Best music recognition apps for Android

by: Ken EastJune 13, 2012

Do you like tuning in to the radio at night, in your car, or when you are doing your work? If you do, you might have experienced a time when you hear a really nice song but you end up becoming frustrated because you could not get the title or the name of the artist.

What’s even worse is that when you ask friends, their answer might be “I know how to sing the song but I don’t know the title.” These are really frustrating moments when you wish that the radio DJ had mentioned the song title.

You won’t have to worry about it anymore, because there are now Android apps to help you recognize a song through voice recognition. Check out our list of some of the best music recognition apps for Android.

SoundHound ∞

SoundHound ∞ is one of the most popular music recognition apps for Android, evident from the number of people that have already downloaded this app. It’s one of the fastest music recognition apps for Android, allowing you to identify music playing from a speaker in just four seconds. It can even identify a song when someone sings or hums it.

When you use this app, you get to enjoy lyrics, as well as song previews. And, if you think that you found a song worth sharing with your friends, you can share a song via Twitter or Facebook. What’s even better about this app is that it has a homescreen widget which allows you to enjoy music recognition without even launching the app.




Another app that instantly identifies a song for you is TrackID. This app is also fast in recognizing the music that you are listening to. Apart from its music recognition features, it also allows you to share the songs that you discover through Facebook by just “liking.” You also get to access artist biographies through the app, as well as watch music videos on YouTube. The app also has an intuitive and nice-looking interface, which is both very simple and sophisticated. This is a great app if you want a straight forward and fast music recognition app. Try this!




Just like the Marvel super hero named Shazam, this app is also superb. The free Android app Shazam offers unlimited music identification. Just hold your phone next to external speakers and the app identifies for you in an instant whatever song is playing. Once you already have results, the app allows you to preview that song for 30 seconds and directs you to where you can buy or download it for free. Lyrics streaming is also supported, letting you sing along with your newly discovered song.

You could also watch video content from YouTube such as concerts and music videos. The app itself is also like a social network; you can add friends, share music that you discover, or check out your friends’ music. Facebook and Twitter sharing is also supported, letting you share music and TV shows that you find. You can even buy concert tickets through this app.



Verizon iD

In Verizon iD you get another music recognition app that could identify that mystery song for you. It works the same as the other music recognition apps; just hold your phone to the speaker and let it analyze the song playing. In doing so, the app provides you with some other details of the song, including lyrics, artist bios, previews, and YouTube videos. You can immediately download music and get ringtones or ringback tones, too.

Verizon iD includes an image recognition feature, allowing you to identify images such as album covers. What’s also great is that you get to win amazing prizes such as concert tickets and gadgets when you ID a song or an image via the iD to Win section. The app can update you with your favorite artists and songs. Sharing your song and image iD is also possible via Twitter, Facebook, and your email. You can immediately identify a song or an image via the widget of the app on your homescreen.


If you talk about music recognition apps, the typical procedure is through letting your phone listen to a part of the song before it recognizes the song.  But, with Hound, it is different. When you use this app, you just have to say the band or the song title and you get instant results. Aside from finding the song for you, the app also provides you with the song lyrics, song videos, bios, and other songs from the same artist.

The app also keeps you apprised with the tour dates of the artist of your favorite songs, allowing you to book tickets in advance. And, you can share all of these with your friends via Facebook and Twitter. No more need for you to play a song against your phone to find it, just speak to it. It’s like a virtual assistant for music search, just for you.



Mobion Music Global

Mobion Music Global is a highly recommended app if you want an “all-in-one” music recognition app. The app has a music player allowing you to play your phone’s music content, a karaoke player for you to create or edit lyrics for your songs, and a video streaming feature where you can stream and manage your videos.

When you search for music, other details such as artist profiles and recommendations are provided by the app. It also has a correction feature; the app scans your music library and it corrects all titles and artist names automatically.

The Shake & Share feature of the app gives you a chance to a make new friends by searching for who else around you is using the app. You can test your music compatibility with a friend by allowing the app to see how many songs you have in common. It’s a fun and very functional app to use.




The SoundTracking app by SchematicLabs is not purely for music identification.  Instead, the app has music recognition ability among its other features.

Primarily an app for sharing sound tracks, SoundTracking can ID a song and instantly share it with your social network.  The Music ID function allows the app to identify a song that’s either playing currently on your Android phone or from external speakers.

Apart from that, the app lets you perform song searches according to artist or song title.  You can also attach photos or artist/album images to your songs.

SoundTracking is a great tool not just for music recognition but also for instant sharing of your “special music moments” to your friends.



musiXmatch Lyrics & Music

The musiXmatch Lyrics & Music app is another multi-feature music app that includes both lyrics identification and music recognition.  The app’s developer brags of having the “largest and most exhaustive official catalog of song lyrics” (about 6 million lyric sheets, spanning 20 languages) made available to users of musiXmatch.

Apart from those, the app has its own built-in player and can also be used to manage your music library, playlists, and Favorites.  It has instant song search ability in which you can find songs by title, artist, or song lines.



If you use any of the apps we’ve listed, you will never miss another song again because these apps can help you identify a song in an instant. No need to type and search for that beautiful song you heard on the radio. If someone asks you, “What’s that song?” just hold up your phone to the speaker and let it do its magic. Enjoy!

  • Mei

    Have not try others except Shazam and SoundHound. Both seems to work well.

    • Rohit Arya

      Which app allows you to instantly download(for free) an identified track. You mentioned shazaam does it, but does any of the other listed app have such service?

  • Look closely and you might ‘recognize’ a problem with your lead graphic:

    ‘Reconition Apps”

    • Gee — you’ve revised it, with no acknowledgment?

      Smooth. ;-)

    • Thank you for alerting us about the misspelling. We’ve replaced the image with the correct spelling.

  • I bought SoundHound for $0.10 during the 10-billion-app-sale, and I’ve only used it a few times. lol. but it does work for pretty much any song.

    However I wanted to mention, all you really need to do is remember a phrase of the lyrics, and google it. That’s all it takes.

    • Josh Clifford

      It also works well with songs that don’t have lyrics. And when you can’t understand the lyrics such as speed metal or most rap.

      • cRap

        Haha @ most rap :D

      • ah ok.. well I don’t listen to that. :P

  • Sound hound is probably the best out of this bunch, it even recognizes songs if you sing them to it.

  • *Just like the DC superhero named Captain Marvel that says Shazam
    Fixed that for you

  • Nouri

    does any of these recognize russian music?

    • Oliver Willandsen

      Shazam found 95% of the russian songs I’ve tried

  • What about electronic music like trance or dubstep?

  • Very nice collections for music app.. I also know the one of the best music app, I think it should be in list, see this