteboard in Zoom? Let's show you how it's done!
Edgar CervantesNovember 17, 202082 shares

How to delete everything you’ve ever said to your digital assistants

The privacy conscious among you probably hate that digital assistants know so much about you. Let's delete that data!
Edgar CervantesNovember 17, 2020115 shares

Is PayPal safe? Everything you need to know, plus tips for staying safe

PayPal is one of the biggest online payment platforms out there, but is it really safe?
Nick FernandezNovember 16, 2020219 shares

Can you watch Disney Plus on Xbox? Here’s what you need to know.

All you need to know about watching Disney Plus on your Xbox console.
Adamya SharmaNovember 16, 202061 shares

HBO not working? Here’s how to fix HBO and HBO Max

Here is what you can do if HBO is not working, and also what you can do if HBO Max is not working as well on your device.
John CallahamNovember 16, 20201509 shares

How to share your location in Google Maps on Android and iOS

Here's how to share your location in Google Maps on both Android and iOS smartphones.
Jon FingasNovember 16, 2020

Can you use PayPal on Amazon? Shop safely on the world’s largest marketplace.

Amazon doesn't make it easy to use PayPal to buy products, but that doesn't mean it's impossible.
Nick FernandezNovember 16, 202091 shares
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