Lately there has been a huge deal with Carrier IQ being on people’s Android devices. I don’t know about all of you, but I am sick and tired of hearing about it, but I had to bring this last bit of news to you. Last week we posted about the HTC EVO 3D maintenance update that Sprint had confirmed they were rolling out, this update removed Carrier IQ from your EVO 3D!

If you compare the screen shot above with the one below you will notice that HTC IQAgent and IQRD are now no longer listed on the device. With this news, it takes the number of devices that Sprint has Carrier IQ on from 26 million down to a number a bit smaller. We aren’t expecting Sprint to take Carrier IQ off of the 15 different devices that they sell that currently have Carrier IQ on it, but it would certainly be nice if they did right?

So if you haven’t already applied the update to your EVO 3D, you may want to.If you haven’t recieved the update notification yet go to Settings > About Phone > Software update and get your update. Let us know what you think about Sprint removing Carrier IQ in the comments, and what else you’ve noticed in this update.

  • Jean-Paul Detiege

    Looks like you forgot to site your source. This story was taken straight from Android Central. I know because I sent them those screenshots from my Evo 3D. I understand that after someone breaks a story everyone else reports on it, and that’s fine. But it’s important to remember to give credit to your source of information … even if it’s a competitor.

  • Saint-Claire

    The intended use of Carrier IQ may be admirable but the recording of keystrokes I’ve seen on YouTube is a gross failure of execution posing a potentially very serious security risk to account passwords. I for one am very pleased with Sprint’s having removed that software from my phone!