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How to curve text in Photoshop

Adobe has purpose-built tools at the ready.
January 25, 2023

While outlines, shadows, and different fonts are usually better ways of making text stand out in Photoshop, curves can not only be attractive but sometimes necessary to match your layout. Below, we’ll explain how to make them happen.


To create curved text in Photoshop, use the Curvature Pen tool to lay out a Path for the text to follow. Adjust anchor points to refine the curve, then use the Horizontal Type tool to insert your text.

How to curve text in Photoshop

Curving text in Photoshop
  • Select the Curvature Pen tool from the toolbar. You may need to click and hold on the standard Pen tool.
  • Check that Path is selected in the top options bar.
  • Create the general shape of your curve by adding individual points with your mouse cursor.
  • To refine the curve, click and drag anchor points.
  • Select the Horizontal Type tool.
  • Hover over the curve until your cursor changes, then click.
  • Type out your text, adjusting elements like size, font, and color as necessary.

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