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Oppo Find X4 Pro: 5 things we want to see from the 2022 flagship

From improved long-range zoom to wider availability, here's what we hope Oppo can deliver.
November 7, 2021
Oppo Find X3 Pro back standing
Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

Oppo’s Find X series has established itself among the top premium flagship models globally, joining the likes of the Apple iPhone range and Samsung’s Galaxy flagships. 2021’s Find X3 Pro certainly continued in the same vein, offering a high-end experience of note.

It wasn’t perfect though, as we discovered in our original review, second opinion, and six-month re-review. So here’s what we want to see from an Oppo Find X4 Pro when it eventually gets released.

Improved microlens camera

Oppo Find X3 Pro camera up close
Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Oppo saw fit to offer a 3MP “microlens” camera on the Find X3 Pro, and it’s definitely one of the cooler auxiliary cameras we’ve seen to date. This lets you go much closer than a macro camera, showing details that are invisible to the naked eye.

IIf Oppo plans to bring back the microlens on the Find X4 Pro here's hoping we get a higher resolution camera.

There are major downsides to the camera though, with the first being the finicky focusing. We can understand the sketchy focusing given the fact that this is more like a microscope than anything else, but autofocus of some kind would be cool.

A much bigger issue in our book is the low resolution at 3MP. This camera simply isn’t detailed enough to use these photos as wallpapers, which is where they’d truly shine. So here’s hoping Oppo offers a 5MP+ microscope camera if it indeed plans to bring back the microlens on the Find X4 Pro.

Wider availability

Oppo Find X3 Pro front in hand
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

One of the biggest issues with the Find X3 Pro wasn’t actually related to the device itself. Instead, we were disappointed with the limited availability of the device. The phone was released in the likes of Australia, China, the UK, and the rest of Europe, but markets like India, North America, Latin America, and most of Africa completely missed out.

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It’s unclear whether this was a strategic decision or related to the chip shortage, but we hope the company expands its footprint with the Find X4 Pro. After all, one of the ways to challenge the likes of Apple and Samsung is to simply have the same level of availability. With Oppo’s BBK stablemate OnePlus finding success in the US, in particular, it’d be great to see Oppo follow in its footsteps.

A long-range zoom camera

Oppo Find X3 Pro camera app
Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

One downgrade for the Find X3 Pro compared to its predecessor was the long-range zoom, as the 2021 flagship offered a 13MP 2x telephoto camera compared to the 13MP 5x periscope lens onboard the Find X2 Pro.

While this does mean native short-range zoom gets an upgrade, it was evident that long-range zoom suffered in a big way as a result of this decision. We hope Oppo brings a periscope camera to the Find X4 Pro, be it by swapping out the 2x camera or, better yet, as a companion to the short-range lens.

Play nicely with other fast chargers

Oppo Find X3 Pro ports
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Many of today’s flagship phones offer fast charging, with some pushing well beyond 30W. These allow you to fully top up your device in an hour or less. We usually see brands use proprietary fast-charging solutions, or tech based on Qualcomm’s Quick Charge and the open USB Power Delivery standard. We’ve also seen many phones offer support for both proprietary and universal standards to cover all bases.

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A big downside to the Find X3 Pro is that it only fast charges via Oppo’s proprietary solution, with charging plummeting to as low as 10W in some cases when you use third-party chargers.

This is a real disappointment and pretty bad for the environment too, as it means you might have to buy a brand-new proprietary charger to get anywhere close to decent speeds. We’d really like Oppo to address this with its 2022 flagship.

Keep the unibody glass design

Oppo Find X3 Pro rear view showing cameras
Eric Zeman / Android Authority

One of the coolest things about the Find X3 Pro was simply its unibody glass back, as the rear was made out of a single piece of molded glass. Even the camera housing was made out of this piece of glass rather than being crafted out of a different material or separate piece of glass.

Can we get a funky leather version again? Please, Oppo?

We’d love to see Oppo retain this design for the Find X4 Pro. But we’d also like to see the company bring back a faux leather variant as seen with the gorgeous, orange Find X2 Pro. Hopefully, the company can make this happen and satisfy fans of both the Find X3 Pro and Find X2 Pro.

That’s it for our Oppo Find X4 Pro wishlist. What would you like to see from Oppo’s 2022 flagship? Submit your answer via our poll below or let us know via the comments section!

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