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How to remove animations from PowerPoint

It is possible to sometimes go too far.
February 6, 2023

When you are putting together a PowerPoint presentation, it is possible to sometimes go too far with things like transitions and animations. In a business setting, too many frills might not only distract your audience from the main thrust of your presentation; it can make it look hokey and unprofessional. Luckily, PowerPoint makes it possible to switch animations off altogether and to remove one or more animations selectively. Keep reading for instructions on how to remove animations from PowerPoint, so you can tone down your slide show and strike the right tone.


To remove all animation from a single PowerPoint slide, click on the slide and then the Animations menu. On the top row of animations previews, click on None on the far left. All the animations on that slide are now removed.


How to disable a single slide element’s animations in PowerPoint

Open your .ppt file and click on the slide element from which you want to remove animation. Then click on the Animations menu.

Powerpoint Remove Animation Click on Animation Menu
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In the upper left of your screen, at the end of the row of animation icons, click on None. The slide now has no animations on any of its elements.

Powerpoint Remove Animation Click on None
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How to turn off all animations in PowerPoint

With the presentation open, click on the Slide show menu. Then click on Set Up Slide Show.

Powerpoint Remove Animation Click on Set Up Slide Show
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In the dialogue box that comes up, in the Show options section, click on Show without animation. None of the animations in your PowerPoint will run until you come back and uncheck this box.

Click on Show Without Animation
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How to remove an animation from PowerPoint

Bring up the slide that contains the animation you want to remove. Click on the Animation menu. In the Animation menu, click on Animation Pane.

Powerpoint Remove Animation Click on Animation Pane
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Right-click on the individual animation you want to eliminate and click on Remove. It will disappear from your Animation Pane. Keep in mind that any other animation on the slide that was triggered by the one you are removing may not function properly anymore. Remember to preview your results as you go.

Click on Remove
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You can always hit ctrl + Z and undo the deletion. But if you close the file, you will lose your undo record. In that case, you will need to recreate the animation.

There are a couple of reasons: You might be dealing with a client who hates unnecessary frills in presentations, you might want those who read a printout of the presentation to have the same experience as those who viewed it on a screen, or you might simply want to save time.

When changing a document, whether it’s a PowerPoint, a Word document, or any other file, make a copy of the file and make any changes you want to try on the copy. The original is thus kept intact.