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CES 2023: The best from the world's largest tech show

Here's everything we know so far about the upcoming event.
January 10, 2022

We’re done covering CES! The Consumer Electronics Show was still affected by the pandemic last year. This time around, we experienced a much more standard convention, packed with great tech, exciting announcements, and plenty of hands-on time with the latest and greatest gadgets. Are you trying to find the hottest CES announcements and coverage? We’re here to tell you all about them.

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CES 2023: Important information

  • What is CES? CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show. It’s the largest yearly tech convention in the world. It hosted over 170,000 attendees in 2020, over 4,400 exhibitors, and over 6,500 members of the media.
  • When is CES 2023? CES 2023 took place from Thursday, January 5, through Sunday, January 8, 2023.
  • Where is CES 2023? CES 2023 took place in Las Vegas, Nevada, primarily at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Separate CES announcements, keynotes, and product unveilings happen at various locations around Las Vegas.
  • Is CES 2023 open to the public? CES’ physical show floor and events are not available to the public. This convention is exclusive to people affiliated with the consumer tech industry. Last year, CES attendees also needed to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Rules seem to be more relaxed now, as the official website only states “CES encourages all attendees” to get the vaccine and booster shots. Only international travelers are requested proof.


Samsung Galaxy A14 5G in Silver with Greenery Background
C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

Samsung never really announces its important mobile devices during CES, as it usually waits a bit to launch these closer to MWC. That said, the giant is never absent from any main tech event, and it has a strong presence at CES 2023. For starters, there was a mobile-focused announcement, which was the budget Samsung Galaxy A14.

Samsung made plenty of other announcements before the show floor even opened its doors. The company released a newer version of its Freestyle projector, the impressively thin OLED S95C 4K TV, a new Premier 8K high-end projector, Bespoke appliances, and more.

Gamers also got to see the impressive Samsung Odyssey Neo G9, a huge 57-inch gaming monitor with a curved screen, a 32:9 aspect ratio, and UHD resolution.

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Sony Playstation VR2 4 People Testing VR
Ryan McLeod / Android Authority

Sony is another company that usually has a massive booth at CES, but it doesn’t often announce much new stuff at this event. There was still a strong presence at CES 2023, though.

Likely the most important announcement this time around is the Sony PSVR 2, which we covered in a hands-on post. Some of you may also be excited about Afeela, the new EV coming from Sony Honda Mobility.


LG logo white IFA 2022
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

LG has exited the mobile phone market, but the company is always present and has plenty of other consumer electronics to show off. We’ve seen plenty of very interesting televisions on the show floor. That is, after all, one of the company’s strongest departments. Of course, LG’s booth should have plenty of other appliances, entertainment, and general electronics.

Some of the most exciting televisions coming from LG include the LG M3, which is a 97-inch wireless 4K OLED TV. There is also a 136-inch micro-LED TV that costs $250,000.

Other announcements include the LG CineBeam 4K Projector, the LG Gram Ultraslim notebook, the LG UltraGear OLED Flex, and an UltraGear OLED monitor with a 240Hz display. These come in 27 and 45-inch options. The larger is a curved OLED screen with an 800r radius.

Additionally, the company has announced its latest LG Gram Ultraslim. As the name suggests, this is a super thin computer. In fact, the company claims it’s its “thinnest laptop ever.” It’s only 10.99mm thick when closed. Additionally, LG launched the LG Gram Style in 14-inch and 16-inch versions.


ASUS Chromebook Vibe CX34 Flip gaming Chromebook at CES 2023 12
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

ASUS usually highlights its gaming devices during CES shows, and this time around isn’t the exception. There are plenty of gaming laptops, tablets, monitors, peripherals, and other components.

Among them are the ASUS ROG Hyperion GR701 PC case, new 4070 Ti GPUs, gaming motherboards, and a plethora of other laptops and accessories. These include the ZenBook 14X, ASUS Chromebook Vibe CX34 Flip, and gaming laptops like the ROG Strix Scar 18 and Zephyrus M16.

There’s also a new Xbox controller with an integrated OLED display and tri-mode connectivity.


As we were expecting, AMD was all about announcing its new 7000 series chipsets at CES. More specifically, they came out with the Ryzen 7040 series, which will be available on laptops as soon as March 2023.

The new chip comes complete with integrated AI capabilities, as well as improvements that will make it possible to outperform an Apple M1 and deliver up to 3it’surs of battery life.


Intel logo on sign
Kris Carlon / Android Authority

Intel also unveiled a laptop CPU, which is mighty powerful. The chip manufacturer launched the Intel Core i9-13980HX chipset, the first 24-core laptop CPU. Speeds are clocked at 5.6GHz, so it’s a performer!

Intel also announced the rest of its 13th-gen processors, which range from the i9 all the way down to the i5.


NVIDIA logo stock CES 2023 4
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

We were not expecting much out of NVIDIA at CES, but some cool news did make it to the press. For starters, NVIDIA announced its new 40 series laptop GPUs, which we’ve tested and do wonders for mobile gaming. It also announced the desktop 4070 Ti.

If you care about cloud gaming, NVIDIA also announced 4080 integration into GeForce Now, its cloud gaming platform. This will mean improved performance and a better overall experience.


Dell Alienware m15 2019 - lid

We knew Alienware was going to launch “something big,” as it mentioned in an early December tweet. The short video displays the number 18, which led everyone to believe a larger 18-inch laptop was coming. And everyone was right!

Alienware announced its new M18 laptop, with an oversized 18-inch screen, powerful specs, improved cooling, and a starting $2,899 price point. Additionally, the gaming giant launched the X16, and a newer version of the X14.


Razer Blade 16 from CES 2023 2
Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Of course, Razer couldn’t stay behind. The gaming brand had plenty to announce at CES 2023. Our favorite highlights include the Razer Blade 18, a large, overpowered laptop for the most demanding users. There’s also a very capable Razer Blade 16.

If you prefer to be more mobile, you’ll be happy to know the company unveiled its Razer Edge and Razer Edge 5G Android portable consoles. Those looking for a serious webcam should also look into the Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra, which can support 4K streaming and video calling. It also sports a large 1/1.2″inch sensor, the biggest we’ve ever seen in a webcam.

What else to look out for?

  • Audio: There are plenty of headphones, speakers, and other audio equipment coming from brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, Klipsch, JBL, House of House of Marley, Audio Technica, etc. Catch more audio content at our partner site, SoundGuys, and read about the most significant upcoming announcements.
  • NFTs: Crypto and blockchain are hot topics, and web3 is a main subject at the event. NFTs are likely to continue being of interest in the coming years.
  • Automotive: Cars and mobility are always hot topics at CES conventions. Keep an eye open for announcements if you’re into new vehicle technologies, such as electric cars, self-driving tech, and more. Big players usually include BMW, GM, Qualcomm, and others.
  • PC and laptops: There was a lot of PC news at CES 2022, and CES 2023 will more than likely continue the trend. Look out for key players like AcerDellAlienware, Lenovo, RazerMSI, Asus, NVIDIA, LG, HP, Intel, and AMD.
  • Smart Home: While it doesn’t usually catch much attention, the smart home market is essential and very present at CES. Notable brands such as LG and Samsung usually announce their intelligent appliances at CES. We’ll also hear from other key players like Arlo, GEGoogle, Honeywell, Sengled, Eufy, RoborockRazerRing, and more.
  • Wearables: There’s no lack of wearables presented at CES shows, and 2023 likely won’t be the exception.
  • TV: Of course, TVs are always a hot topic at any tech show, including CES. Look out for Sony, Samsung, LG, TCL, HisensePanasonic, and more. Check out our post on the best TV and monitor announcements for more details.

Our best CES content

CES always impresses us with some of the latest and most innovative technology around. There is some crazy stuff here! This year was no exception, and we have plenty of evidence in the form of hands-on posts, videos of our experiences, interviews, shorts, and more. Here are some of the hottest posts we came up with during this trip to Vegas.

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