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Android Development

Android Development

I want to develop Android Apps - What languages should I learn?

by Adam Sinicki August 24, 201755 comments
Android Development

How to enable Developer Options on your Android device

by Jonathan Feist December 5, 201623 comments

Why not put some of that tech-savviness to use and become a web developer?

by AA Picks November 2, 20160 comments

Best Android developer tools

by Adam Sinicki June 19, 20173 comments

Let’s make a simple Star Wars quiz!

In this post, you'll learn how to create a Star Wars quiz for Android using Android Studio. This easy project is ideal for beginners with just a little background knowledge.
by Adam Sinicki3 days ago

Let’s build a simple Flappy Bird clone in Android Studio

Impress your friends by building a fully working Flappy Bird clone in Android Studio! This article shows you how and builds off part one on how to create a 2D game for Android.
by Adam Sinicki4 days ago

Top tips to make learning Android development easier

Learning to program is hard. Learning Android development is harder. But if you approach it in the right way, then you can save yourself a lot of time and drastically improve the ...
by Adam Sinicki5 days ago

Responding to user activity with the Activity Recognition API

Build an application that can detect whether the user is running, walking, cycling, travelling in a car, standing still, or performing a range of other physical activities, with this ...
by Jessica Thornsby1 week ago

An easy first project for Android development noobs: Math Game

For those interested in learning Android development, this post will provide an ideal first project to help you put your knowledge into practice.
by Adam Sinicki3 weeks ago

Java tutorial for beginners

To write your own Android app you are going to need to do some programming. The language of Android is Java, and this Java tutorial will help you get started.
by Gary Sims3 weeks ago

Developers! Don’t do these things – they’re annoying!

With great power comes great responsibility. Learn to wield that power as responsibly as a developer and avoid the most annoying app design decisions! In other words: how to not annoy ...
by Adam SinickiDecember 22, 2017

Using Street View and Geocoding in your Android app

The Google Maps API isn’t limited to sticking a pin in a map! We look at how to implement multiple map styles and perform reverse geocoding in your apps.
by Jessica ThornsbyDecember 18, 2017

Android NDK — Everything you need to know

The Android NDK allows you to use C/C++ code in your Android apps. Here is our guide to getting started with the Android NDK.
by Alex MullisDecember 7, 2017

An introduction to Xamarin for cross platform Android development

An introduction to using Xamarin with C# for building cross-platform mobile apps. A fully featured and surprisingly pleasant alternative to Android Studio!
by Adam SinickiNovember 28, 2017
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