Google Nexus Q has sold out on the Play Store, will now ship in 2-3 weeks

by 2 years ago

Looks like Google has another bonafide hit on their hands. In less than a day from when the Nexus Q was made available on the Google Play Store, the company has exhausted the initial stock of the Nexus Q units. Those who are looking to buy the social streaming media player will now have to put up with a longer shipping date. Initially, customers were promised the orb-shaped device in 3-5 days from orders. If you go to Google Play now to purchase the Nexus Q, you will see that the device is no longer in stock. The estimated shipment date for…

Nexus Q now available on Google Play Store, to ship in 3-5 days

by 2 years ago

Amongst the slew of software announcements, Google introduced two impressive mainstream devices at its I/O conference last month. The first is the phenomenally priced Google Nexus 7, which is as good as any high-end Android tablet in the market, if not better. What the tablet does lack is a solution to hook it up to the big screen, an odd omission given that it’s been heralded as a media consumption device. But this is where the second device comes into play. The Nexus Q is a media streamer that will make a fine addition to the Nexus 7 — or…