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Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Hulu has a ton of great movies and TV shows to stream and watch. However, sometimes you might be in a location where there isn’t a reliable internet connection. If you know that ahead of time, fear not. Many of Hulu’s films and series can be downloaded to your Android smartphone or tablet. But how do you download content on the Hulu app? That’s just what we are going to tell you today.

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Things to keep in mind

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Unfortunately, not all content on Hulu is available to download. You need to look for the circular icon with a down arrow next to a TV episode to see if it supports downloads — as shown in the screenshot above.

Once you have downloaded a show or movie from Hulu to your mobile device, you have up to 30 days to watch it before it expires. Once you start watching it, it will expire after two days. Don’t worry; if your Hulu subscription is still active, and your device is online, you can renew your downloadable movie or TV episode for another 30 days.

How to download on Hulu — settings

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Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Before you download on Hulu, you might need to make some adjustments in the app’s settings. Tap on the Downloads section found on the bottom of the app, and then tap on the Settings icon (the gear in the top right side).

You will see a few sections. One is labeled Video Quality and is set as Standard by default. You can tap on it and set it to High if you want your downloadable show or movie to look better. Be aware that switching to High will cause the download to take longer and also take up more storage space on your device.

There’s another section called Cellular Downloading. The default is normally set to Off. Tap on the slider to set this to On if you want to use your cell connection to handle downloads on Hulu. If you have a limited data plan, it’s recommended that you keep this setting to Off.

Finally, there’s a storage indicator in the Settings section. It shows your total amount of storage space and how much is being taken up by your Hulu content.

Here’s how to download movies and shows on Hulu

With all that out of the way, here’s how to download, and then view, movies and TV shows on your Hulu app.

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  1. Open the Hulu app and select your download-supported movie or TV show (in our case, Brooklyn Nine-Nine).
  2. Go to the episode you want to download and you will see a circular down arrow icon. Tap it and the download will begin.

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  1. Once the download is completed, go back to the main Hulu page and tap on the Downloads section on the bottom.
  2. You should see your downloaded Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode in your Downloads library. Tap on it to begin playing the episode.
  3. There’s also a check icon next to the episode. Tap on it to get the episode’s description. You should also see a trash can icon at the bottom titled Delete Download. Tap on it if you want to delete the episode on your device.

There you have it — that’s how to download on Hulu. If you don’t already have Hulu, don’t forget to sign up!

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