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How to change the Xiaomi Mi Band strap (and the best straps you can buy)

Spruce up your Xiaomi Mi Band with a new strap in a matter of minutes.
December 8, 2022

The Xiaomi Mi Band series built its reputation on being approachable and easy to learn. More than seven devices deep, the series has continued that trend. While it has steadily added features to its loadout, its design has largely remained the same, and so has its strap design. Removing and changing it can be intimidating at first, but it couldn’t be simpler. Here’s how to change your Xiaomi Mi Band strap in a matter of moments.


To remove the Mi Band strap, simply turn the device upside down and coax the encompassing strap away from its fastening groove. The Smart Band 7 Pro's straps can be removed using the quick-release buttons.


How to change the Xiaomi Mi Band strap

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pill
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

Although the Xiaomi Mi Band has matured since it first launched nearly a decade ago, its strap design remains relatively consistent across the models. This means the process of removing and replacing a strap is similar, even if some models’ bands are incompatible.

To change the Xiaomi Mi Band strap:

  1. Turn the band over so that the face is pointing away from you
  2. Grab the left side of the strap with your left hand, and tug it taut
  3. Next, while still tugging the band, rotate the strap toward the band’s face and away from you
  4. This should free the strap from its groove along the band
  5. You can now remove the Mi Band’s body away from its strap

To replace the strap:

  1. Grab the Mi Band’s body and wedge one side into the corner of the band
  2. Tug the opposing side of the strap gently, then slide the other side of the band into it

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The best Xiaomi Mi Band 7 straps

A Xiaomi Mi Band 7 in black rests on a mint yoga mat.
Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

There are plenty of third-party straps available for the Xiaomi Mi Band 7. Here are some of the best.

  • Mijobs breathable replacement strap (Amazon): This is great for active users looking for a more permeable band for activity. It employs a steel mesh construction, which should look good with any outfit.
  • Mijobs Metal replacement bracelet (Amazon): If you don’t like the metal weave design, consider this metal link option instead. We don’t recommend metal for active users, but this will look great paired with more formal attire.
  • Upzubo replacement strap (Amazon): This is a more rugged rubber replacement strap for the Mi Band 7. It features larger bumpers around the device’s corners that should help guard against knocks.
  • Emioband Braided Solo Loop (Amazon): This colorful and comfortable Mi Band strap features a nylon weave joined to a more rigid mold that holds the tracker securely.
  • ESeekGo replacement strap (Amazon): This strap’s unlike any other, featuring a transparent TPU design that’s great for younger users and the fashionable.

Changing the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro strap

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro bands
Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

The more premium Smart Band 7 Pro uses a more smartwatch-like strap. It fastens to the watch in two sections, rather than the traditional Mi Band strap that encompasses the body. Here’s how to remove and replace the Smart Band 7 Pro strap.

To change the Smart Band 7 Pro strap:

  1. Turn the Smart Band 7 Pro upside down
  2. Press and hold the quick-release button where the strap joins the body
  3. Pull the strap outwards with your other hand
  4. Repeat on the other side

To replace the strap:

  1. Turn the Smart Band 7 Pro upside down
  2. Grab one of the straps and press the quick-release button
  3. Position the strap into the tracker’s body, then release the button to fasten it to the tracker
  4. Repeat on the other side

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The best Smart Band  7 Pro straps

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro face
Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

The Smart Band 7 Pro is still a fairly new device, so there aren’t many third-party straps for this model yet. But there are a few options if you’re looking for a leather, metal, or more colorful strap option.

  • T-Bluer metal replacement strap (Amazon): This particularly attractive band is more like a traditional Mi Band strap, surrounding and protecting the Smart Band 7 module when connected. It’s made of stainless steel and available in several finishes.
  • FitTurn bands (Amazon): These soft silicone straps are great replacements for the standard strap. Best of all, it’s available in packs of seven — one for each day of the week.
  • T-Bluer leather replacement strap (Amazon): Here’s one for leather lovers. This strap is much narrower and softer than its metal counterpart. It’s also softer on the skin, but we wouldn’t recommend it for particularly active users.


No, you cannot use Mi Band 6 straps on the Mi Band 7, or vice versa. The two trackers are different sizes, which makes the straps incompatible.

No, you cannot fix Mi Band 7 straps to the Smart Band 7 Pro. Although it’s also known as the Mi Band 7 Pro, the Smart Band 7 uses a different band fastening system than its sibling.