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5 best name generator apps for Android

Tons of people use name generators for apps like Discord or MMORPGs. Check out the best apps to help you generate names.

Published onFebruary 3, 2022

Random Name Picker best name generator apps for Android

A lot of people use name generators for many different reasons. Dungeon masters in tabletop games are the most common example. However, people use them for MMORPG character names, Discord usernames, and some even use them to brainstorm baby names. There aren’t a lot of these apps on Android but it did make it easier to find the best ones. Here are the best name generator apps for Android that we could find.


Price: Free / Optional donation

FaNG Fantasy Name Generator screenshot 2022

FaNG is a fantasy-inspired name generator app. It has names for D&D, Middle-earth, Warhammer, Starfinder, The Elder Scrolls, and other, similar games. The app also has ideas for over 100 races and nationalities and 500,000 names in total — and you can store names in different lists for your own purposes.

This is basically what we expect from a name generator. There are a huge number of options and it’s more than good enough for anyone running a tabletop campaign. It’s also free to use with an optional donation if you want to support development.

Name Generator by Merikan Koyun

Price: Free

Name Generator by Merikan Koyun screenshot 2022

This is a very basic but effective name generator. You simply pick the gender and origin. The app generates a name from there. The names this one generates are real-life people names so this one is good for both tabletop play and also if you want to brainstorm something like naming your baby or naming book characters. There are 41 regions you can use and the developer adds more names and nationalities consistently.

We do wish there were some extras here. For instance, the ability to lock a first or last name you like so you can keep searching for the other name. Otherwise, it works quite well and it’s also entirely free. This developer also has apps for nicknames, a No Man’s Sky name generator, and a fantasy-inspired name generator.

Nickname Fire

Price: Free

Nickname Fire screenshot 2022

Nickname Fire is a dual-purpose name generator app. It helps you come up with a clever nickname for something like a gamer tag or a Discord name. It then takes the text and stylizes it so you can look cool in your chat. The app does both things admirably and there are a variety of styles to choose from. You can also input your existing gamer tag or username to have it stylized, without the random name generation part.

The app is free, but this is one of those instances where we wish there was a premium version. The ads in this one can be rather annoying. There isn’t really anything else wrong, but prepare yourself for those ads.

Nickname Generator for Gamers

Price: Free / $29.99 per month

Nickname Generator for Gamers screenshot 2022
Joe Hindy / Android Authority

This one is very similar to Nickname Fire. The app generates nicknames that you can use for a gamer tag or a Discord name. It then stylizes the names to look cool. You can have the app generate a fresh name for you or input your existing name to have it stylized. It has naming for men and women along with a couple of other categories.

This is one of those apps you use a couple of times and then toss out. The premium version is an absurd price that we don’t recommend under any circumstances. A name generator simply isn’t worth $29.99 per month. The free version works fine for simple uses, though.

Random Name Picker

Price: Free / $0.99

Random Name Picker screenshot 2022

Random Name Picker is another app with real people’s names. It’s definitely useful for tabletop, baby name brainstorming, or naming your book characters. You can create names and then sort them into lists in case you’re working on multiple projects. The lists are exportable via text or CSV if you need them.

This one also comes with some extras. For instance, you add images to names so it’s also useful for stuff like office lists or raffles. It’s actually quite good for how simple it is. The premium version is inexpensive as well.

Your web browser

Price: Free

Firefox screenshot 2021 2

Most name generators are still online in the form of websites as of right now. You can find them easily by opening a Google Search, searching for name generators, and then surfing through the various websites. Most websites we tested worked fine on mobile so you have your choice from there. Plus, you have the advantage of not needing an app that frees up space and declutters your app drawer. You can use basically any browser and we have a list of our favorites just below the download button.

If we missed any great name generator apps, tell us about them in the comments. You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists.

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