What is Google I/O? It’s an annual developer conference where Google announces new hardware, software, and various updates for its existing apps and services.

When and where is Google I/O? The event kicks off Tuesday, May 8, and ends Thursday, May 10. It will take place at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California.

How to watch Google I/O? As every year, Google will live stream its keynote. We’ll embed the video as soon as it becomes available.

Are tickets still available? Google uses a raffle system and selects attendees at random among those who have registered on the company’s website. The lucky winners still have to pay for tickets, which cost $1,150 (general admission), $750 (community), and $375 (academic). Registration for the event has closed and Google has already notified raffle winners via email, so tickets aren’t available anymore.

What to expect at Google I/O 2018?

There’s no official word on what Google will announce at its I/O conference, but we’ve heard a few rumors that give us some ideas. Nothing has been confirmed yet, so take the info below with a grain of salt.

1. Android P

We’ll likely get to know a lot more details about the next version of Google’s operating system — currently known as Android P — at the event. If the story will be the same as last year, Google will announce the OS in March and then launch the beta program for it at the I/O conference, where the company will also highlight some of its new features.

Google likely won’t reveal the name of the OS at the event — that’s expected to happen a few months later — but the company has already hinted what it may be called. The clues in the puzzle for figuring out the date and location of the upcoming I/O conference included a pineapple cake, spurring rumors the OS might be named after the tasty dessert. Anything is possible, but we don’t think Google would reveal the true name of the OS so soon. The company is likely just playing games with us, same as in previous years.

2. Android Wear 3.0

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Google revealed I/O’s schedule, hinting at a big Android Wear update — likely version 3.0. A session called “What’s new in Android Wear” will take place at the event, as shown in the image below.


Android Wear 2.0 was announced back in February 2017. It brought many new features to the table, but didn’t exactly increase demand for Android smartwatches. Apple is still the largest player in the market, which means Google has to improve Android Wear further to grab more attention, bring more hardware partners on board, and increase the overall market share of the OS.

3. Google Assistant improvements

Google’s Assistant is already loaded with features that allow you to perform various tasks with voice commands. There’s a good chance the company will announce a few additional features for the virtual assistant during its I/O conference, although there’s no word on what they might be.

Additionally, Assistant could come to more countries. It currently supports 15 languages, but the plan is to bring that number to over 30 by the end of the year. Assistant could also become bilingual and make its way to Chromebooks.

4. Other announcements

We expect to see a number of other exciting announcements at Google I/O 2018, but it’s hard to predict which ones — the tech giant is doing a great job keeping details under wraps.

It’s possible the company will update the Google Photos service as well as its Home smart speakers with a few new features, like it did last year. Google could also talk more about smart displays, which we first saw at CES back in January, and make a few VR-related announcements. These are all just speculations for now, so we’ll have to wait for the event to find out whether they are correct or not.

There you have it! These are some of the most interesting rumors and possible announcements for the upcoming Google I/O conference. We’ll update this post as soon as we hear more to keep you up to speed with all the latest.

Let us know which rumored announcements are you most excited about in the comments below.