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Samsung Galaxy Fold hands-on: Amazing, and equally concerning

David Imel April 17, 2019 278 shares

Samsung Galaxy Fold issues: What’s happening, what can Samsung do about it?

Scott Adam Gordon April 18, 2019 168 shares

Oppo Reno hands-on: A shark-fin selfie shooter and 10x hybrid zoom

Lanh Nguyen April 17, 2019 139 shares

Huawei P30 Pro camera review: Next level optics, low-light king

David Imel April 17, 2019 638 shares
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Samsung Galaxy A70 hands-on: The A-series grows up

The Samsung Galaxy A70 packs a gigantic 6.7-inch display, huge battery, and a pretty reasonable price point.
Dhruv Bhutani8 hours ago254 shares

Deal: Get a Samsung Galaxy S9 for $275 if you switch to Cricket

Assuming you're not porting your number from AT&T, this deal is a no-brainer.
C. Scott Brown19 hours ago118 shares

The Samsung Galaxy Fold doesn’t need to beat the Huawei Mate X to market

Some early Galaxy Fold units have failed. It may be a sign that Samsung is moving too fast to launch its foldable phone before the Huawei Mate X.
John Callaham23 hours ago211 shares

Nice Lock app brings Samsung Good Lock features to phones in blocked regions

Don't live in an area where Good Lock is supported? Now you have an unofficial workaround.
C. Scott Brown24 hours ago171 shares

The Samsung Galaxy A40s and A60 have monster batteries

Both phones will be available in China, though Samsung didn't announce availability for other countries.
Williams PelegrinApril 18, 2019453 shares

You can now manually choose to activate night mode on Galaxy S10 cameras

It's strange this wasn't how it was from the beginning, but at least it's getting addressed.
C. Scott BrownApril 18, 2019488 shares

Samsung Galaxy Fold issues: What’s happening, what can Samsung do about it?

Several reviewers have encountered display issues with early Samsung Galaxy Fold units. Is it doomed? Here are our thoughts.
Scott Adam GordonApril 18, 2019168 shares

Galaxy S10 sales numbers may cheer up Samsung after early Fold faults

It looks like Samsung's decision to introduce the Galaxy S10e is making a difference to early sales.
Hadlee SimonsApril 18, 2019318 shares

Samsung Galaxy Fold hands-on: Amazing, and equally concerning (Update: Video!)

The Samsung Galaxy Fold represents a new era of form factors for mobile devices, but early issues are making the galaxy seem a bit dim.
David ImelApril 17, 2019278 shares

Samsung Galaxy Fold display already breaking for reviewers

You might want to read this before pulling the trigger on the Samsung Galaxy Fold.
C. Scott BrownApril 17, 20191867 shares
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