Earlier today we showed you leaked “evidence” that revealed Samsung may be working on a Galaxy Nexus successor – the quotation marks around the word evidence don’t imply the fact that the leaked document we saw is fake, just that we aren’t able to confirm those details at this time – and we now get to look at a similar rumor that mentions the handset.

But this time around its Japanese carrier DoCoMo that has let it slip that it will be carrying multiple Nexus-branded devices this fall, which sounds awfully familiar – earlier this year we did hear that Google will release five different Nexus devices in 2012 in partnership with various OEMs.

In other words, Samsung may have lost that mutually beneficial Nexus exclusivity – after making the second- and third-generation Nexus devices, the Nexus S and the Galaxy Nexus – at least according to this mobile operator.

We even have product names for you that were mentioned on DoCoMo’s fall lineup leak document: Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2, Sony Xperian Nexus and LG Optimus Nexus.

However, we don’t have any details for either model, so we’ll just have to wait around for these Android makers to leak their devices. Which will surely happen, in these handsets are indeed in the making.

And yes, we also spotted a Galaxy S3 Plus on that list, which means we’ll definitely follow up on this rumor in the future.

Anyone excited?

  • riteshk

    And yet the one name I was expecting to see on that list isn’t there – HTC..!? :/

  • Nick Gover

    I think I would give a Sony Nexus a chance.

  • Steve

    OPTIMUS NEXUS PRIME…had to do it

  • Crossed

    LG is probably the worst manufacturer ever. I’m never buying an LG phone again.

    Sony: Unimpressed so far, I would have to be wowed to get a Sony Nexus.

    Samsung: Love them. Proven products. I’m excited for this nexus!

    • RamyRamzzz

      You’re impressed with Samsung but not with Sony? Lol.

      • NextNexus

        Have to agree with Ramy. I never understood why ppl love Sammy that much. Sure they build great phones but imho they hype their products like apple does and don’t really do something new. I much rather see a Sony Nexus than an upgraded Galaxy Nexus 2.

        • gel

          The thing Samsung may be late with updates but they actually have phones that work. Unlike Windows Phone. Well, the SGS III the finally got it right after defects with the first 2 model of Galaxy on AT&T.

        • LALinMN

          “don’t really do something new”? Have you even checked out the SGS3? They are by far the most innovative out of the major android OEMs

  • Soul_Est

    I’m looking forward to the Xperia Nexus. I was thinking of getting the Galaxy Nexus after my Xperia Ray went for a swim. This story makes me rethink my choice.

  • MasterMuffin

    Nokia nexus would be cool, anyone agreed?

    • Galaxy Nexus i9250

      no…i dont ……..nokia suckz

      • MasterMuffin

        And your opinion is based on what? What are you, 10? When I watch your other comments it seems so…

  • I am quite literally getting Xmas morning excited at the prospect of an Xperia Nexus. This is the phone I am waiting for – as long as it is at least on a par with the Xperia S it will be a definite purchase.
    Goodbye Galaxy Note…you fat pig.

  • In my opinion,

    LG: yes, definitely the worst manufacturer
    so no love for the optimus prime :P

    Sony: The only android phone manufacturer with some unique designs to offer
    everyone else is like, lets fill the market with plastic slabs! :P
    i’m a sony user and the biggest bum in sony mobiles is the battery life and their sub-par hardware
    But really the sony nexus is the most exciting among the three :)) (pls just let it be sony nexus, no xperia shit plzz)

    Samsung: The best hardware but notoriously known for their Super cheap plasticy designs
    the only Samsung phone that looks decent is the galaxy nexus
    i just hope they dont spread the nature n pebble shit from s3 to the next nexus.

    Looks like a good Christmas ahead for all android fanboys :D

    • Dreams

      >Complains about phones all looking the same
      >Complains about phones that look different

  • rahul

    hey I am waiting for galaxy nexus I have currently use galaxy nexus i9250 when Samsung launched nexus 2

  • Renan Lira

    Too excited to put my hands on a Xperia Nexus. Sony always has the best image and sound products

  • SONY NEXUS, yessssss!!!!! Samsung? Go back from where you come from.. LG? What’s LG?

    • Galaxy Nexus

      get lost….sony suckz
      wht with sony …good for nothing
      samsung is great…..
      bst nexus phone is frm samsung……..

  • Project_droid

    LG: probably one of the worst manufacturers out there. not buying

    Sony: they have amazing designs and i love both the nexus family and sony so im getting the sony nexus.

    Samsung: my current phone i sthe galaxy nexus and i love it so im definately also getting the galaxy nexus 2

  • i’m Exited for Sony Xperia Nexus, not Optimus Plastic Nexus Or Samsung Plastic Nexus