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Android Development

Android Development

New features for developers in Android Studio 3.6

Adam Sinicki March 8, 2020 2654 shares
Android Development

All the latest Android developer news and features you need to know about

Adam Sinicki March 2, 2020 104 shares

Android 11 Developer Preview (Updated for DP2): What developers need to know

Adam Sinicki March 1, 2020 183 shares

The new Unity 2019.3 brings powerful new features for game developers

Adam Sinicki February 4, 2020 12 shares

Android Game SDK: What it is and how to use it in your apps

The Android Game SDK is a new set of libraries for Android game developers. Here's how to use it!
Adam SinickiJanuary 20, 202091 shares

How to create non-game apps in Unity

Did you know that Unity can be used for more than games? Here's how you can create a utility app in Unity.
Adam SinickiJanuary 19, 2020126 shares

How to retrieve lost files on Android – Your guide to Android data recovery

Lost a file on your Android device? Try these methods to get it back.
Adam SinickiJanuary 14, 2020147 shares

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook has 4K screen, stylus, and comes in hot red colorway

The ultrathin Chromebook looks jaw-dropping in red, but you're going to pay a jaw-dropping price for it.
C. Scott BrownJanuary 6, 2020195 shares

Making an app with no programming experience: what are your options?

Ever considered building your own app? We discuss the options available to build an app with no programming experience.
Adam SinickiDecember 12, 2019886 shares

An introduction to Jetpack Compose for quick Android UI designs

Jetpack Compose is a new tool for designing Android app UIs.
Adam SinickiNovember 10, 2019110 shares

Save 83% on our Android Development for beginners course

This promo code takes $250 off the Introduction to Android App Development course. You can enroll today for just $49.
AA DealsOctober 23, 201949 shares

Kotlin vs Java for Android: key differences

The Kotlin vs Java debate continues, with each language having their own merits But what exactly makes them stand apart?
Jessica ThornsbyOctober 18, 2019380 shares

How to use gestures and gesture-based navigation in your Android app

This Android gestures tutorial shows you how to add them to your apps without interfering with the new Android 10 gestures.
Jessica ThornsbyOctober 13, 2019141 shares

Root Android: Everything you need to know!

Rooting Android allows you to take customization as far as it will go. This post explores what it means to root Android.
Adam SinickiOctober 10, 20193791 shares
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