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Does the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G have wireless charging?

What happens if you place an A14 5G on a wireless charger?

Published onMarch 17, 2023

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G Front - The best cheap phones
C. Scott Brown / Android Authority

Wireless charging has become a staple feature on most mid to high-end mobile devices. It has become so prominent that many modern cars, desks, and other appliances are manufactured with wireless charging built-in. The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G, however, doesn’t fall into the category of a mid to high-end phone; it’s situated comfortably within the budget sector. So, this begs the question: does the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G have wireless charging?


No, the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G does not have wireless charging. It cannot be charged with any Qi wireless charger.


Does the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G have wireless charging?

Samsung Galaxy A14 5G Ports
C. Scott Brown / Android Authority
Galaxy A14 5G ports

The Samsung Galaxy A14 5G does not have the ability to charge wirelessly. Though the phone does have a plastic build — which means it could technically support wireless charging — nothing happens if you place the device on a Qi wireless charger. This feature is reserved for the company’s more premium devices.

When it comes to charging the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G, the only option is to use wired USB-C charging. The device charges at a maximum 15W rate.

Can you add wireless charging to the Galaxy A14 5G?

All phones with a USB-C or micro-USB port can charge wirelessly with a wireless charging adapter. These are thin receivers that can plug into your phone’s port and sit flat on the back of your device. When you place the phone receiver-side down on a wireless charger, it will then charge wirelessly.

This is the most optimal solution available. There is no other way to add wireless charging to the device.

What Galaxy A14 5G alternatives have wireless charging?

When it comes to recent releases, there are very few phones that offer as much as you get with the A14 5G for $200. It’s also fair to assume that, if you’re buying a brand new phone, getting wireless charging as a feature at $200 is next to impossible.

However, if you buy used or refurbished, you may be able to find the Google Pixel 5, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, or the iPhone SE for around $200.

Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5 seen from the front with the display on, showing the homescreen, laying on a table with a mini Android basketball figurine next to it
Rita El Khoury / Android Authority

The Google Pixel 5 was a solid device for its time, but the value proposition for $699 was a tough sell — especially considering it had a Snapdragon 700-series SoC. These days, however, you can find the Pixel 5 heavily discounted on sites like Amazon and eBay. If you go for a used or refurbished model, you can whittle away even more at that initial price.

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE in hand 1
David Imel / Android Authority

Much like the Google Pixel 5, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is a fantastic device from 2020. Unlike the Pixel 5, the S20 FE came with the faster and more versatile Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G processor, as well as a more fluid 120Hz display. From sites like Amazon and eBay, you can find the Galaxy S20 FE at or below that $200 price point.

iPhone SE

iPhone SE 2022 review second opinion top down view with display on
Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

If you’re an Apple user, the iPhone SE (2020 and newer) comes with wireless charging. It is also readily available for under $200 from sites like Amazon and eBay, so you will want to shop around and find the right deal for your situation.

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