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The best smart door locks to keep you safe

Make your front door a little bit smarter and a lot more secure.
December 30, 2021
August smart lock side profile

There are plenty of smart home security brands out there, for the obvious reason that safety sells. Cameras, sensors, and video doorbells are only part of the equation, though. If you’re looking to really round out smart security, a good lock is the next step. Here are our picks for the best smart door locks you can buy.

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Locks come in a range of different styles, and vary in their platform compatibility as well — anything you buy should match both your door and platform(s) of choice. What that said, let’s get into it.

Best smart door locks:

Editor’s note: We’ll be sure to update our list of the best smart door locks as we test new options.

August Wi-Fi smart lock

August Smart Lock 4th gen

The August Wi-Fi smart lock is a fourth-generation product, 45% smaller than its predecessor and no longer dependent on an external module to bridge with your Wi-Fi network. Using the August app you can control your front door from anywhere, set it to unlock as you approach, and grant access to family and friends. It also supports every major smart home platform for control and automation, including Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and even Samsung SmartThings.

Schlage Sense

smart lock schlage sense

The Schlage Sense offers slightly more traditional design and color options if the ultra-modern look of the August isn’t appealing. It also adds keypad entry, which can be handy when allowing guest access or if you’d rather not pull out a phone or key. Platform support includes Alexa and HomeKit, though you’ll need Schlage’s Wi-Fi adapter to make those work.

Nest x Yale

smart lock nest x yale
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Another keypad lock, this one is a collaboration between Google’s Nest brand and long-time lock maker Yale, so it’s closely integrated (if you like) with other Nest products like the Secure or Doorbell. You can control the lock from anywhere using the Nest app or Google Assistant, and set custom codes for guests. If you’re leaving with full hands, you can use the One Tap to Lock feature for a quick and easy getaway. If there’s a serious negative it’s that there’s no key slot — if you let the Nest x Yale’s AA batteries die, you’ll need to find a 9V battery to make the lock let you in. Thankfully, the Nest app will warn you well before your AAs are depleted.

Lockly Secure Pro

smart lock lockly secure pro

The Secure Pro once again drops a key slot, but offers both a keypad and a fingerprint reader as manual entry options — in fact, it randomly shuffles the locations of numbers on the keypad, making it harder for intruders to guess entry codes. “Smart” access and automation is managed via the Lockly app, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

Kwikset Premis smart door lock

smart lock kwikset premis

The Kwikset Premis is unusual in working exclusively with the Apple/HomeKit ecosystem — there isn’t even an Android app, so our readers will probably be buying it for someone else rather than themselves. If you are an Apple fan, though, you can control it from devices like iPhones, HomePods, or Apple TVs. Guests and family members can always get in with a key or an assigned code.

Wyze Lock

smart lock wyze lock

The Wyze Lock is a relatively straightforward product, but that’s part of the appeal of the Wyze brand, since you’re not paying huge sums for unnecessary style or features. It’s compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, and though it’s dependent on an included Wi-Fi bridge, it does use an internal gyroscope to tell whether a door is open or closed. You can bundle the Lock with a wireless keypad, doorbell, and/or security camera for very little extra.

Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro

smart lock ultraloq u bolt

The last lock on our list is perhaps the most futuristic option. The U-Bolt Pro boasts a “six-in-one” unlock system, thanks to its keypad, fingerprint reader, smartphone integration, Shake to Open feature, auto-unlock, and manual key backup. That might be exaggerating things — some of those features overlap —  but the lock also works with Alexa and Google Assistant, so Ultraloq really does have you covered. Just be sure to buy the bundle with the Wi-Fi bridge, since that’s essential not just for Alexa and Assistant but remote access in general.