Android Development

Android Development

Java tutorial for beginners: Write a simple app with no previous experience

Adam Sinicki May 24, 2020 181 shares
Android Development

How to call a function in Python

Adam Sinicki May 22, 2020 68 shares
Android Development

What is Python and how do you get started?

Adam Sinicki May 19, 2020 126 shares
Android Development

Android development for beginners - how to set up your first app project

Adam Sinicki May 19, 2020 465 shares

The best Android developer tools for getting started

This post explores the most important Android developer tools that will help you level up your dev game.
Adam SinickiMay 11, 2020746 shares

Making an app with no programming experience: What are your options?

Ever considered building your own app? We discuss the options available to build an app with no programming experience.
Adam SinickiMay 11, 2020886 shares

Build the smart office of tomorrow with these gadgets

Build an awaesome smart office of tomorrow and feel like Tony Stark!
Adam SinickiApril 25, 2020

Working from home with kids: Work-life balance for WFHers

This post discusses the challenges of working from home with kids.
Adam SinickiApril 25, 202070 shares

Top 12 online tools for home office workers

Best online tools
Adam SinickiApril 17, 2020

A guide to home office lighting

A complete guide to home office lighting.
Adam SinickiApril 16, 2020

Google reavels CryEngine support for Android + powerful new tools for game devs

Google announced exciting new features for gamers and game devs at its Game Developers Summit presentation.
Adam SinickiApril 7, 2020

What is Google Pigweed? Google’s unveils new toys for IoT developers

Google Pigweed is a set of tools and "modules" for development on 32-bit microcontrollers.
Adam SinickiApril 2, 2020118 shares

All the latest Android developer news and features you need to know about

Google's response to Coronavirus for developers, Android 11 Developer Preview 3, and more!
Adam SinickiApril 1, 2020104 shares

New features for developers in Android Studio 3.6

Android Studio 3.6 is now available on the stable channel and provides a host of interesting new features for developers.
Adam SinickiMarch 8, 20202654 shares
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