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CES 2022: What can we expect from the largest tech convention?

CES 2022 is right around the corner! Join the conversation as we get ready for Las Vegas.
November 21, 2021

CES 2022 is almost upon us, and we’ll be able to get the whole experience this time. No longer will we be limited to an only-virtual show, but there will still be online events too, so those who would rather stay home won’t miss out on everything. Regardless, following all health procedures, we’ll be able to get hands-on action with all the latest smartphones, tablets, and new technologies. Of course, this means better content for all of you.

Now the worst is behind us and we can bring top-tier content to you, it’s time to analyze how this upcoming show will be like. What can we expect? What are the hottest tech products and services in line? This hub will cover it all.

CES 2022: Important information

  • What is CES? CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show. It’s the largest tech convention in the world. It hosted over 170,000 attendees in 2020, over 4,400 exhibitors, and over 6,500 members of the media.
  • When is CES 2022? CES 2022 officially takes place from Wednesday, January 5, through Saturday, January 8, 2022.
  • Where is CES 2022 being held? CES 2022 will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, primarily at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Separate events, keynotes, and product unveilings happen at various locations around Las Vegas.
  • Is CES 2022 open to the public? CES’ physical show floor and events are not open to the public. This convention is exclusive to people affiliated with the consumer tech industry. Starting this year, CES attendees will also need to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination.

What can we expect to see at CES 2022?

We’re back in action, and so are all the big companies that make our modern lives possible. CES is usually where tech companies kickstart the year, with some of their hottest products and roadmaps, so you can bet there will be plenty to be excited about. Let’s take a look at some of the products we’re looking most forward to.

Note: CES 2022 is still some way ahead, so we don’t have too many details on specific upcoming announcements. This will change as we get closer to the event, and we’ll continue to update this post. 


Samsung logo Galaxy S20 4

Samsung doesn’t commonly showcase its flagship devices at CES. Instead, they usually showcase them at MWC, which this time will start on February 28th. With that said, Samsung announced its Galaxy S21 series during CES in 2021, albeit in its own event. We might see that happening again.

Even if Samsung doesn’t end up bringing its latest flagships to CES 2022, that doesn’t mean they won’t be part of the show. Many anticipate the tech giant will announce the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S21 FE, a more affordable addition to the series. It’s also speculated we might see some mid-tier handsets hit the show floor. These might include new A-series handsets.

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Samsung might make a bigger deal about TV technology, as is usually the case at their CES appearances. We might see them showcasing their new QD-OLED televisions, for example.


Sony Xperia 1 II review 1 year logo 1
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Sony isn’t a substantial mobile player at CES either. We don’t expect them to release any new phones. Instead, they might follow their usual equation of releasing new TVs (which usually come with Google TV), sound systems, headphones, and PlayStation-related things.

The company is also becoming a massive player in the professional camera and content creation industry. They’ll likely continue to boast all those accomplishments. We doubt there will be much to see in terms of camera announcements, though.


TCL 20 Pro 5G on table behind window - CES 2022
Luke Pollack / Android Authority

Mostly known for its TVs, TCL is also a player in the smartphone world. In fact, they announced the TCL 20 5G and TCL 20 SE at CES last year. Maybe we’ll see some of the TCL 30 series launching at CES 2022?

Aside from that, the company is sure to make some introductions in the TV and home audio space, which is what they’re all about. Last year they showcased their OD Zero Mini-LED technology, which minimizes the distance between the backlight and the LCD layer. They’ll likely continue to innovate with their 6-series line-up, which comes with Google TV, so you might be interested in them.


Motorola Edge using in hand 2

We haven’t heard much about Motorola’s upcoming CES 2022 announcements yet, but there’s one phone on the horizon that might make it to the show. Rumors of a Moto Edge X coming late in 2021 or early 2022 have been brewing for some time. Will we see it at CES in January? Maybe.

This is no slouch, either. It’s expected to be Motorola’s flagship device, and it might be the first to come with a Snapdragon 898.


LG V60 logo and camera macro 2 - CES 2022

LG may be out of the smartphone market, but the company is far from dead. Their presence is always strong at CES, and we’re likely to see them thriving in 2022. In fact, they’ve recently been bombarded with 24 CES Innovation Award titles.

We’re likely to see their newest TV, home audio, appliances, and smart home technology on the show floor.


intel stock logo 1 - CES 2022
Andy Walker / Android Authority

NVIDIA and AMD won’t be the only leading GPU players in the industry for long. Intel has been working on its GPUs, and rumors say they might be announced at CES 2022. Furthermore, a recent roadmap from the company states the Xe-HPG architecture (named Alchemist) should be hitting the shelves in Q1 2022. In addition, we might see some news about their Alder Lake CPUs.

What else to look out for?

  • Audio: We’ll likely see plenty of headphones, speakers, and other audio equipment coming from brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, Klipsch, JBL, House of Marley, Audio Technica, etc. Catch more audio content at our partner site,
  • Foldables and rollables: While we don’t know anything about specific devices, flexible displays are a hot topic, and they have been for a few years now. It has also become a popular feature since the introduction of multiple foldable devices.
  • NFTs: This is the first time a cryptocurrency and blockchain topic has received major attention at CES. The 2021 crypto craze is all the hype, and it seems to be reaching Las Vegas at CES 2022. CTA mentions NFTs as a primary subject on the CES main page.
  • Automotive: Cars and mobility are always a hot topic at CES conventions. Keep an eye open for announcements if you’re into new vehicle technologies, such as electric cars, self-driving tech, and more. Big players usually include BMW, GM, and others.
  • PC and laptops: There will be a lot of PC news at CES 2022, as always. Likely from all brands, including Razer, MSI, Asus, and others.
  • Smart Home: While it doesn’t usually catch much attention, the smart home market is essential and very present at CES. Significant brands like LG and Samsung usually announce their smart appliances at CES. You might also hear from key players like Arlo, Honeywell, and more.
  • Wearables: There’s no lack of wearables presented at CES shows, and 2022 will likely not be an exception. Expect significant brands to be at least present. Look out for Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung, Misfit, and more.

As previously mentioned, CES is the biggest tech convention in the world, so we expect to see plenty of more exciting news as we get closer to the January event. We’ll continue to update this list with the hottest upcoming announcements until then, so stay tuned and keep this page handy!