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The best Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro wireless chargers

Take full advantage of the Pixel's wireless charging smarts with these devices.

Published onApril 19, 2023

Google Pixel Stand Wireless Charger (2nd Gen)
MSRP: $79.00
Check price
23W Pixel 7 charging
15W Qi EPP support
Assistant and smart home features
Annoying setup process
Uninspired design
Belkin BoostCharge Wireless Charging Pad 15W
MSRP: $39.99
Check price
Very affordable
No stand
Simple design
Anker PowerWave II Stand
MSRP: $39.99
Check price
Includes power adapter
Elegant design
Dual charging coils
Barrel charging cable
Not readily portable
Anker PowerCore III Wireless Power Bank
Check price
PowerIQ 3.0 technology
Wired and wireless charging options
Handy carrying pouch
Weak multi-device speeds
Slow power bank recharging
iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless 2
MSRP: $54.95
Check price
Secure mounting system
Great range of motion
Not compatible with some dashboards

The Google Pixel 7 is one of the best Android phones you can buy in 2023, while the Pixel 7 Pro builds on this with a more refined camera setup and larger display. Both phones support wireless charging, but which charger should you buy to complement your device of choice? There are plenty of options, but we feel these devices listed below excel in their respective ways.

What to know about the Pixel 7 series wireless charging

Wirelessly charging the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro is straightforward. Only one wireless charger will give you the maximum 21W (Pixel 7) and 23W (Pixel 7 Pro) speeds: Google’s own Pixel Stand (2nd Gen). Every other charger will only output up to 12W to your phone. This makes choosing a wireless charger an either-or exercise.

If you want all the juice your device can handle, spend a little more and purchase the Pixel Stand. Of course, the Stand comes with its limitations and snags but also includes some Google-specific pros. You may want a charger that is easy to transfer around the house. In this case, a charging puck makes more sense. Only want the stand functionality without the fast charging? There are plenty of options in this category too. Our choices for the best Pixel 7 Pro wireless chargers also include options for travelers. Whether you jet-set or journey by car, there are two options you’ll find perfect for your endeavors.

The best Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro wireless chargers

Google Pixel Stand (2nd Gen)

Google Pixel Stand Gen 2 front
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

If you own a Google Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro, you should own several essential accessories, and the Pixel Stand is on that list. Originally built for the Pixel 6 series, the stand also supports Google’s latest smartphone duo. It can provide up to 23W of wireless power to the Pixel 7 Pro and 21W to the standard Pixel 7. The Stand also comes with a bundled 30W charging brick. Google’s second attempt at the Pixel Stand is something of a triumph. We enjoyed how quickly it charged our Pixel 6 Pro during our review, coming close to wired speeds. You’ll enjoy similar performance on the Pixel 7 Pro. There are non-charging benefits too. One of our favorite features is how the Pixel Stand turns Pixel phones into a mini Nest Hub of sorts.

There are a few quirks. To maximize your charging speed, you must go through the Pixel Stand onboarding process on your Pixel 7. We’re also not crazy about the bulkier design than the first, more elegant iteration.

Belkin BoostCharge 15W

Belkin BoostCharge 15W Fast Wireless Charger Pad press image

If you’re looking for a more affordable Pixel 7 Pro wireless charger and don’t require a stand, the Belkin BoostCharge 15W is a solid option. As its name suggests, you won’t get as potent speeds as you would with the Pixel Stand (2nd Gen), but this isn’t a deal breaker. As mentioned, you’ll only get 12W of wireless power with third-party wireless chargers, so the Belkin still puts out plenty. Nevertheless, the BoostCharge does support Qi charging, comes with an AC adapter, and travels well thanks to its compact puck design.

Anker PowerWave II Stand

anker powerwave ii stand

We appreciated the original PowerWave Stand as an affordable and functional wireless charger. The second edition of Anker’s charger takes it up a notch. Like the Belkin BoostCharge 15W, you’ll get 15W maximum charging speeds with supported devices and 12W with the Google Pixel 7 duo.

Unlike the Pixel Stand (2nd Gen), there’s no annoying onboarding process. You plug the charger in, place your phone on the stand, and voila. We certainly feel it packs a more attractive design than the Pixel Stand, and its lower price doesn’t dissuade us from considering it, either.

Sure, it has its odd design decisions. Instead of opting for a USB-C cable and port, Anker includes a barrel charging solution. This isn’t great for those who’d rather use cables and wall chargers they already own.

Anker PowerCore III 10K

Anker PowerCore III wireless standing up
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

Sometimes, charging your phone at the wall isn’t an option. Wireless charging is a convenient way to top up your device while you’re moving, and there are few better solutions than a power bank. The PowerCore III 10K largely suffices for this purpose. It provides up to 18W wired charging speeds and 10W wirelessly with Qi support.

While we lament the lack of oomph during our review, that 10W figure isn’t too far off from the 12W third-party maximum for the Pixel 7 series. Interestingly, the PowerCore III 10K doubles up as a wireless charging cradle, too, thanks to its nifty built-in sliding kickstand.

iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless 2

iottie wireless car charger

Finally, a wireless car charger is a must for personal travel, and few brands come close to iOttie. Much like the Easy One Touch 4, the Easy One Touch Wireless 2 can be mounted to the dashboard or windshield of your ride. It features Qi support, with 10W charging speeds available for the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. We like the Wireless Car Charger for its nifty telescopic arm that makes adjusting the phone a breeze and the little adjustable ledge that ensures your Pixel is securely resting on the charger at all times.


Yes, both the Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro feature wireless charging support. The standard Pixel 7 supports 21W wireless charging, while the Pixel 7 Pro tops out at 23W.

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