Galaxy S20 BOGO up to $1,000 off!

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE hands-on: S20 for the masses?

David Imel September 25, 2020

Android 11 review: The devil is in the details

Joe Hindy September 23, 2020 1425 shares

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7/S7 Plus review: The only Android tablets to buy

Eric Zeman September 22, 2020 9 shares

Fitbit Sense review: A work in progress

Jimmy Westenberg September 22, 2020 15 shares
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OnePlus Watch: All the rumors and what we want to see

Here's what we know about the OnePlus Watch and everything we hope it would bring.
Adamya Sharma7 hours ago165 shares

We asked, you told us: Most of you want a budget OnePlus Nord in the US

There isn't a US OnePlus Nord phone yet, but when there is, most of you would be quite interested.
C. Scott Brown21 hours ago84 shares

The evolution of OnePlus software: From Cyanogen to Oxygen, and beyond

Oxygen OS 11 is shaping up to be a controversial take on Android, especially given OnePlus' stock-like history.
Robert TriggsSeptember 25, 2020

You don’t have to wait for Oxygen OS 11 to download OnePlus’ new Zen Mode app

The updated app features a new interface, multiple themes, and a new group feature.
Igor BonifacicSeptember 25, 2020223 shares

OnePlus confirms much faster Warp Charge coming to the 8T

Warp Charge 65 can recharge the 8T's battery to full in 39 minutes, according to OnePlus.
Igor BonifacicSeptember 24, 2020

Oxygen OS 11 Open Beta 2 lands on OnePlus 8, 8 Pro: Here’s what’s new

Update: Open Beta 2's Canvas feature adds nifty wireframe customizations to the ambient display.
Hadlee SimonsSeptember 24, 2020592 shares

Poll: Would you buy a sub-$400 OnePlus Nord in the US?

It could be the low-cost phone you're looking for, but there may also be catches.
Jon FingasSeptember 22, 2020

OnePlus confirms the 8T will have a 120Hz display

It will also be the company's first phone to use 2.5D flexible screen tech that reduces bezels.
Jon FingasSeptember 22, 20209 shares

OnePlus 8T specs, pricing leaked on Amazon Germany

It looks like the OnePlus 8T could undercut the OnePlus 8.
Hadlee SimonsSeptember 22, 2020

We asked, you told us: You’re really split about what the OnePlus 8T should be

Should the OnePlus 8T be a premium offering or a more affordable phone? Over 4,500 readers voted in this poll.
Hadlee SimonsSeptember 22, 2020
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