The HTC One X is undergoing some kind of  identity crisis in the US. While the global variant comes with a Nvidia Tegra 3 SoC, the AT&T version of the phone — renamed as the HTC One XL – will have to make do with a Snapdragon S4 processor.  This ultimately means you can no longer gloat that your phone touts a quad-core processor. But is this necessarily a bad thing?

Not really. Various benchmark results have shown that the Snapdragon S4 could actually hold its own against Nvidia Tegra 3. In fact, our own Lucian Armasu has written in lengthy detail how the S4, despite its couple of cores deficiency, can handily beat the quad-core Tegra 3 at most functions, save for the browsing and the graphics test.

If that fails to convince you, just take a look at the latest results of benchmarks ran using the actual device. In both the Quadrant and Vellamo benchmark tests, the HTC One XL put other quad-core Tegra 3 touting devices  to shame.

The Quadrant score of HTC One XL is more than double the score achieved by the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. In the Vellamo test, which measures the browser performance, the HTC One XL bested the Asus Transformer Prime and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Note that the HTC One XL used for the test was not even a final version. So, with optimized software, we can expect even better speeds.

The HTC One XL on AT&T is expected to hit the market in May. Aside from the change of processor, the AT&T version won’t ship with a microSD card slot and a removable battery. You’ll also only get 16GB of internal storage, as opposed to the 32GB in the global model.  If you simply must have the quad-core variant of HTC One X, you can import the unlocked version of the phone and use it on AT&T. Just don’t expect any LTE speed.

Bams Sadewo
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  • So fake! I score with my STOCK 4.0.3 android on galaxy s2 4700+ on all benchmark tests so 4952 is nothing. I’ve seen rooted galaxy s2 with proc speed set to 1,3 with better results. 5500+

  • Alexandre Xavier

    This article might be more interesting if we could actually see the number. All we have here are thumbnails (lol) of the scores. I’m using Windows XP to read that. Not Ubuntu. So, it is not easily zoomable. lol
    Thanks for answering my comment and letting bigger images of the scores available. (hehe)

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  • shaunycrow

    can i ask a question guys?

    which version will be the faster phone? the one X on 3G with the quadcore, or the one XL on the 4LTE with the dual core? is there any stats out yet comparing the two?

    which one would you guys get?

    • Fulaman

      When you say faster, do you mean from a processor perspective? If so, the dual-core is faster than the quad-core. The Snapdragon S4 is very similar to ARM Cortex A15 architecture (next generation of ARM chips), and the Quad-core is the tegra 3 which is based on ARM Cortex A9. ARM Cortex A15 is about 4 times faster than its predecessor ARM Cortex A9.

  • fiddy619

    How about the Global version HTC vs. the US version HTC, All i’m really seeing here is that it smokes Samsung, which I already knew HTC made a superior device… lol

  • Yiihoo

    look at comparison . HTC one X has better cpu and 3d score on quadrant

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  • Partizan

    One x faster than one xl. Quadrant 6100 points. Vellamo near one xl. All because tegra 3 use 2 cores in browsing and in this test(battery saver in tegra: companion core in audio, sms and others, 1 core in video, 2 cores in browsing and 2d games and etc)

  • Partizan

    After quadrant my phone(one x) was very hot, but after vellamo he wasn’t hot