Huawei seems to be one of the few smartphone vendors actually making fat stacks of cash out of smartphones rather than having their mobile division propped up by other business units. While Huawei also makes plenty of its money from enterprise and network infrastructure globally, it is also enjoying solid growth in smartphone sales.

In its most recent financial report, issued today, Huawei reported H1 smartphone revenue is up 40% over the same period last year, despite a recent downturn. While the company didn’t provide a per-division breakdown of the figures, it reported audited sales revenue across its three core businesses of CNY245.5 billion (~$36.7 billion).

As Sabrina Meng, Huawei’s chief financial officer notes, “We are confident that Huawei will maintain its current momentum, and round out the full year in a positive financial position backed by sound ongoing operations.”

Speaking about the consumer business specifically, Huawei’s statement notes it has “maintained steady growth globally. Its flagship products, such as the P9, Mate 8, Honor V8, and Huawei MateBook, have all won significant support from consumers around the world. Huawei has become one of the most favored device brands in nearly 30 countries”.

With a great lineup of solid devices at every price point, diverse portfolio, high-performing other business units and a strict adherence to its “pipe strategy”, Huawei is on the up and up. Although the reception of the Huawei P9 might not have been as strong as the company would have liked, the upcoming Mate S2 and Mate 9 (expected at IFA 2016) will likely set the flagship record straight.

What do you think of Huawei? What is your favorite Huawei device?

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