OnePlus 7 Pro camera review

Android Development

Android Development

How to enable Developer Options on your Android device

Jonathan Feist June 21, 2019 1084 shares
Android Development

Exploring Android Q: Adding bubble notifications to your app

Jessica Thornsby June 19, 2019 109 shares
Android Development

Start sharing your code: Everything you need to know about Git and GitHub

Jessica Thornsby June 13, 2019 186 shares
Apps & Games

10 best icon packs for Android (by developer)

Joe Hindy June 5, 2019 392 shares

AndroidManifest.xml: everything you need to know

In this post we tell you everything you need to know about the AndroidManifest.xml file, including common Manifest attributes and more.
Jessica ThornsbyJune 5, 201967 shares

Introducing Gradle for new Android developers – The master builder

This post provides an introduction to Gradle - the build tool used by Android studio to package projects into APKs ready for release.
Adam SinickiJune 2, 2019211 shares

Android developer news and features round-up: May 2019

Android developer news from May 2019. Everything you need to know from Google I/O. Plus Play Store changes, CameraX, Android Studio 3.5, Kotlin, and more.
Adam SinickiJune 1, 2019

Google Play Store gives ‘star-stuck’ app ratings a nudge

Google is changing the way stars are managed in the Play Store rating system to more accurately score the latest app versions.
Eric ZemanMay 9, 201967 shares

Android camera apps are about to get a lot better

The native camera app that appears on Android phones is about to get a little boost from CameraX, a new tool for developers.
Eric ZemanMay 7, 2019566 shares

Google tasks Android developers to focus on privacy and security

Google wants developers to adopt its own, newfound religion: Privacy and security.
Eric ZemanMay 7, 201971 shares

Android developer news and features round-up: May 2019

A round up of all the Android development news from April 2019 going into May. Featuring: Android Studio 3.4, Unity 2019.1, and Android Q Beta 2.
Adam SinickiMay 5, 2019110 shares

Developing for foldable devices: What you need to know

This article explains how to develop for foldable devices. Support app continuity and mult-resume, and test it out with a host of emulators and options!
Adam SinickiApril 28, 20191493 shares

Build variants, Gradle tasks, and Kotlin: Mastering Gradle for Android

Although you can run Android's Gradle with very little (if any) manual configuration, Gradle has much more to offer than what’s available out-of-the-box!
Jessica ThornsbyApril 27, 201939 shares

Unity 2019.1 brings exciting new features for Android game developers

The Unity 2019.1 update brings a host of exciting new features that will benefit Android game developers specifically. We explain all the changes in detail.
Adam SinickiApril 25, 201977 shares
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