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Does the Pixel 7a support wireless charging?

Pixel 7a has wireless charging, but it's not exactly the fastest.
May 25, 2023

Today’s mid-range phones often rival flagships in design and even performance, but concessions have to be made to keep pricing down. Usually, one of the first things to go is wireless charging. If you’re considering picking up the Pixel 7a, you might wonder if it supports wireless charging. The answer is yes! Unlike most mid-rangers, Google Pixel 7a does support wireless charging.

Google Pixel 7a has wireless charging, though it’s not the fastest

google pixel 7a ports and home screen
Ryan Haines / Android Authority

The good news is the Pixel 7a has wireless charging, but don’t expect it to have the same speeds you’d get with a flagship. For example, phones like the Galaxy S23 and Pixel 7 charge at 15-20W speeds. Early rumors claimed the Pixel 7a would have ultra-slow 5W charging, and that’s not too far from the mark. The Pixel 7a charges wireless at a speed of 7.5W. In our tests, it took around four hours to charge the 4,385mAh battery. In other words, you’ll really only want to use the wireless charger overnight as it’s not exactly the fastest.

For reference, a high-end phone like the Galaxy S23 Ultra can fully charge in around 90 minutes wirelessly, although it’s not the fastest on the market.

Can I use any wireless charger with the Pixel 7a?

Any modern wireless charger should play nicely with the Google Pixel 7a, including premium chargers like the Google Pixel Stand. The only catch is the Pixel 7a will only charge at a max speed of 7.5W. In many cases, you’re better off going after a cheaper, slower charger than one of the more expensive options since the Pixel 7a can’t take full advantage of the higher-speed chargers anyway.

Here are just a few options we recommend, all of which run you $40 or less:

If you want more options, check out our guide to the best wireless chargers.