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Xiaomi is finally releasing kernel source files for Mi3, Mi4, and Mi Note

March 31, 2015
Xiaomi sure took its time, but the Chinese company is now finally releasing the source code for the Mi3, Mi4, and Mi Note kernels.
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Xiaomi Mi 3: Flipkart will be the exclusive retailer in India

July 14, 2014
Xiaomi previously announced that it would start taking pre-orders for the Mi 3 in India on Tuesday, July, 15. Now local online retailer Flipkart just announced that it will be selling the Mi 3 exclusively in the country.
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Xiaomi Mi3 India pre-orders scheduled for July 15th, costs Rs14,999

July 8, 2014
The Xiaomi Mi3 is to be officially launched in India for ₹14,999. Pre-registration starts on July 15.
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Xiaomi’s Mi3 sold out in 17 minutes in Malaysia

May 20, 2014
Xiaomi started selling the $280 Mi3 in Malaysia on May 20th and their web store ran out of units in less than 20 minutes.
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2014 so far – the rising tide of the Chinese smartphone manufacturer

April 26, 2014
As 2014 rolls on, we are beginning to see a number of Chinese smartphone manufacturers working their way into the global spotlight, and we couldn't be more pleased. The last week alone has seen the official announcement of the OnePlus One 'flagship killer' and big news from Xiaomi - three new products and an expansion of device sales to 10 new countries.
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Xiaomi is expanding to ten huge and fast growing markets

April 24, 2014
Xiaomi is finally ready to begin selling smartphones in more countries this year. Lei Jun said Xiaomi will tackle some of the largest and fastest growing markets in the world, including India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, and Indonesia.
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Xiaomi has two phones in the top 10 global list of best selling devices

April 4, 2014
A glance at any list of top 10 phone makers is guaranteed to include Apple and Samsung and peppered around the list you would expect to see other big names like Sony, LG and HTC. But, that was before Xiaomi.
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Upcoming Android Phones (October 2013)

October 5, 2013
Curious as to what's coming down the pipe in the world of Android? Join us as we take a look at just a few upcoming Android devices!
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Xiaomi Mi3 launch video (subtitled in English)

September 16, 2013
Xiaomi, which notably lured Hugo Barra away from Google a few weeks ago, recently announced their Mi3 smartphone lineup, as well as a few TVs. The mobile phone, which is debuting with some really amazing specs at unheard of prices, is the new darling of the Chinese market.
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Xiaomi Mi-3 officially launched – high-end specs, starting at just $327

September 5, 2013
The Xiaomi Mi-3 was officially launched at an event in Beijing, featuring high-end specifications, but priced starting at just $327.
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