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The best new TV shows to stream this week on Netflix, Disney Plus, and more

Watch Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Stranger Things Season 4 Part 1, and more.
11 hours ago
Ewan McGregor as Obi Wan Kenobi
Disney Plus

This may be one of the biggest weeks we have seen in some time in terms of new streaming shows. We have the long-awaited fourth season of a hugely popular show going up against a brand new continuation of the Star Wars Skywalker saga. We also have a new look at prehistoric Earth, a spin-off of a popular Canadian TV show, a new season of a long-running food-travel series, and a new true-crime documentary. Let’s look at the best new TV shows to stream this week.

Best new streaming TV shows this week

Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi Season One (Disney Plus)

obi wan kenobi future star wars shows
Disney Plus

In this six-part series on Disney Plus, Ewan McGregor returns to the role he played in the Star Wars prequel films, the Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. It takes place ten years after the movie Revenge of the Sith, where Obi-Wan is trying to keep an eye out on the young Luke Skywalker on the planet Tatooine, while also trying to stay undercover himself. However, the Empire is actively seeking to hunt down and kill Kenobi via its Inquisitors. We also know that Darth Vader, played by Hayden Christensen, will appear at some point.

You can watch the first two episodes on Friday, May 27, and the other four episodes are released every week.

Disney Plus comedy movies section stock photo
Disney Plus bundle

Stranger Things Season Four Part One (Netflix)

Finn Wolfhard as Mike WHeeler, Noah Schnapp as Will Byers, and Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven in Stranger Things season 4 - new on Netflix in May 2022

After three years of waiting (thanks mainly to the Covid-19 outbreak), we finally get the fourth season of one of Netflix’s flagship TV series. The fourth season will see the show’s main characters spread out, with Eleven now going to high school in California, some of the other teens still investigating creepy goings-on in Hawkins, Indiana, and poor Sheriff Jim Hopper stuck in a Soviet Union gulag in Siberia.

Based on the trailers, everyone will have to deal with a new threat from the Upside Down this season. Netflix will release the first seven episodes on Friday, with the first six at 75 minutes each, and the seventh at over 90 minutes in length. We will have to wait to watch the final two super-sized episodes of season 4 on July 1.

Netflix icon
Netflix is still the leading premium streaming service, with over 200 million worldwide subscribers. It offers thousands of movies and TV shows to binge watch, including its always growing list of original films and series, including Stranger Things, The Witcher, Bridgerton, and many more.

Prehistoric Planet Season One (Apple TV Plus)

prehistoric planet
Apple TV Plus

If a new Star Wars show or a new Stranger Things season isn’t to your liking, there’s another big visual effects series you can check out this week on Apple TV Plus. Prehistoric Planet is a five-part series that attempts to use updated science and CGI to accurately show what life on Earth might have been like tens of millions of years ago, during the age of the dinosaurs.

Like many great nature and wildlife documentary series, this one comes from BBC Studios and even has its go-to host, David Attenborough, as narrator.

apple tv plus logo 1
Apple TV Plus
Apple TV Plus has quickly become a major player in the streaming game since its launch in 2019. Its slate of original programming includes shows like Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, Foundation, and For All Mankind as well as movies like The Banker, Greyhound, and Palmer.

Shorsey Season One (Hulu)


Hulu debuts a new series this week that’s a spin-off of the popular Canadian comedy show Letterkenny. This spin-off, quite literally, focuses on one of the main shows’s most popular characters, Shoresy (Jared Keeso), who until now has had his face obscured in Letterkenny. The six-episode series will tell the story of Shorsey traveling to the city of Sudbury, where he will become a team member of the city’s Triple-A pro hockey team, the Sudbury Bulldogs.

Hulu Logo
Hulu offers not only thousands of movies and TV shows to stream, it also has original shows and films like The Handmaid's Tale. You can upgrade to Hulu Plus Live TV to get live channels, including your local stations.

Somebody Feed Phil Season Five (Netflix)

somebody feed phil 1

Phil Rosenthal, the creator behind one of the best TV comedies of all time, Everybody Loves Raymond, continues to star in his own series for Netflix. The 10-episode fifth season of this food-travel show will again see the huge foodie travel to different parts of the world to sample some of their cuisine and culture. 

Sins of the Amish Season One (Peacock)

sins of the amish

This two-part true-crime documentary series on Peacock tells the tale of several women who lived in different Amish communities in the US. Members of these highly secretive religious sects are accused of numerous sexual and abusive acts by these women in this series. All of them found a way to get out of these communities so they could try to recover from these horrible acts.

Peacock logo large
NBCUniversal's Peacock streaming service offers a lot of great movies and TV shows to stream on demand, along with live news and sports. Best of all, you can watch lots of its content for free, or watch all of it with a paid subscription starting at just $4.99 a month.

Check out last week’s picks

If you missed last week’s column, here’s a look at our previous week’s picks for the best TV shows to stream.

Angelyne Season One (Peacock)

Angelyne Emmy Rossum

Who is Angelyne? For the citizens of Los Angeles, she’s just a mysterious woman who appears on several billboards in the city. However, the real person behind those billboards is a bit more complicated. Emmy Rossum (Shameless) stars as this real-life woman in this five-part series on Peacock. She plays Angelyne as a woman who wants to be famous and finally achieved that goal, at least in LA, with these billboards in the mid-1980s. But is there more to this woman than meets the eye?

Night Sky Season One (Amazon Prime Video)

night sky
Amazon Prime Video

Academy Award winners J. K. Simmons and Sissy Spacek star in this Amazon Prime Video original series. They play an older couple in a small town with a secret: in their backyard, there’s a chamber that takes them instantly to another world in another part of the universe. Things get more complicated when the couple discovers a young man that shows up in their chamber. Who or what is he, and what does he want?

Prime video logo
Amazon Prime Video
Amazon Prime Video offers access to thousands of movies and TV shows to stream. That includes great original shows and movies like The Boys and The Tomorrow War. You can also sign up for other premium services within Amazon Prime Video.

Love, Death + Robots Season Three (Netflix)

love death robots 1

The Emmy award-winning sci-fi animation anthology series has returned for its third season on Netflix. This time we get nine short subjects that have stories ranging from three robots checking out humanity’s last days to a special forces team that has to resort to a different kind of weapon to defeat a killer cyborg. As with the previous two seasons, the shorts in season three all have different types of art and animation styles, from 2D to full 3D CGI and more.

Conversations with Friends Season One (Hulu)

conversations with friends

Hulu has a new limited series from the makers of the streamer’s acclaimed Normal People. Like that series, this one is based on a novel by Sally Rooney. Two female college friends in Dublin, Ireland, get involved with a married older couple. Things get interesting when this foursome get together in rather interesting ways.

Now and Then Season One (Apple TV Plus)

now and then
Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus continues to offer high-end drama shows with this latest limited series. This Spanish-English thriller series is set in Miami and stars Rosie Perez. Twenty years ago, six college friends had a graduation party that resulted in one of them ending up dead. Now, the surviving members of that party are getting text threats from an unknown person requesting them to attend a meeting. Failure to comply will result in the police getting the tale of what happened on that fateful night.

Troppo Season One (Amazon Freevee)

troopo 1
Amazon Freevee

The free (with ads) streaming service Amazon Freevee debuts yet another original series. Thomas Jane plays an ex-cop who has seen better days and decided to get away from it all with a trip to Queensland, Australia. However, he soon gets involved with a young private eye who wants his help to find a South Korean tech mogul who has gone missing.

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