Tested: Is a $400 iPhone SE really faster than the most powerful Android phone?

Gary Sims May 22, 2020 2298 shares

Lenovo Chromebook Duet review: Practically a steal

Eric Zeman May 20, 2020 113 shares

The iPhone SE is Appleā€™s time to shine in India

Dhruv Bhutani May 21, 2020 475 shares

Is selling your privacy for a cheaper phone really a good idea?

Suzana Dalul May 17, 2020 1692 shares
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We asked, you told us: Netflix wins big, Apple TV Plus falls (very) short

Netflix easily takes the crown, but the second most popular streaming service might surprise you.
Jimmy WestenbergMay 23, 2020117 shares

Poll: If you could only pick one, which streaming service would you choose?

If you could only choose one streaming service to sign up for, which would it be?
Jimmy WestenbergMay 19, 202076 shares

We asked, you told us: You are not thrilled about switching to YouTube Music

Over 5,000 of you voted, and it's clear: YouTube Music is not a good replacement for Google Play Music.
Jimmy WestenbergMay 16, 2020281 shares

Google Play Music users: Are you switching to YouTube Music? (Poll of the Week)

Google products are like Game of Thrones characters: Don't get too used to the ones you like.
Jimmy WestenbergMay 12, 2020143 shares

We asked, you told us: Google Pixel Buds are a hit compared to the AirPods Pro

Nearly 7,000 of you voted for your favorite pair of true wireless earbuds, and there's a clear winner.
Jimmy WestenbergMay 9, 2020245 shares

You told us: Android users are split on how much they customize their phones

Android customization is a bit scarce, but there's a solid number who still customize everything.
Jimmy WestenbergMay 2, 2020773 shares

How much do you customize your Android experience? (Poll of the Week)

Do you customize your Android experience or do you tend to leave everything nearly unchanged?
Jimmy WestenbergApril 28, 2020124 shares

We asked, you told us: The OnePlus 8 Pro outshines the Galaxy S20 Plus

10,000 of you voted, and there's a clear winner: the OnePlus 8 Pro beats out the Galaxy S20 Plus.
Jimmy WestenbergApril 25, 20201493 shares

Survey says: Uh oh, most fans prefer the OnePlus 7T to the OnePlus 8 series

Given a choice between killer flagship or flagship killer, it looks like most fans prefer the OnePlus of old.
Kris CarlonApril 24, 20201948 shares

Survey says: You like OnePlus Oxygen OS over Samsung One UI

It looks like Android Authority readers prefer OnePlus' Oxygen OS Android skin over Samsung's One UI.
Phillip PradoApril 20, 20201817 shares
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