Google Play still has a clone problem in 2019 with no end in sight

One of Google Play's biggest problems is app and game cloning.
by Joe HindyJanuary 19, 2019

15 best antivirus apps and best anti-malware apps for Android!

Protecting your phone is always a top priority and in this list, we'll show you the 15 best antivirus apps for Android to help keep the malware away.
by Joe HindyJanuary 1, 2019

Cosiloon: Low-cost Android devices from Archos, ZTE hit by adware

The adware affects over 100 device models from the likes of Archos, Prestigio and ZTE.
by Hadlee SimonsMay 25, 2018

Benefits of rooting your Android phone or tablet

Are you considering rooting your device, but need a little push to help you make that decision? Here are some great reasons for rooting your smartphone.
by Team AAJanuary 7, 2018

How your flashlight or Solitaire app could be stealing your bank information

A new version of BankBot hidden inside flashlight and Solitaire apps has affected thousands of Chase, Citi, and WellsFargo users across the world.
by Brian ReighNovember 21, 2017

Honor 8 Pro review

On paper, the Honor 8 Pro checks all the boxes for a flagship smartphone in 2017, but is that really the case? Find out in our Honor 8 Pro review!
by Abhishek BaxiJuly 6, 2017

How to tell if someone is spying or tracking my Android phone

All our music, images and conversations live inside these nifty gadgets. It's rather convenient, but it also leaves the door open for intruders.
by Edgar CervantesMarch 23, 2016

Do you need Mobile Antivirus software?

With numerous reports of mobile-based malware, many wonder if mobile antivirus software is needed in order to combat these threats. We dive in to help answer this question.
by Team AADecember 16, 2015

Social apps are the worst for data, battery and performance hits, finds AVG

AVG has published its Q2 2015 report into the worst apps in the Android ecosystem for battery drain, data consumption and performance hits.
by Robert TriggsOctober 20, 2015

Avast! Mobile Security marking apps like Gmail and a multitude of others as malware

Are you using Avast! Mobile Security? The widely popular mobile security app has begun reporting apps like Gmail and PayPal as malware. An update is rolling out to fix the problem.
by Brad WardMarch 21, 2013

Avast Mobile Security update: The best just got better

If you are looking for a good Android security app then you simply cannot beat Avast Mobile Security. The latest update adds even more features and the app is still free.
by Simon HillAugust 21, 2012

Secure Your Android with Free Avast Mobile Security App

If you have been an Android user for several months, you already have an idea of how versatile the platform is. Considering that it has an open-source platform, it only means ...
by Christine TorralbaDecember 21, 2011
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