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How to factory reset your Ring doorbell

Make sure to unlink your doorbell from the Ring app if you're not aiming to keep it.

Published onFebruary 27, 2023

Ring‘s video doorbells are pretty popular, not the least because they have a behemoth like Amazon behind them. If you’re troubleshooting, selling your house, or otherwise giving your doorbell away however, it’s vital to know the reset process for your specific model.


To reset most recent Ring models, like the Video Doorbell 4 or the Video Doorbell Wired, undo the security screw then remove the faceplate. Find the setup button, then press and hold it for 10 seconds. You'll also need to remove the device from the Ring app by tapping its gear icon, then Device Settings > General Settings > Remove this Device.


How to factory reset your Ring doorbell

Most models

Ring Video Doorbell 4
  • Undo the anti-theft security screw, then take off the faceplate.
  • Locate the setup button. On the Video Doorbell 4 and Video Doorbell 3/3 Plus, it’s on the top right, just under the camera and usually marked with an orange dot. On an Elite it’s above the camera, while Wired and Pro models have the button on the right side.
  • Press and hold the button for 10 seconds. The doorbell will eventually enter setup mode.

Ring Video Doorbell (1st gen/2nd gen), Video Doorbell 2

  • For the 1st and 2nd gen, undo security screws and remove the doorbell from its bracket. On the Video Doorbell 2, undo the security screw and remove the faceplate.
  • Locate the setup button. On the 1st gen and 2nd gen, this is an orange button on the back. With the Video Doorbell 2, it’s just below the camera on the top right, and marked with an orange dot.
  • Press and hold the button for 10 seconds. The 1st gen and Video Doorbell 2 will start flashing a light for several minutes — only after this is finished is the reset complete. With the 2nd gen, it’s just a matter of waiting for setup mode.

If you’re only troubleshooting, you may be able to reconnect a doorbell to Wi-Fi after a reset by using the Ring app. If you’re planning to sell a doorbell or give it away, follow the steps below.

Looking to sell your Ring doorbell? Here’s how to disconnect it from your account

  • Open the Ring app. On the homescreen, tap the gear icon for your doorbell. Alternately, tap the Menu (triple-line) button, followed by Devices, then the doorbell you want to disconnect.
  • Tap Device Settings, then General Settings.
  • Select Remove this Device.

This process is absolutely essential, since if you skip it, the doorbell will stay linked to your account — blocking the new owner from setting it up at all. In fact, if they try to claim ownership, it’ll  generate an email prompting you to transfer control.

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