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(Not so) gr8: AT&T HTC One M8 & M9 suffer Marshmallow roll-out delay

by: Matthew Benson26 mins ago
The Marshmallow roll-out for AT&T HTC flagships of years gone by has now suffered a delay according to HTC's Mo Versi. Customers are not happy.
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Double vision: Motorola has 2 new commercials for the Droid Turbo 2

by: Matthew Benson1 hour ago
Motorola wants you to know your Samsung and Apple phones are not as shatterproof as its ShatterShield accompanied Droid Turbo 2. The agony!
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Fairphone just released their open source OS

by: John Dye10 hours ago
Fairphone has made an easy-to-install version of their open source operating system available to the public.
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LeEco opens North American HQ in San Jose

by: Matthew Benson11 hours ago
LeEco has expanded out by opening its North American headquarters in Silicon Valley. The 80,000 square foot facility will hold up to 800 people.
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Deal: Best Buy selling Huawei GX8 for $229.99 (normally $300)

by: John Dye11 hours ago
The Huawei GX8 is currently on sale for $229.99, which is what we believe it should have cost in the first place.
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Best HTC 10 cases

by: Ankit Banerjee13 hours ago
We take a look at some of the best protective cases and covers currently available for the HTC 10!
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We just got our first glimpse of Final Fantasy XI Reboot

by: John Dye13 hours ago
Final Fantasy XI Reboot is a mobile MMORPG that stays true to the original while bringing some tweaks and optimizations to the popular title.
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Atari co-founder fed up with today’s mobile games, says he’ll make them better

by: John Dye14 hours ago
Nolan Bushnell thinks mobile games could be better, and he's going to show everyone how it's supposed to be done.
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Telegram says Google didn’t try to buy them after all

by: John Dye15 hours ago
Although rumors abound that Google attempted to acquire Telegram for $1 billion last year, CEO Pavel Durov says that's BS.
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Samsung bringing VR to bedtime stories

by: Andrew Grush16 hours ago
Samsung has revealed a new prototype app called Bedtime VR, which aims to bring remote bedtime story telling to families.
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