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How to pin a comment on Instagram

You can pick three comments to pin per post, just not your own.
February 7, 2023

On your Instagram account, you can pin up to three comments you receive on a post to the top of the comment feed. That way, they’re the first comments people will see when they view your post. It’s a small way to showcase and reward spreading positivity. Here’s how to pin your favorite replies to the top of your Instagram posts.

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To pin a comment on Instagram, tap and hold the comment, then select the pin icon at the top of the screen.


How to pin a comment on Instagram

To pin an Instagram comment, tap and hold on to it to first select the comment. You can select up to three comments to pin per post. Then tap the pushpin icon along the blue bar at the screen’s top.

pin comment instagram
Adam Birney / Android Authority

When you pin your first comment, you’ll receive a notification, seen in the photo above, letting you know that the person who wrote the comment will be notified. Select Pin comment to confirm your decision.

To unpin a comment, tap and hold on to the comment again and select Unpin.

Can you pin your own comment on Instagram?

Sometimes, creators like to pin important information to the top of a comment feed. Unfortunately, unlike other social apps, you cannot pin your own comments on Instagram. Or at least you can’t pin comments on a post from the same Instagram account. You can only add, edit, or remove comments posted by your account.

If you want to pin comments made by yourself, you will have to comment from a secondary or alias Instagram account and then pin them from the original account. That is the only workaround at this time.

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You cannot pin your own comments on Instagram. If you cannot pin someone else’s comment on Instagram, see our guide on troubleshooting Instagram.