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Everything you need to know about the EPIX streaming service, EPIX NOW

What is EPIX NOW? Does it offer the same programming as EPIX? Find out everything and more here.
April 27, 2019

With services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO proving that streaming content can be a lucrative business, EPIX, the premium TV network owned by Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM), announced that it would be jumping into the streaming market. Launching with its own mobile and set-top box apps, EPIX NOW allows anyone to enjoy its online collection of movies and originals for a low monthly cost. 

What is EPIX NOW?

EPIX NOW offers the same blockbuster movies and original content found on EPIX but removes the need to sign up for the service through a TV provider. HBO did something similar when it launched HBO NOW. By removing the middle man, EPIX NOW is available for cord cutters who want to pay for selective services instead of an entire TV package.

Speaking of those blockbusters and other originals, EPIX NOW offers hundreds of movies and TV shows for customers to watch whenever they like. Find more information about this below.

In addition to streaming, EPIX NOW allows customers to download movies and TV shows for offline viewing and watch its four live channels on select connected TV devices. The channels include EPIX, EPIX 2, EPIX Hits, and EPIX Drive-in

These viewing options make the service great for those who travel without an internet connection and for those who want to watch curated content.

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What programming is available from EPIX NOW?

Similar to other streaming services, EPIX NOW offers both original content and a variety of other movies and TV shows licensed from other studios. As EPIX has been primarily focused on material for its TV network, the MGM-owned company offers everything from brand new hit movies to timeless and classic films.

Blockbusters currently available on EPIX NOW include the following:

Some of EPIX’s original content includes the following:

EPIX is set to continue producing its original content over time. Movies from other studios will come and go from the service from month to month.

EPIX NOW launch date, price, and availability

EPIX NOW is already available for Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones, iPads, and Apple TV. The service is coming soon to Roku devices and Amazon’s Fire TV platform. We have reached out to the company to find out it has plans to release an Android TV app.

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You can sign up for EPIX NOW within one of its various apps. The service costs $5.99 a month and can be canceled at any time if you end up binging all of the original programming or dislike the movies added every month. 

For those looking to save a few bucks, EPIX NOW is a few bucks cheaper than its streaming competition. Of course, EPIX doesn’t offer the same content and wide variety of movies and shows found on sites like Netflix which is only $3 more a month.