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Missed something at Google I/O 2015? Re-watch the full keynote here!

by Jimmy WestenbergMay 28, 2015
Google has just posted the full Google I/O 2015 keynote on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.
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Google showcases the 18 best apps with Material Design in the Play Store

by Jimmy WestenbergMay 28, 2015
Today, Google is showcasing the best implementations of Material Design out there, including its own Google Design webpage and a number of third-party applications.
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Autoplay, queuing, second screen and multiplayer gaming comes to the Chromecast

by Jimmy WestenbergMay 28, 2015
While we didn't get a revamped version of the Chromecast at Google I/O like many were expecting, the first generation media streamer is still quite powerful. And pretty soon, it's going to become much more versatile.
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Lock screen widgets on Android Lollipop – Android customization

by Jonathan FeistMay 28, 2015
Lock screen widgets were introduced in Android 4.2, but near completely removed in Android 5.0 Lollipop. This Android customization looks at getting them back.
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Duarte talks about Material Design in new session (live at 7PM PST)

by Andrew GrushMay 28, 2015
Duarte talks about Material Design, where it's been, where it is going.
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Diving into M: Battery menu adds new “ignore optimizations” setting

by Andrew GrushMay 28, 2015
Android M is working hard to improve our battery life through new features like Doze and other optimizations. But what if you want to ignore these settings, for whatever reason? Googe is giving you that option apparently.
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by Jimmy WestenbergMay 28, 2015

A quick look at the new Google Photos app

We're taking a quick look at the new Google Photos app, which is now live in the Play Store!
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Diving into M: You can now rearrange and delete quick settings

by Andrew GrushMay 28, 2015
We’ve already talked about dark/light themes and a new app drawer layout -- now it seems that there’s yet another interesting change hiding in developer options.
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by Bogdan PetrovanMay 28, 2015

Google I/O keynote roundup: all the announcements in one place

We haven’t got any new hardware, but Google made it up to us with a ton of software and platform news. We already covered most of the big stuff, but if you just want everything in one place, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the top news from the Google I/O keynote today.
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Nvidia Shield Android TV now available from Nvidia and Amazon, Pro model coming soon

by Jimmy WestenbergMay 28, 2015
You can now buy the 16GB Nvidia Shield Android TV from Nvidia and Amazon. There's also a 500GB Pro variant, though it won't be available until June.
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