The Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch on a person's wrist.

The Samsung Gear S3.

Update, July 19, 2018 (03:58AM EST): FCC documentation has finally confirmed that Samsung’s upcoming smartwatch will be called the Samsung Galaxy Watch. In diagrams featured in the documents, the name “Samsung Galaxy Watch” is written on the back of the case above the model number, FCC ID, and country of manufacture.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Name Confirmation FCC

The name appears on documentation for two different models. The first is SMR810 which has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, while the second is SMR815U which has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LTE support (via Droid-Life).

Now that the name is sorted, can we please get some confirmation as to whether the new wearable will run Samsung’s Tizen OS or Google’s Wear OS, please?

Update, July 10, 2018 (4:15PM EST): There’s now even more evidence to support the idea that the follow-up to the Samsung Gear S3 is going to land as the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Via SamMobile, we now know that Samsung registered the Samsung Galaxy Watch logo in its home country of South Korea. While this still isn’t an official announcement, it makes it incredibly likely that the Gear S4 is actually the Galaxy Watch.

Samsung also filed a trademark for a device called Galaxy Fit, which leads us to believe a new fitness tracker is coming as well. However, until we get official announcements on the matter, this should all be taken as rumor.

Original Article, July 6, 2018: The leaker known as Ice universe has dropped some potential details regarding Samsung’s rumored Gear S4 smartwatch.

Ice universe suggests the unannounced wearable may go by the name Galaxy Watch, and that its OS may be based on Android Wear. This could mean it’s a new Samsung OS, or that this smartwatch will run Google’s Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) rather than Samsung’s typical Tizen platform.

Ice universe also mentions “new UX interaction,” which could mean the crown or bezel, or perhaps additional buttons, will offer original functionality.

The Galaxy Watch may also have a way to take blood pressure measurements. This isn’t something that’s easy to do — it generally involves an inflating band strapped around your arm to cut off blood circulation — but Samsung may have come up with a clever way to do this via the watch (this patent suggests it’s technically possible).

Samsung likely intends to target more health and fitness-related features with its future wearable(s). The most popular wrist wearables of today include fitness trackers from brands like Fitbit and Garmin. The Apple Watch, which is currently the biggest selling smartwatch, also places a large focus on health, but it doesn’t offer the blood pressure measurements that could potentially help set the Galaxy Watch apart.

We’d heard previously (from the same source) that the Galaxy Watch would have a larger battery than Samsung’s last watch, the Gear S3, at 470mAh compared to 380mAh. This was also reaffirmed in the latest tweet.

Finally, the PLP (panel level package) mentioned relates to a new chip manufacturing process which should result in smaller boards that are cheaper to produce. This could mean the unit is smaller and cheaper than its predecessors, or that extra space in the body could be filled up by the larger battery.

Speculation suggests Samsung is gearing up to release the Galaxy Watch this August. We should have more in the coming weeks.

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