Best Dell Chromebooks

Dell is a dominant name in the laptop game, but it makes more than just Windows devices. The manufacturer has created a number of Chromebooks for work and play, and many with high-end features. Whether you want a flexible Dell two-in-one or a durable computer for your kids, we’ve got you covered. Here’s our list of the best Dell Chromebooks you can get right now from 11-inches up to 14-inches.

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It can be a challenge to decide just what you need, so we’ve picked models for work and play. We’ve arranged our picks by price from low to high so you can stay budget-conscious.

The best Dell Chromebooks:

  1. Dell Chromebook 3100
  2. Inspiron 11 Chromebook 2-in-1
  3. Latitude 14 Chromebook Enterprise
  4. Latitude 7410 Chromebook Enterprise

Editor’s note: This list of the best Dell Chromebooks will be regularly updated as new devices launch.

1. Dell Chromebook 3100

dell chromebook 3100

This first option on the list is actually a one-two punch because it’s available as both a traditional clamshell laptop and a 2-in-1. Both versions are rocking the same Intel Celeron N4020 processor and a touch screen. The 11.6-inch Dell Chromebook 3100 is a kid-friendly laptop designed to put up with the best that students can throw at it. It’s tested to survive 5,000 drops from up to 30 inches.

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Both versions are well protected with keyboards that can withstand 12 ounces of liquid and rubberized edges to further reinforce against drops. Dell’s Chromebook 3100 boasts a long-lasting 14-hour battery life and easily charges via USB-C. It’s also pretty affordable, making it one of the best Dell Chromebooks around.

2. Inspiron 11 Chromebook 2-in-1

Inspiron 11

The Dell Inspiron Chromebook is the best daily-driver option for most people. This 11-inch model retains many of the durability features of the Education Chromebooks while swapping for an Intel Celeron N3060 processor. Better yet, it’s a 2-in-1 with an HD multi-touch Dell touchscreen.

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You shouldn’t have to worry about processing power or storage with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage onboard the Dell Inspiron Chromebook 11, which is about average for a Chromebook.

3. Latitude 14 Chromebook Enterprise

Latitude 14

If you’re in the market for a new business Chromebook, Dell’s Latitude series packs the power you need. This 14-inch model is configurable with up to 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage, each of which should be more than enough. You can also upgrade up to an Intel Core i5 processor.

Essentially, Chrome Enterprise unlocks the built-in business features of Chrome devices. The upgrade adds tougher security protections, flexible access including kiosk mode, and simplified orchestration measures.

4. Latitude 7410 Chromebook Enterprise

Dell Latitude 7410 Chromebook

Dell was starting to look slow in the Chromebook market until they launched this device. The Dell Latitude 7410 Chromebook Enterprise is no lackluster either. It comes with an Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. The display has a Full HD resolution, and the metallic build is gorgeous. You can also pick whether you want a 2-in-1 or a classic clamshell body. The latter is the cheaper of the two, but both are pretty expensive. These are the best Dell Chromebooks you can find, though.