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Google’s smart speakers are central hubs for all your connected devices. So whether you’re looking for an easy way to turn your lights on or play the latest season of Stranger Things on your television, Google Home will help you do just that. However, the success of the connected speaker depends heavily on what Google Nest (previously known as Google Home) services support it. If your favorite music streaming services or smart home devices aren’t compatible with Google Home, you’re not going to have a good time with it.

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Google Assistant had enough time to mature, and now it supports over 50,000 devices and 10,000 brands. Because support has grown to massive proportions, we can’t exactly sit here and list thousands of products and services. Instead, we will give you a list of the most popular Home supported services.

The best Google Home services:

Editor’s note: If you really want a full list of services that support Google Home, you can find it here.

1. Audio

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Google Home supports several popular music streaming services, including YouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, and more. However, do note that Home only supports one account per streaming service at the moment. They’re all great, but some excel in their own ways. Also, check out the link to our list of the best music streaming services below if you need more help picking.

Supported services:

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2. Smart home Google Home services

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If you happen to own any smart home devices, you can use Google Home to control them via voice command. In addition, Nest, Philips Hue, Samsung SmartThings, and many other services are supported here.

Supported services:

It’s worth pointing out that Google Assistant technically supports plenty more smart home services if you’re an IFTTT user. With IFTTT, you can control many more services that might still not be officially supported by Home. For a complete list of services compatible with IFTTT and Google Assistant, head here.

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3. Streaming devices

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Do you own a Chromecast, smart TV, or connected audio device? If so, you can use Google Home to control those products. Just say something like, “Hey Google, play the latest video from Android Authority on my Chromecast,” or “Hey Google, play Stranger Things on my TV.” We can’t list all the models with Home integration in this post, but we can list the most popular brands that have joined forces with Google.

What to watch on Netflix
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Have a YouTube video you’d like to watch on your television? What about a photo album that you’d like to show your friends and family on the big screen? As long as you have a Chromecast or a device that features Chromecast built-in, you can access YouTube, Netflix, Google Photos, and much more.

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Are you a frequent user of Google Calendar? Good news — you can use your Google Home to schedule events, add things to your shopping list, and more. Additionally, there are also a bunch of non-Google apps that can be controlled via Home.

Supported services:

Again, this is a scenario where IFTTT really comes in handy. The automation service supports plenty of other productivity and task management applications that Google Home doesn’t support out of the box.

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6. Games and fun

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It’s all fun and games until… well, it can be fun and games all the time if you really want it to be.

Supported Google Home services:

You can also ask Google Nest speakers silly questions!

Any other Google Home services?

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Yes! In addition to any Chromecast-enabled audio app, there are tons of other third-party applications that have added support for Home. Unfortunately, the entire list of third-party apps is far too long to attach here, but we’ll point you to some of the more popular options below:

  • Google News — Of course, Google News is available for Google Assistant speakers.
  • CNBC — CNBC brings you the most up-to-date business and stock news, market insights, and CNBC TV schedules.
  • Domino’s — The Domino’s action can place your most recent order as well as track your order.
  • Quora — Ask questions and get answers from experts on Quora.
  • WebMD — WebMD has the answers to your health questions, from conditions to drugs to side effects and more.
  • Stock Updates — If you have investments or like to keep up with the stock market, here’s a solution for you.

To find the full list of services with Home support, open your Google Home app, then go to Settings > More settings > Services.

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Some services require you to link the service account to your Google account before using it with Home. From the Services section in your Google Home app, tap the card that corresponds with the service you want to link, tap Link Service, then sign in to the service. And that’s it — you should now be able to use your favorite services with Home.