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The best Google Pixel 7a wireless chargers to spend your money on

The Pixel 7a is the first A-series phone to support wireless charging, so enjoy the convenient feature that you paid for!
June 6, 2023
Google Pixel Stand Wireless Charger (2nd Gen)
By Google
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23W Pixel 6 charging
15W Qi EPP support
Assistant and smart home features
Annoying setup process
Uninspired design
INIU 15W Wireless Charger
Check price
Cheaper construction
Not all phones can reach 15W charging
Anker PowerWave Wireless charger
By Anker
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Safe for all devices
Uses older standards
Slower speeds
Anker PowerCore III Wireless Power Bank
By Anker
Check price
PowerIQ 3.0 technology
Wired and wireless charging options
Handy carrying pouch
Weak multi-device speeds
Slow power bank recharging
iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless 2
By iOttie
Check price
Secure mounting system
Great range of motion
Not compatible with some dashboards

The Google Pixel 7a is the first Pixel A-series phone to support wireless charging, introducing the feature to a lower price point in the Pixel lineup. While you could buy other phones that already support wireless charging at this price point, having more modern options is good for the industry. If you’re as excited about this new feature, here are our recommendations for buying the best Pixel 7a wireless chargers!

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What you need to know about the Pixel 7a’s wireless charging situation

The Google Pixel 7a supports wireless charging at a maximum of 7.5W. Google has not specified any restrictions on the maximum charging speeds to its ecosystem as it had done for the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. The rate itself is not that high, so you can use any 10W Qi wireless charger and get the maximum possible wireless charging speeds on your Pixel 7a.

No, the Pixel 7a does not come with a charger in the box.

It will take about four hours to fully charge the phone’s battery wirelessly. So it’s best to rely on wireless charging for overnight or quick top-ups throughout the day.

Google Pixel 7a box contents open
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

The Pixel 7a does not have a charging brick in the box, so you must buy a Pixel 7a charger separately. This will be required since most wireless chargers also do not come with a brick either.

Google also does not bundle any wireless chargers with the Pixel 7a, which is pretty reasonable considering it’s a mid-range phone. Consequently, you will have to purchase a wireless charger separately to enjoy this newfound freedom from wires.

The best wireless chargers for the Pixel 7a

Google Pixel Stand (2nd Gen, 23W)

Google Pixel Stand Gen 2 front
Robert Triggs / Android Authority

The Google Pixel Stand supports up to 23W wireless charging, making it somewhat overkill for the Pixel 7a’s meager 7.5W wireless charging. Nonetheless, Google only sells the Pixel Stand as its sole wireless charging accessory, so this remains your only option if you’re looking for a first-party accessory. The good news is that the Pixel 7a is completely compatible with the Google Pixel Stand.

The Pixel Stand comes bundled with the 30W Google USB-C charger and a USB-C to USB-C cable. So if you want to pick up a charging brick, a cable, and a wireless charging stand for your Pixel 7a, the Pixel Stand is a good option as it gets you all three. It is a little pricey (and overkill), but that is usually the case with first-party accessories.

Iniu 15W wireless charging stand

INIU Wireless Charger

The Iniu 15W wireless charger can provide up to 10W wirelessly to Qi-compatible devices (the higher 15W output is compatible with some LG phones). Thanks to its low price tag, the Iniu 15W is a great option for use with the Pixel 7a. Since the Pixel 7a maxes out at 7.5W wirelessly, you will be served very well with the 10W maximum output from this wireless charger.

The Iniu 15W wireless charger has a USB-C port, and the box includes a USB-A to USB-C cable. You will need a charging brick that can output at least 18W USB PD.

Anker 313 10W wireless charging pad

Anker 313 10W Wireless charger

If you prefer placing your phone down on a charging pad, this Anker 313 10W wireless charging pad is perfect for your Pixel 7a. Like the Iniu wireless charging stand above, the Anker 313 can output 10W wirelessly to Qi-compatible devices. This makes it a great option for the Pixel 7a, as it can easily supply the max 7.5W wirelessly.

The only cons of the Anker 313 10W wireless charging pad are that it has a micro-USB connection, which is a bit dated in 2023. Anker includes a USB-A to micro-USB cable in the box, so you won’t need to hunt for a micro-USB cable separately, but it’s still something to keep in mind. Thankfully, the price is on the lower side, and you don’t need to fiddle with wires frequently for it not to be a pressing issue.

Anker has a newer version of the Anker 313, a 15W wireless charging pad. However, for Pixel 7a users, there are no real benefits in opting for the newer but expensive version when the old and cheap works perfectly.

Anker PowerCore III 10K (10W, wireless battery pack)

Anker PowerCore III 10K 10W wireless battery pack

If you want something a lot more versatile and don’t mind spending money on it, the Anker PowerCore III 10K deserves your attention. This is primarily a power bank first and a wireless charger second. You can use the top surface of the power bank to wirelessly charge any Qi-compatible device up to 10W, which is more than enough for the Pixel 7a.

As a bonus, the Anker PowerCore III 10K also has a USB-A and a USB-C port, which can charge up to 18W. The Pixel 7a charges a maximum of 18W through a wired connection, so you can use either port (depending on the available cable) to charge the Pixel 7a quicker.

As a portable charger, this Anker power bank has a 10,000mAh battery which will help alleviate any battery anxiety over the Pixel 7a’s mediocre battery life. It also has a “desktop mode” wherein you can use the wireless charging pad on the top surface while charging the power bank.

iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless 2 (10W, wireless car charger)


iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless 2 10W wireless car charger


The Pixel 7a is the first A-series Pixel device with wireless charging support. That opens up use cases for wireless car chargers like this one from iOttie. You can mount this on the dashboard or the windshield and use the prongs to grip your phone in place securely.

The iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless 2 can charge up Qi-compatible devices to a maximum of 10W. Remember that charging speeds in a car are affected by heat.

iOttie has a newer car charger version, which has an auto-open and close clamp and more movement range for the arm. However, the more recent version is more expensive, and we believe Pixel 7a users will be served just fine with the older model.