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Songify: Turning speech to music with a button tap

This app won't ask you to hit a specific note, because you don't have to
May 31, 2012

Is singing one of your frustrations in life? Do you want to sing but you were just not gifted with a golden voice? That’s not a problem at all because you can make your own song without even singing. With the help of an Android app called Songify, you can turn speech into a song. Just say those words out loud and let the app do the rest. Read on to learn more about Songify.

Advances in audio editing technology has really changed the musical playing field. Some famous musical celebrities reached their musical stardom not because they were excellent singers but because they used technology to their advantage, polishing every note that was out of tune. If you are familiar with auto-tune software, Songify is just another variation, but what’s unique about it is that you just have to talk and the app composes the notes.

Using Songify

The app has a very simple and user-friendly interface which you can easily understand at a glance. As you launch the app, you will be introduced to the large button decorated by a series of rings with a Play sign in the middle. When you tap this button, the app will start recording your voice.

Tap the button again when you are done and ready to turn your speech into music. Just choose the track or music preset of your choice to turn your voice recording into your own singing single.

If you are happy with the results, you can immediately save your Songified voice. If not, you can re-songify your recorded voice with the tune of another musical track.

If you think you already made a big hit, you can spread your music by sending it to your friends via email or sending the web link of your song via SMS. You can even set it as your own ringtone if you’d like to hear your voice every time someone calls you. All these you can do via the Email, SMS and Ringtone buttons found in the bottom of the home screen.

The app also has its own social network where you can share your music and also like the music created by other users.

All that matters is you choose a nice musical preset to match your lyrics. The app comes with several musical presets but if you want to Songify your voice to the tune of new songs, you still can but you have to buy the musical presets from the store accessible within the app itself. The outcome of your album, however, still depends on how creative you are.

As easy as that, you can create your own music album. Try using this app now and start making music. Who knows, you might even get famous.

How many music genres can you handle when you use Songify and can make music like these guys?