Best cheap Android phones (Updated: May, 2014)

May 2, 2014

Google Nexus 5 drop test aa 10

There was a time, not all that long ago, that in order to own a powerful smartphone you would either need to commit to a two-year contract, or you would be expected to pay as much as $500 – $700. Thankfully, this has changed considerably in the last year or so.

There are now several manufacturers that offer handsets that bring quality specs and yet come at a price that doesn’t require you to take out a mortgage or sign away your life away to a carrier. In this article, we take a look at some of the best low-cost Android phones on the market.

Now, obviously the idea of “low-cost” is somewhat subjective. For some folks it is anything under $400, for others it might mean devices that are under $250. With this in mind, we’ll bring you a total of six devices: three that are under $200, and three that are under $400. This way everyone wins.

As for how we’ll ‘rank’ the phone? Basically we are looking at a number of factors though price/value ratio is probably among one of the highest factors here.

Editors note – we will be updating this list as more devices hit the market. This article reflects things from a US/EU centric perspective.

Best Android phones under $250

#1 – Motorola Moto G

Motorola Moto G aa 1

Although Motorola’s future might be up in the air, the Motorola Moto G continues to be the company’s best-selling smartphone ever. The handset’s secret to success is actually pretty simple: it brings us solid specs but makes a few sacrifices in order to give us the lowest price possible.

Motorola’s budget handset features a 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 CPU and includes 1GB of RAM. On the downside, the lower cost 8GB and 16GB models do not have microSD or LTE, but it’s still hard to argue when you consider that the device costs under $200. For those that absolutely want 4G LTE and microSD, there’s also a slightly more expensive 4G LTE model for $220.

The Moto G essentially runs on stock Android 4.3 with few modifications, and already has an upgrade available for Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Motorola’s Moto G proves that low-price doesn’t have to mean low quality, something we’re also seeing with the Moto E.

Motorola Moto G Specs

  • 4.5-inch LCD display with 1280 x 720 resolution
  • 1.2GHz Qualcomm quad-core Snapdragon 400 CPU
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 3G/GSM
  • 4G LTE and microSD ($220 LTE model only)
  • 8GB and 16GB storage options
  • 5MP rear cam, 1.3MP front cam
  • 2070 mAh battery
  • 143g weight, 129.9 x 65.9 x 11.6mm
  • Removable colored backs
  • Android 4.3 Jelly Bean (4.4 KitKat update ready!)

Buy: Moto G (8GB) / Moto G (16GB) $199 Moto G (4G LTE with microSD) $220

#2 – Motorola Moto E

moto e aa (11 of 32)

Yet another phone from Motorola that proves you don’t need to pay top dollar to still get a solid Android experience. The Moto E is far from a power house with its dual-core Snapdragon 200 CPU and a smaller qHD 4.3-inch display, but the phone actually performs rather well, in large part thanks to its clean stock-like Android installation.

The Moto E actually has a few small advantages over its bigger brother, such as its microSD expansion slot and the inclusion of a front-facing speaker.

Without a front cam and with slightly weaker specs, the Moto G is still probably the better deal but if you absolutely are looking for the cheapest phone around, the Moto E provides a $50 savings over the Moto G and yet is still without a doubt one of the best handsets you’ll find for under $250.

Motorola Moto E Specs

  • 4.3-inch LCD display with 540×960 (qHD) resolution
  • 1.2GHz Qualcomm dual-core Snapdragon 200 CPU
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 3G/GSM
  • 4GB storage with microSD
  • 5MP rear cam
  • 1980 mAh battery
  • 142g weight, 124.38 x 64.8 x 12.3mm
  • Removable colored backs
  • Android 4.4 KitKat

Buy Now on Amazon $130

#3 – Blu Life One Quad Band


There was a time when you would never see Blu on a “top cheap phones” list. While the brand has always offered low price-tags, quality has often been an issue. Thankfully this is something that seems to be improving with time.

Although not nearly as impressive as the Moto G, the Blu Life One is still a solid enough handset with a large 5-inch display, 720p resolution and the advantage of offering microSD. Really the only major downside to the device is the processor, which is a Mediatek SOC.

For who have never heard of Blu, the Florida-based company essentially offers rebranded Chinese OEM devices. On the plus side, Blu does offer a few changes to the software, and includes a warranty. The latter of these points is probably the most important one, as it means you can get a device with extremely aggressive Chinese handset pricing yet with a higher level of customer service than you’d typically get with an imported device.

Blu Life One (Quad Band) Specs

  • 5-inch display, 720×1280 resolution
  • 1.2 GHz quad-core MTK MT6589
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB storage, microSD
  • GPRS: Class 12 (4+1/3+2/2+3/1+4 slots), 32 – 48 kbps
  • EDGE: Class 12
  • Speed: HSDPA, 42 Mbps; HSUPA, 21 Mbps
  • 13MP rear cam, 5MP front cam
  • 144 x 73 x 8.9 mm, 145 g
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean with UI customizations
  • Non-removable Li-Po 2500 mAh battery

Buy Now on Amazon $215

Best Android phones under $400

#1 – LG Google Nexus 5

Google Nexus 5 black aa 8

The LG Nexus 5 is easily the most powerful device on this list, though also one of the most expensive. At $349 for the 16GB model, the Nexus 5 is more mid-ranged price than “entry-level”, though it’s still extremely aggressively priced when pitted against other devices with its spec sheet.

The LG Nexus 5 is powered by a 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU and has 2GB of RAM. The new Nexus also ships with Android 4.4 KitKat right out of the box.

While the KitKat update has started rolling out to several other Nexus (and non-Nexus) devices, the Nexus 5 has the distinction of being the only Android device with Google’s brand new “Google Experience Launcher” out of the box.If you want a stock Android experience, the way Google intended it, then there’s no better choice.

LG Nexus 5 Specs

  • 4.96-inch display with 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • 2.3GHz Qualcomm quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU
  • 2GB of RAM
  • GSM/3G/LTE
  • NFC, A-GPS, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, Wireless charging
  • 16GB and 32GB storage options
  • 8MP rear cam with OIS, 1.3MP front
  • 2300 mAh battery
  • 130g, 137.84 x 69.7 x 8.59mm
  • Android 4.4 KitKat’

For more on the LG Nexus 5, including our review, click here.

Buy now on Google Play $349 or Amazon (US & International)

#2 – Motorola Moto X

moto x vs galaxy s4 aa software moto x google now

The Motorola Moto X has dropped its price tag considerably since its was first announced last year. While its successor may be just around the corner, the Moto X is still one of the best Android smartphones around, despite its arguably meager specs when compared to many other flagship devices.

The Moto X is powered by a 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro dual-core, in conjunction with a quad-core Adreno 330 GPU, a natural language processor, and a contextual computing processor. While the Moto X’s specs might not seem bleeding-edge, special features like touchless control and active display make for an excellent Android experience.

The Moto X might not offer a higher-end quad-core Snapdragon CPU, but it will still handle just about everything you throw at it. The device is also extremely comfortable to hold, which is a nice bonus.

Moto X Specs

  • 4.7-inch AMOLED display, 720×1280
  • 1.7GHz Qualcomm dual-core, part of Motorola X8 computing system
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB storage
  • 10MP rear cam, 2MP front cam
  • Wireless-N Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 4.0 LE + NFC
  • Android 4.4 Kitkat
  • 2200 mAh battery
  • 5.09 x 2.57 x 0.41 inches, 130g

For more details on the Moto X, including our full review, click here.

Buy now on Amazon $348

#3 – Blu Life Pure XL

Once again, Blu makes its way onto the list. If you weren’t impressed by the Life One, perhaps this device will change your tune.

The Pure XL is powered by a 2.2Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (MSM8274) with an Adreno 330 GPU. Other specs include a 5.5-inch 1080p IPS LCD display, a 16MP rear camera with a 1/2.3” sensor, 8MP front cam, an FM tuner, A-GPS, HSPA+42, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, NFC, Wi-Fi Direct, DLNA, and a 2500 mAh battery. The phone will come in two versions, one with 16GB storage and 2GB of RAM with the other offering 32GB storage and 3GB RAM.

Although not exactly ‘dirt cheap’, at $350 for the 16GB model and $400 for the 32GB version, this is still an extremely aggressively priced device. Going down the spec sheet, you’ll find that the Pure XL nearly meets the Nexus 5 in just about every way. The only major downsides are that the device lacks LTE and carries an older version of Android.

Unless you are really into getting your hands on the largest display possible, you’re probably better off with the Nexus 5, but it’s still nice to have options.

Blu Life Pure XL Specs

  • 5.5-inch display, 1080 x 1920 resolution
  • 2.2 GHz Qualcomm MSM8274 Snapdragon 800
  • 2GB or 3GB RAM
  • 16 or 32GB storage
  • GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
  • HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100
  • NFC, A-GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.0
  • 16 MP rear camera, 8MP front camera
  • Micro-SIM, Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass
  • 150.6 x 75 x 9.5 mm (5.93 x 2.95 x 0.37 in)
  • 152g
  • Android 4.2 Jelly Bean with UI customizations

For now, only the 32GB model is on offer, though the 16GB version is expected to go on sale this June. For more info on the Blu Life Pure XL, click here.

Buy 32GB model now on Amazon $399

We’ll be updating this piece regularly — especially considering there are quite a few interesting handsets heading our way over the next few months. We also want to give an honorable mention to the OnePlus One, which no doubt will soon be added to this list. The only reason we are holding off is that the phone is currently only available through OnePlus’ invite system.

What do you think are the best ‘cheap’ phones available for purchase outright? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  • Nihar

    S3 mini

  • danny

    Its prob just over $300 (£285 here in the UK but I have a Motorola RAZR I xt890 an its one of the best phones I’ve had for the price

    • lil bit

      Niche product with extremely low availability. IMO.

    • Leonardo Rojas

      Hey! What a winning bet you did in purchasing a Razr i n.n

    • Leonardo Rojas

      I have one too. It easily compares to most top tier smartphones. Just yesterday I was comparing it to the GS4, the Razr i was as fast as that one, even faster at times. That’s where I realized (again) how useless 1080p resolution is. I opened Web pages on both and the viewing was the same! There wasn’t more content in the 1080p display than in the 540p display of the Razr i. That’s a waste of resources.
      Of course the display of the GS4 is better and it’s GPU is better. But that doesn’t show much.

  • lil bit

    Xperia L fails on camera with extreme softened graininess under most conditions, Nx4 is not widely available (not even in USA now) at a low price, HTC was never a good option for budget as they barely work at all, simply not reliable enough. Even as the Touchwiz hater i am i say S3 Mini is the phone to go for here, reliable with good battery and camera. Personally i am having a hard time with these low PPI Pentile displays, Nokia N9 had higher PPI than S3 Mini and the blurred Pentile Amoled was one of the main reasons why i was not comfortable with N9. The greenish or blueish tint when viewed from even the slightest angle is also a mayor concern with Amoled, but i dont think any of that matters for a budget buyer.

    S3 Mini it is then, its also the phone i generally recommend people on a budget to buy, below the price of S3 Mini you simply cant find anything thats good enough. I dont let my personal distaste for Amoled and Touchwiz get in the way for other people getting the best available phone at the price point in question.

    • Leonardo Rojas

      How curious, the S3 Mini is the one I tell everyone to avoid. It’s not precisely cheap, that’s why. At its price range you can get much, much better devices like Motorola Razr i or HD. Even LG OPTIMUS G is not far above the S3 Mini price.
      I’d never get a Mini version of any model, they cost nearly as much as their full models and have less than half of them to offer. The Xperia Z1 Mini is the only Mini that’s looking to be great.

      • rabidhunter

        Don’t forget the DROID Mini. The only differences are screen size, LCD not AMOLED, and battery size.

    • Sammy rules Galaxy

      The tone, the structure of this comment reminds me of those paid writer/students in Taiwan whom hired by Samsung to bad mouthing their competitors and persuade others to opp for Samsung. “Although this and that is not what i fond of and this and that is well known to be the downside and I truly hated it, but given this and that, Samsung is the one to go for.” Same tactics from these promoting companies. Not that I am saying you are, but you sounds a lot like them.

  • Godai

    Since the Nexus 4 ran out of stock, my recommendation for the best value Android was always the LG Optimus 4x HD. Here in Germany you can grab one for only 250€.

    • TekBoi

      VALENCIA DG800 has the same specs as the Nexus 4 but only costs $120

  • Angelo Allegra

    Considering the options I think I’d rather keep my Galaxy S2 (international version, Italy here – and 2000mAh official extra battery) as a cheap backup phone when I’ll get a new one (Right now possibilities are Nexus 5, Xperia Z1 or Z2, Oppo Find 5 or 7 and Note 3)… none of these compare positively to the S2 potential, aside from the 720p display of some.
    And no, I’m no fan of the Nexus 4 (which is expensive in here, not sold on Google Play Store, and with street price over 349 euro).

    • Leonardo Rojas

      Xperia Z2? Where did you read about it? Are you from the future? O.o

      • Angelo Allegra

        Plenty of blogs already talking of Sony already preparing the Xperia Z2 as a follow up of Z1: I think, IIRC, I did read about it over Android Police, Droid Life or somewhere else.

  • Wildfire

    IMO the best cheap android handset is the Xiaomi mi2S. for $276 you get a 720p 4.3″ display with 1.7Ghz Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor, Adreno 320 and 2GB RAM,

    • Leonardo Rojas

      Oh I wish there was a 720p display versions of most of the devices with 1080p displays. I find 1080p resolution a complete waste :(

    • dsa

      and it’s china only isn’t it?

  • LordStickMax

    i think not including the new droid mini is a bad move. thats a pretty powerful phone for only $450 off contract and it works on Verizon

    • Cole Raney

      It is more expensive than even the nexus 5. It doesn’t belong on this list.

    • tomn1ce

      This list consist of cheap smart phones under $350 the Droid Mini missed it by $100. Not to mention that to use its full potential you have to be locked down on vzw. The phones listed here are able to hook up to any GSM network or at least most.

  • Leonardo Rojas

    How about the LG L3 ll or better, the L5 ll. The L5 ll has a clear and nice IPS screen, decent specs and good performance. I was playing with it yesterday. Didn’t disappoint.
    If cheap and good is the target, that’s the smartphone I’d advice to get.

  • rabidhunter

    What about DROID Mini by Motorola? $99 on contract, but not sacrificing any power like Galaxy S4 Mini… It has the same processor, same camera, same amount of RAM, same features. The only differences are the 4.3″ TFT LCD screen and battery size.

    • tomn1ce

      This list is for low-cost, unlocked devices with no contract attached to their prices.

  • Q.

    Good list of phones, but even though I hate M$, I would honestly recommend the Nokia Lumia 520 & 620 to people looking for sub $150 phones.

    • TekBoi

      VALENCIA DG800 – $120 (same specs as Nexus 4)

  • Anuj Patel

    Even though the Nexus 4 is a year old phone, it’s a BEAST! Never laggs and handles anything I throw at it!

    • Rooney-

      Throw a stone at it and see :)

      • WtF

        mine Nexus 4 is still there. However, the same stone destroyed my iPhone5. In the end, I had to throw my old Nokia 8250 to destroy stone.

        • krestian

          ROFL! and the battery on the Nokia is still running after a week of “hard” usage!!!

          • Lisandro O Oocks

            that’s what she said

      • MadCowOnAStick

        I question this “96 guest votes” :)

        • Rooney-

          And why would you do? :)

          • MadCowOnAStick

            ya know, it just looked maybe a LITTLE suspicious :)

      • tomn1ce

        on either side of the phone for that matter…. -_-

    • Shark Bait

      It is! for the first time I dont think I need to upgrade…… I still want to though!

    • Brad B

      My Nexus s just died a few months ago! It ran for 3 years with a only a few problems before it completely killed.

    • TekBoi

      VALENCIA DG800 – $120

  • Balraj

    Bad mention: galaxy s3 mini :-P

  • Matthew Pringle

    Inexpensive* phones. Don’t sully androids good name.

  • Hewbert Gabon

    How about Cherry Mobile Cosmos X2/Konka V981.. For 260$
    1.2GHz Quad-core Processor MediaTek MT6589
    PowerVR SGX544
    16GB Internal Storage, Expandable via MicroSD up to 32GB
    1GB RAM
    4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD Display
    Corning Gorilla Glass 2
    18.0-megapixel rear-facing camera with LED Flash and BSI
    5.0-megapixel front-facing camera
    Dual SIM, Dual Standby
    3G, HSPA+, Bluetooth, WiFi, WiFi Hotspot, GPS/aGPS, FM Radio
    Android Jelly Bean 4.2
    Smart Stay and Smart Call Software Technology
    2,200mAh battery

  • undertaken316

    Also the Optimus G Pro has started seeing some price drops in Europe and here’s a loot at it:

  • Erick Ordoñez

    $230+ is cheap??? … :s … not where I live on. Nice article tough.

    • Shark Bait

      cheap relative to most high end phones yes

      • MG

        I agree. When you look at the cost of service for subsidized phone on contract, pay a little upfront instead of paying a ton over the life of the agreement. Any of these phones on a prepay service like 35orless can easily you save over $500 p/year

    • Lisandro O Oocks

      it’s 32 hours of minumum wage here. How much is it where you live?

      • Jeevan

        In india its .3$ an hour. so these phones aren’t really budget.especially after adding the 40% tax that govt’ adds on phone.

        • Brad B

          My sister works here in the U.S. and makes six figures. Her counterpart in India that she had to meet before a lot of the skill workers short falled and they started working with Brazil made roughly 7 dollars U.S. currency and hour. I almost passed out when I heard that. How does anyone make a living getting .5 dollars an hour anywhere!

          • alfred

            want to work as well… in us

      • Hector Sanchez

        minimum wage in Mexico is 350 pesos a full 40-hour work week which translates to roughly $27.

    • thartist

      Nothing to see here besides Moto G.

      • Jesus

        Yeah but 8GB non expandable storage, for that price. Kinda gay…

        • Tuấn Ankh

          That’s why the 16GB is available for only $20 more. ;)
          And I find it funny I meet you here again xD

          Looking for a cheap phone too?

          • Jesus

            OMG only $20 more? I hope you’re right.

            It’s just released in australia, but we don’t have the 16gig… yet?

            And yeah, looking for a cheap phone! The Moto G is awesome, but 8GB just will not do.

    • Merlevandemadom

      Yes, what are the best Android phones below $100? And easy to update to latest version like stock Android 4.4 KitKat. Look at or and you’ll see lots of phones around $50 with Android 4.x and 512MB RAM, so you can run the latest stock Android 4.4

    • Brad B

      The Nexus is a great deal for high end. If you look at paying 350 versus 650.

      • TekBoi

        OnePlus One has a bigger screen, larger batter, better camera, and twice the storage for the same price.

        • Richard Gao

          It also hasn’t been released to the general public yet…

          • okgoldtec

            Blowing wind. OnePlus was big talk with only about 100 phones. Wait till July/August when maybe it’ll be available

          • TekBoi

            Let’s say it does come out in July, it’ll still be one of the few phones with 3GB of RAM, and guaranteed 2 years support. Even Nexus phones have been downgraded to 18 months support.

            From an security and IT perspective, iPhones are a great investment because Apple supports their devices for 3 years. The iPhone 4 can receive an update for iOS 7.1, and it runs beautifully. To put that into perspective, that’s like HTC announcing that the Droid Incredible would receive an update to KitKat, or the ORIGINAL Galaxy S from Samsung would receive that same update. The OnePlus One will have two years of updates guaranteed.

          • okgoldtec

            Just got invite. But they don’t ship

          • Andrew White

            The 64GB version is touted to be available in a dozen countries including the US sometime in June (see Tech Times & Knowyourmobile) for the amazing price of $349 US.
            Just to recap for those not aware of the specs of this Chinese smartphone.
            An 801 Qualcomm processor (currently the best available);
            3GB of ram, a 13mp rear (Sony made) and a 5mp front camera, 4k video recording/playback;
            stereo speakers at the bottom which JBL had a hand in designing;
            a 5.5″ 1080p 401ppi screen & CyanogenMod 11s O/S (based on Kitkat and very much ‘Open Source’) which lacks much of the bloatware of every other Android phone, the Nexus 4 & 5 excluded.
            Observation: The domestic market for so many Chinese manufacturers is probably large enough to profit from the economy of
            shear scale. But, China now knows it can be
            a player internationally and not just when we
            are comparing motor vehicles, fast rail, the
            launching of satelites, advanced energy storage technology or producing cutting
            edge smartphones for much more
            affordable prices.
            My favourite phone right now is not the One Plus One but Oppo’s Find 7 with rapid charging and a 1440p display for $599, which doesn’t qualify for this article, but it is another example of what is coming out of China at a very reasonable price.

          • felix

            Hi Andrew do you have an invite for the one + and if so would you mind sending me one? Looks like an amazing phone! thnx

          • Smart One

            Really? Really? Man you are so desperate and inconsiderate.
            No one has an invite system yet. No one has any details yet. Hes not just gonna give on away to some random person.

    • Brad B

      And Nexus’ come completely unlocked. Ready to go. No commitments. Not strings. No nothing. You pay the amount. It is yours. Other phones you buy will have bloatware. Nexus phones from Google are pure Android.

    • Jayfeather787

      Anything under 300 bucks for a good smartphone is pretty cheap.

  • tom

    UK buyers can now get the lovely Motorola Razr i (top end build quality/sd card/long battery life/fast) on PAYG with a certain numerically named provider for only £150.

  • Kayiro

    Correct me if im wrong but i thought it said, best CHEAP smartphones

  • nevan

    how about sony xperia sp?

  • Samsung

    The sIII mini shouldn´t stand in the last place… It´s so much better than the Xperia L…

  • Ked

    How much is LG NExus 4 ? Translated into PHP…

    • Chad Fernando

      do your research first and you’ll know the price :)

  • edward

    you are too rich to consider those model are cheap!

  • Ass hole

    Poor people dont need smart phones.

  • Erica Mathis

    Pantech Discover blows these phones out of the water with 4″8″ HD screen, 720 x 1280 pixels. Snapdragon S4 Plus, 16 GB storage (up to 32 GB), 12.6 MP camera, great stereo speakers. All for around or under $200 unlocked. Nothing comes close to this.

    • Niral Ramesh

      yeah but unlike the moto g, you get terrible updates. The moto g already has KitKat

  • Valtheus

    I am still waiting for my Moto G to ship. So you pretty much know where i am on the list… ;-)

  • VasyaPupkin

    What is moto g doing there??

  • mumusen

    Nexus 5 has iOS camera? Think you are an apple lover. It got OIS camera

  • benbrookboy

    I think the LG L9 is a decent choice and and one of the lowest prices of the phones mentioned.

    • Stephan Hall

      I like the L9. Good phone for the dollar

  • Data

    The Moto G is probably one of the best Android phones out there, not just low end!

    Also, since my last comment I still hate M$ but the Lumia 520 is still an appealing device under $100.

  • Varun

    Nexus 5 is not cheap in my country by any means 16,32 GB costs around $460, $530 respectively, so its not cheap and a mere $100 less than the lg g2…..btw I live in India

  • Jayfeather787

    What about the Nexus 4? Still a great phone.

  • Ray

    Don’t forget about the 50GB of Google Drive storage on the Moto G, it’s a good feature for the price.

    • Stefan Dumitrache

      Is it forever, or you have to pay for it after a year or two?

  • Alexandana Theng

    I love stock android and nexus 5 but i can’t afford to buy it here. It costs USD 540/unit for 16GB and even Nexus 4 still costs USD 440/unit for 8GB :(

  • crickcrick

    Apart from 1 and 2 the rest of the phones should not be on the list, they are neither cheap nor good

  • cRash

    Xperia SP

  • maxinel21

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  • John

    what about Ascend Y300 ?

  • kyzer

    What aout lenovo p780 ?

  • deepen915

    anyone buying a galaxy s3 mini in late 2013 is an idiot..

    • David Brooks

      Or maybe they just want a user-replaceable battery and an SD card slot, both of which are lacking in many competitors such as the Moto G.

  • Stefan Dumitrache

    I recently bought me an Allview A5DUO, with a fairly recent OS, 4.2.2, a dual-core A7 1.2 ghz, gpu Mali400, 512 RAM (quite dated), 4′ 800×480 display. It only costed about 120 euros here, and it’s good enough to run Vice City. So yeah, that’s what a cheap phone is.

  • parman

    Realy nice

  • Jayfeather787

    Even though the Nexus 4 is a 2012 phone, it is a good phone for the price.

  • george

    Check out the Vizio VP800 sold online from 162$.
    5 inch FullHD screen, 2GB RAM, snapdragon s4 processor quad core 1,5Ghz Krait.

  • Jose Rosas

    The Xperia Play, is 2011 MOdel is an old phone but its PlayStation Gamepad is uniqe in every phone. Costs about $80-130 at Amazon.

  • J. Williams

    Moto G is the best of all these on the list, and I highly recommend it. Check it out if you don’t have one already, good job on the list by the way.

  • thetruthisalie

    Mising BLU lineup…

  • LG L5 II owner

    Don’t buy LG L5 II I’ve had it for 6 months and it’s lagging much!!! Buy it only if you’re using it for social media, calls and messaging! Every other thing will lag it out!

  • teotsi21

    thl w8 beyond. Sweet price(200 euros) and high end performance…

  • Wesley

    do you not get the budget that some of us have to deal with, I was hoping to see a phone on here for 50 dollars at the most, maybe when I start making more than minimum wage, I can look at this.

  • Mohd Zamzuri Haron

    I think Alcatel One Touch Idol X should be in the list. I’m using it now. Bought it at MYR 950 (USD288) at that time. With it decent outlook design, I also impressed with the performance. So far I haven’t facing any problems with it. Can view out their specs here :
    It’s a cool smartphones.

  • Winyon

    Blu Life Play X

  • hgjfhdhghjkli

    What not to like in this article? Because if You are writing about cheapest Android phone – bear in mind, that there are even for ~30-40$ in Europe/states phones. If You want to write about cheap-est just do some research. Even from “mayor brands” You can find for ~100$ easily – e.g. older models, new not used. But the term “mayor brands” is strange, especially when writing about “cheap” not “costly”…

  • Beckim

    Nexus 5 is $450 how is that cheap ?

  • Purvin

    Rate the Xolo range of android phones . They too have great specifications .

  • Mohammed Azoz

    where i live the nexus worth around 571$ and the motorola G worth 250-300$ :(

  • TekBoi

    OnePlus One

  • Manda_Panda_III


  • sarbjot

    what about the sony xperia sp its a really good mid range phone with lots of good features like LTE and more.

  • Shubham Singh

    most affordable in every price segment.

  • Heisenberg -_-

    How about the LG Optimus L90 with the SD400 1.2ghz quad core, 4.7 inch gorilla glass 3 screen, 2460mah battery and kit Kat for $228?

  • so_

    ZTE 665 for light use is hard to beat @ 55$.

    In my own book, this is cheap. The list above are for mid priced phone

  • Jaime A.G.

    Huawei is kicking a** in less-than-$150 range ! and you didn’t mention it.

  • x

    where is huawei g 610?

  • John Monks

    I just got my wife a Moto G and they actually now come with 4.4.2 out of the box (from Argos in the UK).
    One other thing that’s not often mentioned is the Moto G has an FM radio.
    I love my Nexus 5 but if I was choosing between them now it really wouldn’t be easy.

  • Chirag Jain

    remove xperia L from the list, that phone sucks,and it has less bloatware? bitch please
    i better buy a Mediatek powered phone than a xperia L
    huawei and alcatel deserve to be on the list

  • Thullraven

    I left my S3 for the Moto G and haven’t looked back. I pre-ordered the Moto G LTE version and am really looking forward to it.

  • Tariq Azam

    To be honest these phones are cheap for high ended brands, but not as cheap as these Ones, !

  • jack Walker

    What about the LG Optimus Dynamic?

  • jack Walker

    The LG Optimus Dynamic is only 20 bucks off amazon

  • Tariq Azam

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  • Tariq Azam

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  • Tariq Azam

    These Android Smartphones are really cheap check out available in the UK and
    worldwide shipping, great value and great specifications!

  • Rain Auds

    great article!for people living in the Philippines please do visit this, they sell cheap and original phones so check them out!=)

  • swaviman kumar

    A very informative post. i liked this blog too much…… i want to say the readers that here i found another review of the best upcoming smartphone which gonna shake the smartphone market for a long term period surely…..

    • Hector Sanchez

      Best upcoming smartphone? It’s been quite a while since the oneplus one started selling, and it certainly would have shook the smartphone if it wasn’t for its horribly limited selling strategy.

      • swaviman kumar

        yup………in that case you are right…. but i remarked keeping in view the indian smartphone market. by the way its limited selling strategy is really gonna kill itself.