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Deal: Power A Moga Pro Power controller for just $32

by: Andrew Grush16 mins ago
Back in 2013 we reviewed the Power A Moga Pro Power and liked what we saw. Now that the price has dropped down to just $31 on Amazon, we recommend it more than ever.
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You’ll soon be able to run Windows programs on select Android devices, thanks to WINE

by: Andrew Grush1 hour ago
Crossover is coming to Android by the end of this year, with WINE to follow sometime shortly after. This programs will allow you to run Windows applications on select Android devices.
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Verizon raising unlimited plans by $20

by: Andrew Grush2 hours ago
For those grandfathered into an unlimited Verizon data plan, we have some bad news: Big Red is raising up the pricing by $20.
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Deal: build robots, light sensors and more with the Complete Arduino Starter Kit & Course Bundle

by: Edgar Cervantes2 hours ago
Looking to build your own circuits and kickstart your new adventures building robots and IoT devices? Arduino is definitely the way to go, and the AA Deals Store has a sweet treat for those aspiring to learn to work on this platform.
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Moto X Style launches in India for Rs. 29,999

by: Rob Triggs3 hours ago
The Indian launch of the Moto X Style has been confirmed and pre-orders will open on Wednesday 14th October through FlipKart.
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The multi-lens compact Light L16 wants to take on the DSLR

by: Rob Triggs5 hours ago
A new 16 lens compact camera called the Light L16 has been announced at the Code/Mobile conference, which wants to take the fight to DSLR cameras.
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(Update: it’s real, coming soon for $149) This phone is called Homtom and it has a 6,250 mAh battery

by: Bogdan Petrovan6 hours ago
have you ever wondered what kind of battery capacities we could have if anorexic designs and feature overload didn’t stand in the way? Well, wonder no more, because the Homtom HT6 is here and it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.
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(Update: OTA links for 8 devices) Marshmallow landing on Android One phones

by: Rob Triggs6 hours ago
Reports are coming in that Android 6.0 Marshmallow updates are already arriving for first generation Android One handsets in Asia.
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Cyanogen Inc. maintains a close partnership with YU in India

by: Rob Triggs6 hours ago
Despite dropping support for the YU Yuphoria, Cyanogen Inc. maintains that it is still working closely with the Indian smartphone manufacturer.
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Malicious Android adware campaign tries to exploit root access

by: Rob Triggs7 hours ago
An Android adware campaign has been spotted in over 20 countries that worryingly tries to gain root access to embed itself deep into devices.
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